7 Best Budget Miter Saws to Buy in 2022

Best Budget Miter Saws

The success and efficiency of your woodwork depend on two things – your skills and tools. While the former is a matter of practice, and it is solely your responsibility, the latter is a matter of price. An automatic wood saw, often called a miter saw, is a fast and useful tool that takes your woodworking to a new, professional level.

Many people find it difficult to replace their old miter saw or buy a new one online. Perhaps, it’s the price or the overall characteristics. So today, let’s focus on finding the best budget miter saw for woodwork.

Top 7 Best Budget Miter Saws Reviewed

  1. DEWALT 12-Inch Single Bevel Miter Saw — Top Pick
  2. Metabo HPT 10″ Compound Miter Saw with Laser Marker — Runner-up
  3. TACKLIFE Bevel Cutting Sliding Miter Saw — Great Value
  4. DEWALT Miter Saw 10-Inch Single Bevel
  5. SKIL 3821-01 12-Inch Quick Mount Miter Saw
  6. Genesis GMS1015LC 15-Amp 10-Inch Miter Saw
  7. RYOBI 18-Volt ONE+ Cordless 7-1/4 in. Miter Saw

If you have already done some research, you must know that there are a lot of impressive specimens. The range is truly unfathomable, starting with a basic miter saw for general cutting and ending with high-tech, laser-guided models. All of them are valid and most useful, for some cases.

I know how exhausting browsing can be, so here is a little treat for you. Further, 7 best products have already gained renown among woodworkers. Take a good look at these budget miter saw reviews and pick one to turn your hobby into your life’s work.

Top Pick

1. DEWALT 12-Inch DWS715 — Best Cheap Miter Saw for Woodwork

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Designed for usability and functionality, the tool is ideal for minor and major woodwork. It combines sturdiness and maneuverability to facilitate processing even the most brittle wood pieces, preventing splintering or chipping. It’s great for both professional workers and beginners with a limited set of woodwork skills.

The maximum machine speed is 4000 revolutions per minute, which is outstanding for a tool of this size. With a motor generating 15A, there is enough power for heavy-duty cutting, as well as precise incisions and cuts, which require a lot of accuracy. When operated properly, the 2 by 8 cutting capacity allows for fast and clean processing, which amounts to much less time than with similar models.

Also, the saw can be called a mobile version of its larger, more space-consuming predecessors. Only 19 inches in height, it’s easily placed on a miter saw stand or any other surface, providing great accessibility to people of all heights. When nested, you can produce molding with 5 ¼ inches in diameter, whereas when basing, the diameter is increased by one inch. The tool retains its place among the best-quality low-cost miter saws, whereas the manufacturer provides a superb warranty.


  • efficient and not power-consuming;
  • low blade wear-off;
  • very adjustable bevel;
  • compact dimensions.

Could be better:

  • noisy.


2. Metabo HPT 10″ Compound Miter Saw with Laser Marker — Great Budget Miter Saw for Professionals and Beginners

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In case you’re worried about your safety, you can rest assured with the Metabo solution. The tool is perfectly equipped with anti-accident precautions so that your craft is both successful and safe regardless of the work scope. Besides, the manufacturer has supplied the machine with a laser to improve the precision of each cut. Nice, right?

Using a voltage of 120 units, the tool is completely compatible with standard outlets and requires no additional adapters. The 15-Amp motor produces a standard number of revolutions per minute, whereas it’s additionally equipped with a stabilizer. The latter reduces the vibrations produced throughout processing, helping you get a firmer grip of the handle and less difficulty with the overall control.

You can rely on neatness and stability, especially since the machine is relatively lighter than similar products, which is around 27lbs. The use is also facilitated with a laser beam predicting the exact cut place and backed up by a gauge scale at the bottom. You can adjust the miter to any angle you like (between 0° and 52°) and use the single-bevel gauge, giving you a range between 0° and an acute angle.


