Top 5 Best Box Fans


Buying the best box fan is the perfect solution for helping remove humidity from the air during the summer. While air conditioning also relieves this, it’s too expensive for many of us. Some box fans just blow air straight across the room, and others do considerably more. Check out our box fan reviews & ratings below to find the best box fan for your needs.

The 5 Top Box Fans

New technologies bring about winds of change, even when it comes to box fans. There are many things to consider when you want to find the best box fan to meet your needs. If you prefer the classic box fan over the much-loved pedestal fan or tower fan, we found the top 5 best box fans so you can pick the right one for your needs.

Editor’s PicksBrandRating *
Best ChoiceTRUSTECH Remote Table Fan and Portable Box Fan♥♥♥♥♥
Premium PickAir Innovations 12 Inch Swirl Cool Fan♥♥♥♥♥
Best ValueWestpointe 20 Inch Black Box Fan♥♥♥♡♡
Runner UpVornado 279 Large Panel Air Circulator Fan♥♥♥♥♡
Honorable MentionComfort Zone 20 Inch High Velocity InchKool Machine Inch Turbo Fan♥♥♥♥♡

* Ratings are determined using our specialized rating system.

Best Choice: TRUSTECH Remote Table Fan and Portable Box Fan

★ Best Choice

Top 5 Best Box Fans 1

TRUSTECH Remote Table Fan and Portable Box Fan

The TRUSTECH Remote Table Fan and Portable Box Fan is the best box fan because it’s an extremely quiet box fan that comes with a remote for convenient use and even displays the temperature of the room on it.

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The TRUSTECH Remote Table Fan and Portable Box Fan is loaded with extra features that add to your comfort. It has an extra powerful motor that spins the blades extra fast, allowing the fan to reach an extended range. Yet, it also diffuses air. The Trutstech table fan offers a convenient room temperature LED display.

This fan has three different modes and three speeds, so you can customize it to suit all of your needs. It’s also a quiet box fan, so it can be used at night without disturbing your sleep. This fan even has a timer so it will automatically shut off after a certain amount of time if you want it to.

Item Key Features:


  • Three speeds and three modes
  • Automatic shut-off timer
  • Extended-range remote control
  • Room temperature LED display
  • Extremely quiet


  • Blow angle not adjustable
  • Must point remote directly at the fan to work

Premium Pick: Air Innovations 12 Inch Swirl Cool Fan

♛ Premium Pick

Top 5 Best Box Fans 2

Air Innovations 12 Inch Swirl Cool Fan

The Air-Innovations Swirl Cool Fan with Cord Wrap is the best box fan because it comes with a large stand that makes it easier to aim the airflow. It’s also energy efficient and can help lower electricity bills compared to other fans.

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If you want a somewhat simple, but modern, three-speed fan that is reliable, the Air-Innovations Swirl Cool Fan may be the best box fan for you. It is easy to assemble, easy to clean, and it’s a quiet box fan. In addition to being a tabletop fan, its shallow profile allows you to place it in a window. With its dual set of opposite rotating blades, the Swirl Cool feature circulates air rather than just blowing air in a tunnel across the room. 

This fan is provides good air circulation, but it’s best used in smaller rooms for the best effect. While it doesn’t have a remote, this fan has a special stand that allows the height to be adjusted easily. This makes it a lot easier to get the airflow exactly where you want it, which is difficult with most other box fans.

Item Key Features:


  • Height-adjustable stand
  • Swirl Cool circulates air
  • Dual set of opposite rotating blades
  • Easy to assemble
  • Four color options


  • No remote
  • Best used in smaller rooms

Best Value: Westpointe 20 Inch WHT Box Fan

Top 5 Best Box Fans 3

Westpointe 20 Inch WHT Box Fan

The Westpointe 20″ WHT Box Fan is the best box fan because it comes at an affordable price and meets all your basic needs, plus it’s fairly quiet and can keep a room cool.

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If you are on a tight budget, the Westpointe 20″ WHT Box Fan may be the best box fan for you. Its 20-inch diameter allows it to push air through a wide area. It has three speeds and a rotary switch that is on the front rather than on top. It is compact and very light, which allows you to easily move it where you need it. Its energy efficiency saves you money, as does its low price.

The main drawback is that it is not as safe as it could be because it only has two prongs on the cord rather than a grounded, three-prong plug. However, it has three speeds and is a quite box fan, with the only exception being on the highest speed. This is a great box fan that that will suit all the most common needs, and it comes with a great price tag.


  • Wide-area air flow
  • 20-inch diameter
  • Lightweight
  • Energy-efficient


  • CFM is not listed

Runner Up: Vornado 279 Large Panel Air Circulator Fan

♥ Top Pick

Top 5 Best Box Fans 7

Vornado 279 Large Panel Air Circulator Fan

The Vornado 279 Large Panel air Circulator Fan is the best box fan because it can push air a whopping 80 feet away, so it’s great for hallways and long rooms that need help staying cool.

