The 5 Best Burrito Blankets You Can Buy in 2023


In case you have not noticed it yet, burritos are a massively popular thing right now. Yes, we know that they are possibly one of the greatest food items to come out in a while, but that is not what we are talking about. Edible burritos cannot possibly get more popular than they already are. We are talking about human burritos.

Burrito Blanket

If you read “human burrito” out of context, it might sound like something very grim. We are not talking about something from a gore movie. We are talking about burrito blankets. For some reason, burrito-inspired blankets have gone viral all over the world.

Burrito lovers across the internet have started to look for and buy quality burrito blankets out there in the market so they can wrap themselves up like the popular snack. If you are looking to get cozy and become a human burrito yourself, you might be wondering what the best burrito blanket is.

That is right. There are several burrito blankets out there in the market. Some brands saw this as an opportunity with the explosive popularity of the product, and we now have multiple burrito blanket products from a wide array of manufacturers in the market.

The first burrito blanket that reportedly became the source of the viral sensation was made by Zen Life. Of course, that is not the only product in the market based on the popular tortilla bread we use to make burritos.

We wanted to bring you the absolute top of what the world of burrito blankets has to offer. We’ve painstakingly researched the burrito blankets out there. We’ve picked out five burrito blankets as our top picks based on reviews we’ve read about the products.

Hopefully, our reviews of the top burrito products will help you make the best possible purchase decision, so you can enjoy becoming a human burrito yourself for years to come.

Best Burrito Blankets

Here are reviews of our top picks for burrito blankets you can buy in 2023.

Burrito Blanket 2.0 by Mermaker

Mermaker prides itself on making high-quality products. The Burrito Blanket 2.0 by Mermaker is not simply an attempt to jump on the bandwagon. Making blankets is a serious business and one that this brand knows how to cater to. They are known for making products that do not just look good but are also safe, comfortable, and healthy for your skin.


Mermaker makes the Burrito 2.0 with high-quality fabrics in a production process with strict quality control measures to ensure consistency. This double-sided burrito blanket is an update on their first model and comes with several improvements. It has a more comfortable single-layer design with a more realistic burrito pattern.

It is easy to maintain since you can simply throw it in the washing machine to clean without worrying about the print coming off. The fabric is wrinkle-free, and you should never use an iron on it. One of the greatest things about this is that it comes in a range of sizes from 47-inches to 80-inches (in diameter).

Burrito Tortilla Taco Blanket by EZLY

The greatest burritos are those with the best filling that is dripping out as you gorge into it bite after bite. The prime burrito blanket products are those that come as a wholesome package with everything you might need when you buy a burrito blanket. This burrito blanket comes with a paper tube packaging, a drawstring backpack, and the blanket itself.


You can consider it one of the high-end burrito blankets with its 300 GSM double-sided fabric. It is truly an ultrasoft blanket made from fleece to get a lightweight product that is incredibly warm and comfortable. The wrapping tube and drawstring bag make it possible for you to carry this blissful product with you to comfort yourself anywhere.

Giant Flour Tortilla Burrito Throw Blanket by CASOFU

CASOFU is a brand that has been around for a while. It has been making high-quality blankets for its customers. Perhaps one of the top qualities about its blankets is the use of some of the softest and most comfortable fleece that feels like heaven to touch.


Imagine wrapping yourself entirely to make a burrito roll with one of their Giant Flour Tortilla Burrito Throw Blankets. It is a blanket that offers you warmth and comfort from the soft fleece, as well as the knowledge that anybody who sees you in the form of a burrito roll will be jealous of you.

The fabric is soft, it doesn’t wrinkle, and the printed tortilla pattern on the product never fades. You can use this giant tortilla based blanket while you walk around the house over the weekend on a cold winter or while sleeping in bed at night. It is one of the coziest things in the world.

Round Burrito Blanket by Allike

Allike’s Round Burrito Blanket also makes it to our list of top picks for the finest burrito blankets in 2023 because it is an amazing blanket you can carry with you everywhere. This 72-inch burrito blanket has a realistic pattern of tortilla bread that you can use to wrap yourself up and instantly turn into a human burrito.


If there is one warning we can give, it is that you should not give in to your temptation and take a bite of this. This realistic looking burrito blanket is made from 100% pure microfiber to give you a comfortable and durable product.

Allike is so confident about the quality of its product that they will offer you a full refund in case you are unhappy with your purchase of their product. A bold claim but one that inspires confidence.

Burrito Round Wrap Blanket by Admitrack

Admitrack also came out with its own Burrito Round Wrap Blanket, and it is one of the most delightful products you will see on the market. Made using soft fabrics with a photorealistic print of tortilla bread, this is a beautiful burrito blanket that you can use day in and day out to wrap yourself up as a delicious-looking human burrito.


One thing that stands out about the Admitrack burrito blanket is that you can choose different flavors (designs) when you are buying one of these. The burrito blanket comes in six different designs, and each of them is realistic. The high-quality flannel is not just soft and comfortable. This is also one of the most durable blankets you will see on the market.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there is a variety of these comfy burrito blankets in the market to choose from. While there are not many differences in the various products, we feel that our top picks stood out from the rest. Your choice will ultimately depend on personal preference and the size because we think these are all top-quality products.

We hope the article helps you find the perfect fit for you so you can enjoy the heavenly comfort of becoming a human burrito yourself.


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