Top 10 Best Body Brushes in 2022

Best Body Brushes

If you desire good-looking and healthy skin, you should consider using a body brush, and not just any type but the best that money can buy. Although looking basic, this brush helps in the circulation of blood and nutrients, removing dead skin cells, cleansing the pores, and eliminating germs and bacteria. It also assists in enhancing the lymphatic functions, relaxing the skin, reducing cellulite and improving the skin’s texture and appearance.

However, not all brushes will give you the best results. While some will work, they will feel a bit stiff and irritate the skin. Others are not suitable for sensitive skin, while some types can’t be used in water or when dry. Did you also know that some will flex too much during use or are too rigid and won’t follow the body’s curves and this affects their reliability?

All these things make finding a good product tasking especially to users who have never handled this product before. As part of helping you live a better life and achieve good skin, we have outlined the top 10 best body brushes in 2022.

Best Body Brushes


10. MashT Dry Brushing Long Handle Body Brush Set

By: MashT

MashT Dry Brushing Long Handle Body Brush Set

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If you are looking forward to replacing your old and worn-out body Brush, then look no further than the MashT Body Brush Set.  It will help you to restore your skin tone, removing dead skin cells, releasing impurities, and toxins. This Brush Set has a detachable long handle made of smooth polished wood that makes it easy to reach any part of the body.

Similarly, this set includes a dry face brush, cellulite massager, and natural boar bristle brush. It will remove the day’s dirt comfortably and gently as it is made from most excellent grade 100 percent natural bristles.

9. Zeutch Premium Dry Brushing Long Handle Body Brush Set

By: Zeutch

Zeutch Premium Dry Brushing Long Handle Body Brush Set

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Made from high-quality materials and made with an impressive detachable long handle. The Zeutch Premium Body Bath Brush is the perfect tool for removing dead skin cells during a bath or shower. It will effectively cleanses the skin and removes keratin, reduces stretch marks, improves blood circulation, and improves cellulite. Moreover, this Brush Set will promote not only healthy skin but also convenient for use.

The Brush is included with one Soft Brush and one Dry Brush that will gently and softly massages and brushes the skin to remove makeup, oil and dirt residue. Use this lymph brush to wipe and scrub all hard to reach areas.

8. Rosena Dry Brushing Skin Exfoliating Body Brush Set

By: Rosena

Rosena Dry Brushing Skin Exfoliating Body Brush Set

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Rosena Dry Brushing Set is well made helping to keep your skin soft and smooth. It is crafted from most delicate boar’s hair bristles that have non-irritant properties. This ensures that your skin never suffers from any cuts or blisters no matter how hard you are brushing.  Besides that, the set comes in 3 pieces and includes a detachable long handle that fits on both Body Brush. With that, you can use it to rub and scrub all your hard-to-reach areas getting organic results.

You can use dry massage brush for circulatory boosting treatment that promotes natural detox and lymphatic drainage.  Unlike other Brush Set, this one work well in both hot and cold water and also works with all types of soaps and gels.

7. Shake Beauty Body Brush for Dry Skin

By: Shake Beauty

Shake Beauty Body Brush for Dry Skin

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Breathe new life on your skin but scrubbing and massaging it with the shake beauty body brush. Made from light brown wood and consisting of 100% boar bristles, the brush will stimulate healthy skin, eliminate toxins, and improve circulation.

Over time, not only do you get healthy and vibrant skin but also eliminate toxins and germs.  You can also remove the handle for storage. However, you should avoid using the body brush with water.

6. Belula Premium Dry Brushing Bristle Body Brush Set

By: Belula

Belula Premium Dry Brushing Bristle Body Brush Set

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This top-of-the-line body brush from Belula is an excellent choice to invest in. It is perfect for rejuvenating your body, assisting with stress relief, and leaving you feeling refreshed every morning. What’s more, this dry body brushing will restore the natural beauty of your body will eliminating dead cells. The package includes a pair of shower gloves, a face brush, a body brush, a travel bag, and instructions guide.