  • very accurate;
  • suitable for professional use;
  • medium weight;
  • easy 4×4-inch cross-cuts.

Could be better:

  • The fence might need adjustments for straight cuts.

Great Value

3. TACKLIFE Bevel Cutting Sliding Miter Saw

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Speed is what makes up for the accuracy of cutting, and the TACKLIFE machine has a lot of it. Not only does it have 2-speed modes, which you can regulate depending on your power needs, but it also has an extension table to accommodate the saw. This helps a lot when you have smaller wood pieces to process since they can easily jump or wobble while cutting.

Although it has a standard 15-Amp motor, it can function either with 3200 or 4500 revolutions per minute. You can switch the modes using the in-built interface right during processing for better comfortability. Despite the speed, your bevel angle doesn’t change, so you can adjust it to an acute angle.

You might not expect a great deal of versatility from inexpensive miter saws, but here is a lot of freedom. The tool doesn’t use regular abrasives but hardened iron blades with some diamond coating on the top.

Besides, you can regulate the exact cutting spot using a thin laser aim, which is designed to stretch throughout the 32-inch base length. Finally, the cord is a couple of feet long, so you can plug in the nearest outlet without any extension cord.


  • durable;
  • completely portable;
  • multifunctional blades;
  • little noise.

Could be better:

  • too heavy as for a compact tool.

4. DEWALT 10-Inch Single Bevel — Basic Miter Saw for Mobility

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Another product by DEWALT, but this time smaller, is a mobile miter saw without any purpose limitations. It’s nicely constructed for carrying and transporting to different locations and is not grounded by weight or a station. Moreover, it gives a better bevel level for more adjustable angles to accommodate the most uneven wood pieces.

Less space-consuming than other cheap miter saw models, this tool is only 18 inches in width and weighs around 38lbs. Even though the weight is rather higher than that of similar DEWALT miter saw models, it’s perfectly suitable for moving and transportation.

The weight is increased to stabilize the tool of a surface when it reaches the maximum 5,000RPM. Additionally, it’s embedded with stainless steel inserts, protecting both the machine and user from dust, particles, and debris.

The overall capacity is 3-½ inches for base cutting and 4-½ inches for crown molding. Move the level at the bottom to establish the miter angle; meanwhile, apply the scale behind the handle to tune the bevel. Both of them can reach up to 45° and move smoothly on the rail sideways. Also, the handle is very rotatable, providing a better angle for cross-cutting, which prevents splintering. And yes, the device is corded, so make sure to have an available power source nearby.


  • superb 2×6 cross-cuts;
  • comes with an in-built dust collector;
  • well-balanced rotations;
  • no smoke.

Could be better:

  • the blades wear off faster when at the highest RPM speed.

5. SKIL 3821-01 12-Inch Quick Mount — Cheap Miter Saw for Beginners

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If you are worried about a miter saw safety as a beginner, you need a tool that will think for itself. This one is a great solution whose woodwork skills are not at their best because it’s equipped with a set of precaution mechanisms to guarantee your safety. On top of this, it’s perfectly capable of handling both light and heavy-duty cutting for small and medium construction projects.

Run by a standard 15-Amp motor, this 12-inch miter saw produces shy of 5,000RPM, which you cannot call a beginner’s tempo. You activate it using a 120-V power source connected with a tough cord, which gives you a good couple of feet for moving around. It requires a 12-inch blade, not abrasive, made of stainless steel to ensure a clean cut since other materials can crumble at such speed.

There are limited assembly steps to set up the saw, and all you need to do is insert a blade and adjust the laser. By the way, the laser here is specifically designed for woodwork and small-detail cutting. Every time the blade comes near an object besides the processed material, it aborts the motor. Also, the blade mechanism is very similar to that of DEWALT, so if you know how to unlock a Dewalt miter saw, you’ll do well.


