Top 10 Best Bowling Shoes for Kids in 2022

Best Bowling Shoes

For so long, people settled for renting bowling shoes. That was understandable since it saved quite a lot of money associated with buying an individual pair. However, little did they know that it did more harm than good. The comfort was not always a guarantee. Consequently, the bowlers did not enjoy their game to the maximum. Is one or more of your kids still living the nightmare? If yes, here is what you need. Read on for a list of the top 10 best bowling shoes for kids in 2022.

Our List of the Top 10 best bowling shoes for kids

Dexter Youth Ricky III Junior Bowling ShoesBuy on Amazon
Dexter Boys Ricky IV Jr Bowling Shoes- Grey/BlueBuy on Amazon
Brunswick Bowling Products Girls Mystic Bowling Shoes- 01 (Youth), White/Fuchsia, 1$40.86Buy on Amazon
BSI Boy’s Basic #532 Bowling ShoesBuy on Amazon
Storm Meadow Bowling ShoesBuy on Amazon
BSI Boy’s Basic #533 Bowling ShoesBuy on Amazon
Brunswick Youth Renegade Bowling Shoes- Black/Neon GreenBuy on Amazon
KR Strikeforce Bowling Shoes Youth Girls Gem Bowling Shoes- White/Blue, 4$39.95Buy on Amazon
Brunswick TZone Bowling ShoesBuy on Amazon
Pyramid Youth Skull Green/Black Bowling ShoesBuy on Amazon

10. Dexter Youth Ricky III Junior Bowling Shoes

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If you plan to buy an excellent pair of bowling shoes, here is a worthwhile choice. Its manufacturer is Dexter and it is no secret that the brand makes high0-quality, durable products and it has proven that with time. The design is also incredible. For instance, it has a U-Throat upper pattern that makes them look not only stylish but also visually appealing. The upper is also soft but you may be surprised to learn how durable they are. It is also man-made. On the other hand, we have the tongue as well as the collar. Their material is a fabric that’s long-lasting. The two also have an adding that will see to it that you are as comfortable as possible.

As for the color, the manufacturer settled for an incredible duo. It comprises black and alloy for a classy look. Its sizing is also perfect which ensures that you buy the ideal size. Its outsole is made of sturdy rubber. They are also un-marking. Its defined horseshoe heal is also hard to go unnoticed. The S8 microfiber slide sole is also striking especially since it is on both shoes.

The fact that no one has raised any issue about the shoe means that it is worth every penny.

9. Dexter Boys Ricky IV Jr Bowling Shoes- Grey/Blue

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We also have another recommendation that also happens to be bowling shoes for kids from Dexter. They have a few similarities with the previous examples. For example, the upper is also man-made and soft yet durable. In addition to that, both the tongue and the collar are also fully Fabric lined as well as padded for the comfort that you deserve.

Nevertheless, there are a few differences. First, its color is a combination is both grey and blue. The shoes also have universal soles. Its design also includes a lace to toe upper pattern. As a result of that, the shoe wearer gets a custom fit. In addition to its durability, the shoe is also flexible. Its rubber defined horseshoe heal ensures that you get a positive stable breaking whenever a need arises. The material’s longevity is also indisputable, no doubt.

8. Brunswick Girls Mystic Bowling Shoes- White/Fuschia

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Another great pair of best bowling shoes for kids that is worth considering is this one by Brunswick. Its design makes it perfect for girls. It includes a blend of two colors namely white and fuchsia. When it comes to its upper, it is performance synthetic to ensure that what you get is exactly what you deserve. As a result of that, you can rest assured that you will get real value for your money. It also has a light rubber outsole. It makes it durable as well as comfortable. The comfort is enhanced further by a foam padding at both the tongue and the collar.

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Something else that is pretty striking is the queen’s crown logo. It speaks volume regarding how your little girl will stand out in a crowd. That is why you shouldn’t hesitate to secure one or more depending on what you need. Then, you will put a smile on the face of your daughter, friend or niece among others. It is also lightweight with ensures that it is comfortable to wear even for long hours. Equally important, the price is pocket-friendly. Under those circumstances, who wouldn’t want a pair? Simply grab one because it is absolutely worthy.

7. BSI Boy’s Basic #532 Bowling Shoes

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White is often associated with beauty and this happens to be the color of these incredible bowling shoes. It also has striking yet scarce blue sections for the logo and the BSI brand mark that adds more beauty to the shoe. That is not all when it comes to these shoes. It has a rubber outsole that is not only lightweight but also durable which makes it worth it as well as comfortable regardless of how long you will have to wear bowling shoes.

As far as the upper is concerned, the material is action leather for obvious reasons. Its common sliding sole is also made of microfiber which also enhances its longevity. Comfort is also enhanced by its extra plush insole together with a sock lining. The shoes are mainly designed for boys. In addition to that, it is ideal for beginners to help them learn bowling the best way possible. On top of that, its price is friendly and considerable.

However, its tongue may not be a favorite to many. That’s because it not only relatively short bit also often rides down.