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If you need a single fan that can handle a long room, the Vornado 279 Large Panel air Circulator Fan may be the best box fan for you. This high-performance, three-speed fan moves air up to 80 feet away. It circulates air at the same time. In the wintertime, you can point this fan toward the ceiling to bring the warm air down. 

Its eight-foot cord gives you a lot of freedom to place your fan where you need it. The fan has both high gloss and textured finishes for a modern, yet minimalist design that fits in with the décor of most homes. The removable grill makes it easy to clean.


  • Moves air up to 80 feet
  • Minimalistic design
  • Easy to clean


  • Puts out a little white noise
  • No remote

Honorable Mention: Comfort Zone 20 Inch High Velocity InchKool Machine Inch Turbo Fan

♥ Top Pick

Top 5 Best Box Fans 8

Comfort Zone 20 Inch High Velocity InchKool Machine Inch Turbo Fan

The Comfort Zone 20” High Velocity Machine Turbo Fan is the best box fan because it has 180-degree tilt to make it easier to aim where the air goes, and it’s lightweight and easy to move around thanks to the built-in handle.

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Also called the “Kool Machine,” the Comfort Zone 20” High Velocity Machine Turbo Fan is lightweight but packs a lot of power and runs quietly. With a safety grill, the Comfort Zone turbo fan protects children from hurting themselves on it. You can tilt this fan 180 degrees, from horizontal to vertical, to aim air exactly where you need it. Its controls are on a single old-fashioned three-speed rotary dial.

The fan comes with a built-in carrying handle, so it’s easy to move it from place to place as you need to. And because it’s a quiet box fan, so it’s perfect for use at night. This is a great fan for keeping air circulating, and the tilt makes it even easier to cool down a room.


  • Very quiet
  • Lightweight
  • 180 degrees of horizontal tilt
  • Five blades
  • Built-in carry handle


  • Not very durable

Important Box Fan Features to Consider

The best box fan for you is one that best suits your needs. In the early days of fans, the fans were all pretty much the same. And the only thing they could do was to blow or circulate air. Later, some of them came with a few extra features that became common options. These days, some fans have gone “smart,” or electronic. You can still buy a basic fan without the extra bells and whistles. But if you want extras, here are what some of the extras are out there.

Today’s advanced fans may include an extended-range remote control, an LED temperature display, an automatic shut-off feature, extra energy-efficiency, or modes in addition to speeds. Some of these fans tilt up and down. Sometimes you can even have a fan with many of these features and color options as well.

Quality is needed, no matter what level of fan you purchase. As previously stated, you will need to read customer reviews to know which of the fans on your short list are reliable and which ones are junk.

How to Choose the Best Box Fan

Choosing the best box fan for you and your family can be done by taking just a few logical steps.

  1. Determine how much money you are willing to spend.
  2. Determine how important a fan’s safety features are to you. For example, if you have kids, you’ll want to make sure that any fan that kids can reach has a guard in front of the blades. If you have allergies, an air purifier fan might be right.
  3. Considering the remaining fans, decide what features are most important to you. For instance, an older person or a disabled person might enjoy having a fan that has a remote control.
  4. Look at the customer reviews of the fans on your short list because some fans have a bad reputation for giving customers problems. Pay special attention to issues that many customers have complained about. Mark off and steer clear of the troublesome fans.

The Benefits of Box Fans

In my opinion, the number one advantage or benefit of having one of these products is cost savings. One main reason that hot weather makes us miserable is the humidity that often accompanies it. Extremes in temperature don’t affect us as much when the humidity is low. Sure, air conditioning delivers a cool temperature. But air conditioning’s other secret is that it dries the air. Fans may also dry the air, but they dry it at a fraction of the cost.

One thing that fans can do that an air conditioner can’t do is to direct air, such as with a whole-room fandrum fanshop fanblower fan, or other type of floor fan. If you have extra heat in a kitchen or other room or if there is an offending odor somewhere, a fan can pull it out. If you just want to cool the spot where you are, a fan is the perfect solution. Fans can assist air conditioners by directing cooler air into rooms that don’t have a sufficient number of air vents. And then there are the extra features such as remote control, tilting, speeds, and so on, that your air conditioner doesn’t have.

While not as powerful as an industrial fan or garage fan, there are things that only a box fan can do because of its ability to direct air into or out of an area.

Directing one of these fans toward an object will remove humidity and evaporate water very quickly. Real estate agents tell homeowners to use a fan to dry the wet crawl spaces and reduce the humidity of homes they wish to sell. Freshly mopped floors in restaurants are quickly dried with the use of a fan. And, of course, sweat comes off a sweaty body almost immediately after standing in front of a big fan. Because they cool and dry air and help people breathe better, fans are used in bedrooms to help people sleep.

This product’s air output does not always need to blow onto people or into a room to do its magic. Directing air away from a room pulls heat and odors out of the room and brings a slight breeze and a drying effect to the area the air is being drawn from.


My top pick is the Trustech Remote Table Fan because it not only pushes air with extreme speed, but it has almost every extra feature that a person could possibly want in one of these fans. This fan is slightly more money than the others cost, but all the features it comes with make it worth it. I use this fan in my own home, and I can honesty say this fan is worth every penny.


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