  • high-maintenance accident prevention;
  • powerful motor;
  • does well with heavy-duty projects;
  • durable construction.

Could be better:

  • power-consuming and noisy.

6. Genesis GMS1015LC 15-Amp 10-Inch

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Here is another safe 10-inch miter saw that suits any type of professional woodwork, especially when you need to be accurate. The alignment is impressive and allows you to cut very specific details. And don’t worry about slipping since the blade makes a positive stop once there is anything else in the laser range. Besides, the blade is based on a rotatable station that provides a half-circle swing for better usability.

The whole construction is made of hard, durable alloys to ensure longevity. It’s embedded with a powerful 15-Amp motor providing sufficient rotations, 4600RPM, to cut hardwood even with limps. Although the motor is charged directly through an Alkaline battery via a cord, the laser has a separate module powered through standard AAA batteries.

Thanks to the compact dimensions of 20 inches by 15 inches, the tool is seemingly mobile and portable. The blade takes up 10 inches and can be easily set with a couple of rotations, using an included wrench. The same applies to the 45-degree bevel, which you can adjust effortlessly, and the miter, adjusted in the same way.


  • effective positive-stop technology;
  • standard AC power source charging;
  • packs in a case;
  • no wobbling.

Could be better:

  • produces smoke.

7. RYOBI 18-Volt ONE+ Cordless 7-1/4 in. Miter Saw

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Your priority may be the neatness of the tool and its operation. The RYOBI cordless miter saw is made to ensure cleanliness and prevent debris from scattering all over the place. Moreover, the tool is very well-balanced due to the stable station underneath the base, keeping the whole construction firm wherever it stands.

Unlike other models, this one is completely cordless. The battery inside holds a sufficient charge for hours of non-stop work without interruptions. Though the RPM is slightly off, the machine challenges even the best deals on miter saws with a cord.

On top of this, the machine uses a smaller, 7-½ blade, which is suitable for small cutting or minor woodwork. This ensures precision and cleanliness of cuts, allowing for acute-angle bevel and miter adjustments. As for capacity, you can easily deal with both 1 and 4-inch thick wood pieces, using a blade with 24 teeth, avoiding splinters, or chipping.


  • great for minor and accurate cuts;
  • debris collector is included;
  • cordless and portable;
  • low-maintenance.

Could be better:

  • not suitable for heavy-duty projects.

Budget Miter Saw Buyer’s Guide

Buying a good-quality tool is one thing, but discerning which one is the best for you is something different. To have an affordable miter saw comparison, it’s essential to know the specs, power details, and know some other information. And unfortunately, this information doesn’t come with a miter saw in the tech booklet.


The following guide is aimed at providing you with an insight into what the tool is about and how to use it correctly. Also, consider that each machine may have a specific purpose range, so you better think in advance what you need it for. All in all, here we go!

What is a miter saw used for?

Employed for woodwork, a miter saw is a machine used for processing wood and wood derivative materials. It consists of a station (optional), base, blade, and a handle. All of them create a technical ‘ecosystem,’ which allows for fast and easy cutting and slicing of wood. So, you can do the following:

  • Crosscuts. The process is what it sounds like, i.e., cutting board in halves. Since the motor is created for stability and power, 1,2, or even 4×4-inch wood pieces are easily split into two parts. It’s especially useful when you need to make curved cuts without leaving any debris behind.
  • Angles. Unlike simple cross-cutting, making cuts at an angle is something different. You can, normally, choose between 0 degrees and 45 degrees to find a perfect spot for an incision. This way, you can learn how to miter corners, which otherwise would be too difficult to handle with bare hands.
  • Compounds. If you combine cross-cutting and angles, you will get beveling. A bavel is a sharp, pointy shank at the bottom for making figurative cuts and even more complex patterns.

Apart from these, there are many other uses of a miter saw. The thing is that each person employs the tool differently, depending on how good their woodwork skills are. So, you should mind that before getting a machine like that for yourself.