6. Storm Meadow Bowling Shoes

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The storm is yet another brand that lives up to its name. It is the manufacturer of a product that has managed to clinch a position among the top 10 best bowling shoes for kids in 2022. The colors are grey, pink as well white which is undoubtedly a perfect combination. They have universal soles make of high-quality rubber hence reliable. Additionally, they are lightweight as well as comfortable.

Its design includes a classic blutcher upper pattern. It makes it both classy and visually appealing. The material for the upper is a cotton canvas to see to it that the bowling shoes that you settle for are cool and lightweight. Its laces make them adjustable hence giving you a comfortable fit.

5. BSI Boy’s Basic #533 Bowling Shoes

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Do you have a brother, nephew, young male friend, grandchild or son who is in love with bowling? Make those moments even better with these great bowling shoes by BSI. They are black with a red BSI logo. They are also lightweight hence ideal when one has to wear them for a long period. The outsole is made of high-quality rubber which ensures that they last for a relatively long time. Its action leather upper also plays a huge role in ensuring that you get what you deserve once you buy these bowling shoes.

The sliding sole which is also made the standard way is made using a material well known for its longevity by the name microfiber. That also speaks volume regarding the quality of these bowling shoes that you should buy in 2022. What about comfort? BSI also have this sorted out. For instance, the brand has used an extra plush insole. In addition to that, the shoe had a sock lining.

Regardless of whether you are a right-handed or left-handed bowler, this shoe will never disappoint. The price is also affordable. The only concern raised by many buyers is the fact that they are not true to their sizes. As a result of that, they may end up running extremely big.

4. Brunswick Youth Renegade Bowling Shoes- Black/Neon Green

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It doesn’t come as a surprise that we have yet another pair from Brunswick that is among the top 10 best bowling shoes in 2022. It combines two interesting colors namely black and neon green and the way they blend makes the shoe classy as well as stylish. Then, there are the performance synthetic uppers which are robust enough even if you often indulge in vigorous activities.

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The extra-light molded EVA outsole is another plus just in case you are tired of replacing your bowling shoes every now and then. Last but not least, there are the pure microfiber slide soles. Comfort is another thing that you will love once you buy this shoe. First of all, these bowling shoes are extra lightweight. Equally important, both the tongue and the collar have a foam padding. That is how this manufacturer has managed to offer its consumers one of the most comfortable shoes worth buying this year.

As a result of all that, you get to purchase a pair of bowling shoes that is not only durable but also comfortable. Isn’t that what you are looking for? It is high time that you considered this pair and give yourself a break.

3. STRIKEFORCE Girls Youth GEM Bowling Shoes White/Blue

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KR has also come up with a pair of bowling shoes which is a clear indication of where design meets quality. For an instant, the brand has settled for two colors that match perfectly which are white and blue. The other great thing is the man-made upper which is surprisingly durable and at the same time soft. In addition to that, the brand has adopted Komfort-Fit construction to see to it that you are as comfortable as possible.

The comfort is promoted further by its tongue. That’s because it is not only fully textile lined but also padded for the same. It is also no different when it comes to the collar. Equally important, it has new as well as improved non-marking fat outsole. Its material is top-notch rubber for flexibility, comfort, and last but not least durability. The two-tone shoe laces make it visually appealing. In case that is not your style, there is an extra pair of shoe races.

2. Brunswick TZone Bowling Shoes

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One of the things buyers like about these bowling shoes by Brunswick is the fact that they are durable. Its upper is synthetic and also lasts for long. Its blutcher design sees to it that you get the most comfortable fit possible. Its design also ensures that you can wear it whether you are male or female. Each shoe has a full length pure slide that is made of microfiber for durability. Both the tongue and collar are foam padded.

Its EVA sole is not only durable but also lightweight which plays a huge role when it comes to comfort. Its raised heel facilitates a true slide which is every player’s wish. Its synthetic toe cap also marks the end of trouble associated with this particular part when it comes to most shoes. Last but not least, it is worth every penny.

Unfortunately, its sizing can misguide you into settling for the wrong size.

1. Pyramid Youth Skull Green/Black Bowling Shoes

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First of all, the uniqueness of these bowling shoes is indisputable. There are the patterns all over the shoe upper, for instance. Secondly, there is a combination of green and black colors. In addition to being unique, the shoe is also classy. For example, it reacts to black light. Regardless of whether one is a right handed or left handed bowler, the bowling shoes remain an ideal choice.

To ensure that you get perfect soles, it has easy break-in soles. Their material is microfiber so that it can last for long. It ensures that the players get two important things namely performance and support. The traction is also great but the size is not true.

Final Words

Clearly, you are spoilt with options as far as the best bowling shoes for kids in 2022 are concerned. The details are enough to help you break a tie where necessary. Due to that, you will have no one but yourself to blame in case you settle for the wrong ones. The consequences are dire and you don’t need to experience them. You should also do away with renting bowling shoes for kids for obvious reasons. The ball is now on your court.


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