The Brush Set comes with a detachable long handle that helps you to reach all areas of your body. Also, it has an elastic strap that lets your hands have a good grip on the Brush. Finally, the exfoliation gloves are used when you shower or bath and have a milder effect.

5. Sublime Beauty Body Brush

By: Sublime Beauty

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Make your skin more radiant and your body more youthful by regularly scrubbing and massing it with this body brush from Sublime Beauty. It looks very authentic and classy courtesy of the natural wood construction, boar bristles, and brown color.

It’s fairly long, measuring 16 x 4 x 3 inches and will easily reach your back without you using too much effort. It’s very light (4.8 ounces) and features a firm and nonslip handle that has a good grip even while wet. The instructions that come with this easy-to-hold natural brush are however not very detailed.

4. Earth Therapeutics Body Brush

By: Earth Therapeutics

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If you closely follow reviews on body brushes, you probably have come by this product by Earth Therapeutics. The brown brush consists of a wooden body and handle and bristles derived from a Japanese palm plant. The two natural materials make it very effective on the skin and quite safe since it doesn’t contain harmful synthetic compounds.

It’s also very light and measures 3.2 x 3.2 x 8.9 inches. The long 8.9-inch handle offers good grip and reaches whereas the natural bristles work on wet as well as dry skin. Nevertheless, the bristles may feel a bit course when new but this feeling goes away after some time.

3. Bath Blossom Bamboo Body Brush

By: Bath Blossom

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This bamboo-made body brush features 100% boar bristles that make it among the safest and most hygienic products on the market. It’s suitable for dry and wet skin and comes with a long 16-inch handle for easy reach.

The materials are also resistant to moisture, soap, and gel, and won’t lose their reliability even after continuous use. If carrying or weight is your concern, you can rest easy because it weighs 8 ounces. Other worthy benefits include the sturdy construction, elegant golden brown color, and the bristles never come out. A number of consumers say the bristles are a little rough on the very sensitive skin.

2. ZEN ME Premium Dry Skin Brushing Body Brush


ZEN ME Premium Dry Skin Brushing Body Brush

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ZEN ME offers an excellent product at a reasonable price. This simple Body Brush easily removes those dead skin cells so that your body skin can absorb moisture better look less wrinkly and plumper. The package includes pumice stone, Konjac face sponge and a pair of shower gloves. If you suffer from swollen feet or legs, you need to brush your legs using this Body Brush. You will get relieved from swelling by activating circulation and lymph flow.

The well-rounded and smooth wooden handle is sturdy and completely protected from stains and accidental breakage. Besides, it features soft bristles ideal for every skin type and all season. The lather spreads out evenly and has a long handle to reach difficult areas easily.

1. SpaVerde Natural Body Brush

By: SpaVerde

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Featuring a Chinese cherry wood body, boar bristles, and cotton material, the SpaVerde body brush slows down aging by improving circulation and enhancing circulation and nutrition supply. It also eliminates toxins, cleanses the spores, reduces marks, and wrinkles on the skin.

It measures 16.7 x 3 x 1.4 inches, comes with a long handle for easy use, and weighs about 4.6 ounces. The light brown color gives it the chic appearance while the smooth and polished handle makes cleaning easy. It’s also well-priced and long-lasting.


Achieving healthy and good-looking skin isn’t as difficult as you may think. You also shouldn’t struggle with accessories that bring little or no noticeable effects. We have listed the top 10 best body brushes in 2022 that will help your skin breathe better, become smoother, eliminate toxins and also make you more youthful.

The featured accessories meet the minimum standards when it comes to length of the handle, quality of bristles, ergonomics, durability, and ease-of-use. They also perform well on wet, dry, oily as well as sensitive skin. With these quality brushes, you no longer have a reason for not having healthier skin.


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