What features are essential for a miter saw?

All the body features, like the base (station), handle protection, rotatable arbor, are a must. However, there are two that make up the very tool, that is a bevel and a miter. The former is located near the handle.

Normally, it’s a tilted slicer that you can adjust to a specific angle to make parallel cuts, crosscuts, or incisions. A bevel is a great way of splitting a piece of wood to make a crown molding or even a corner of something.

Metabo HPT 10 C10FCH2S

Meanwhile, a miter has a similar purpose. Also used for making incisions and cuts, the part is employed for straighter sliding. However, it can, too, be adjusted and angled up to 52 degrees. It can be done using a little scale at the bottom, which will change the direction of the miter.

Mind that no miter saw can function without, well, a miter. So pay close attention to the material it’s made of and avoid aluminum or other soft-metal miters.

Although both the cuts from the tools are similar, they change their overall capacity concerning different adjustments. Normally, a maximum bevel capacity is more limited than that of a miter simply because it’s located underneath the handle. On the other hand, a miter is more likely to be limited in the angle range and won’t rotate further than 45 degrees.

What is the difference between budget and premium miter saws?

Let’s start with quality. As a rule, the more expensive your tool is, the better materials have been used to manufacture it. For instance, a very cheap saw will cost you around $80. Made of plastic and aluminum, it will be limited in its durability and longevity. Whereas a $180 tool has much better chances of surviving a limb in a wood piece.

Second, even the best value miter saw can be deprived of some seemingly essential features, like a dust bag or a digital battery charge display. The same may apply to a bevel since it’s not included in the original miter-saw design. However, avoid purchasing tools where iron, or at least plastic, handle protection is absent.

Based on this, it’s obvious to deduce that a dust bag and an interactive display are redundant because the tool will work perfectly without them. On the other hand, you want to make sure that even the cheapest miter saw you get has at least one bevel. The tool gives you a lot of freedom to regulate the depth and width of each cut.

Also, this applies to the rotatable arbor. You would want to have a handle that makes cuts, at least in the 180-degree range. There are some miters with a more limited range, which results in rougher and less sophisticated incisions.


DEWALT Miter Saw

Have you found the answers to your questions about miter saws above? If not – find them here!

What is a compound miter saw?

A compound miter saw is a tool that consists of a miter and a bevel. While a regular miter saw has only one cutting device, a compound tool has two or even three of them. Moreover, it may also include a stationary surface to place the saw. But many manufacturers tend to make products without them due to a drastic price difference.

How to adjust a miter saw?

First, stabilize it on a surface. When the tool is well-placed, look for the miter and bevel. The former is, normally, conjoined with the handle and has a gauge scale somewhere there. Rotate the scale to find an angle you need and fix the lock.

Then, locate the bevel, which is usually at the base. It should have a similar, rotatable scale that you need to adjust to an incision you want to make.

What is the difference between budget and premium miter saws?

There are two main differences, i.e., the quality and features. While the budget tool quality is somewhat lower, it’s still quite professional and durable. When it comes to the features, then you might lack a dust bag, a charge indicator, or, very often, a station surface.

What is a standard warranty for a budget miter saw?

On average, any manufacturer should provide at least one year of full-repair/replacement services. Medium-quality tools come to 2-3 years of full-service warranties though there may be deductibles.

The Mightier Your Miter Saw Is, The More Woodwork You Can Do

It’s indisputable that the tool is a useful add-on to any enthusiast’s toolbox. Why? Because it’s fast, very usable, and demands little maintenance. The saw is right there whether you need to split a plank or build a doghouse. Get yourself a cheap miter saw for beginners or a professional one if you feel capable. And remember, your priority is practice and safety.

Now, I hope the article has shed some light on the tool. Tell me, what benefits of using a bevel do you find? Can you make the same cuts with a single miter as both with a miter and a bevel? Leave your comments below.


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