Best Bidet Toilet Combo – Top Brands for Your Bathroom

Best Bidet Toilet Combo

Finding an excellent bidet toilet combo can be a challenge, more so during this age, where the market is full of countless models. However, selecting a reliable one is simpler than you think.

Imagine that you already have the knowledge needed to acquire one of the most elegant basins, and you have the resources necessary to purchase and install the bidet successfully. What else can hinder you from bringing comfort to your home?

So, here you can find all the important information on the high-quality bidet toilet combos and some product recommendations. I have selected some of the best models available on the market so that you could choose a high-quality device with a sleek design and perfect functionality to install in your bathroom.

Top Seven Toilet Bidet Combos to Consider

image of Kohler K-5401-PA-0 Veil Comfort Height Skirted One-Piece Elongated Dual-Flush Intelligent toilet, White

Below are toilet bidet combo reviews that I have put together to aid you when shopping for such a device. I have analyzed their key features, functionality, as well as the results that each of the products delivers.

1. TOTO MS982CUMG – The Best Bidet Toilet Combo

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If you are looking for a bidet with a cool, sleek design that will provide remarkable service for you over a long time, look no further than this modern TOTO bidet toilet combo. Once you get the item delivered, you will be impressed by the SanaGloss ceramic glaze. The surface does not only feel ideally smooth, but the material is also strong and durable. Using this device will feel fantastic and comfortable.

Some features that take it to a whole different level are the eWater+ cyclone flushing and disinfection system. You can enjoy and rely on the wide water spray to clean your undercarriage without the need for a tissue paper.

It incorporates the use of electrolyzed water that acts as a disinfectant. Thus, the use of electrolyzed water proves the high level of hygiene ensured while using the device for cleaning oneself after using the bathroom.

What’s more, the TOTO MS982CUMG toilet ensures a consistent supply of fresh water. Also, the pre-mist wets the bowl to aid a total waste elimination. Since the device incorporates the use of eWater+ and mist, you don’t need to wash the toilet daily. The water supply cleans the bidet perfectly. Thus, there will be no need for scrubbing.

The inbuilt cyclone siphon flushing feature operates at an ultra-high speed of about 1.0GPF/3.8LPF and 0.8GPF/3.0LP to ensure a comfortable after-bathroom experience. Three operation modes give the user an option to choose what fits them while using the bidet toilet combo. For instance, you can use the front, rear, and soft operation modes, depending on your preferences.

What’s more, it comes with a remote control that enables the user to operate the device even more comfortably. You can even set the seat size to accommodate yourself appropriately. The remote control is easy to use, and every option is self-explanatory. Thus, you don’t need to turn on or off something manually, thanks to the remote.

Moreover, the device also features an autoflash that will ensure the bowl remains clean after every toilet visit to provide a comfortable environment for the next user. Therefore, if you are looking for a toilet with built-in bidet that offers exceptional services, this product will meet your requirements.

A cyclone siphon flushing technology;An automatic flush keeps the bowl clean;Easy to clean;Features remote control.The warranty is only for one year.

2. TOTO MW614574CEFG – The Best Classic Toilet and Bidet Combination

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This product also has a stylish design that gives the combo a top-notch classic look. It has no visual cords or hoses, so the model will perfectly fit any bathroom.

This device utilizes electrolyzed water. The item ensures the bowl stays clean all the time through spraying the eWater to ensure the waste is washed away. The water used in the bowl plays a significant role in requiring less frequent cleaning and also eliminating the usage of harsh chemicals for cleaning purposes. The eWater is used to ensure the wands remain clean both before and after use.

The device is tankless hence has a sleek design that minimizes space. Thus, without the tank, you get a constant supply of lukewarm water via its instantaneous heating system to provide the user with a comfy time spent in the bathroom.

Additionally, this TOTO MW614574CEFG model uses an advanced mechanism to provide the user with a gentle and robust water sprinkle. The water is sprayed into the air in a technique that enlarges the droplets to ensure a superior cleaning with only a gentle sprinkle. Thus, water is released from the device’s jet at a different speed to ensure the collision of both small and larger droplets filled with air. Colliding of the droplets helps in reducing the impact on the undercarriage hence decreasing the harshness of the spray.

The device features an inbuilt automatic air deodorizer. The premium aspects of this device aim at providing both comfortable and hands-free experience to the user. Thus, the automatic deodorizer takes care of neutralizing any odor for the enjoyable time of the next user. The device comes with fixed air filters for ensuring clean air around the device.

Always clean bowl with a tornado flush;Self-cleaning wands;A warm seat;Fitted with an air deodorizer.Needs electricity to operate.

3. WOODBRIDGE Luxury Toilet – The Best Affordable Toilet with Built In Bidet

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Do you want a toilet and bidet combined without spending loads of money? Then it is the product to purchase. Retailed at an affordable price, the Woodbridge toilet will offer you more than just comfort. Its seat is elongated hence can fit any bathroom space.

The device is extremely efficient since it has a comfortable height and high sensitivity. Thus, it will make the leads open once someone comes near and close once the user leaves. What’s more, this bathroom combo ensures a high level of hygiene. Aside from the effective self-cleaning nozzles and automated seat, the model features a toilet bowl with built in bidet.

Besides, the water used in this toilet is filtered for maximum protection against germs. What’s more, for comfort reasons, the device has a heating system that ensures a constant supply of lukewarm water, air for drying the user’s undercarriage after a wash, as well as a heated seat. The temperature is adjustable and has five modes that will fit anyone’s preferences.

Has an energy-saving mode;Simple to use;An advanced heating feature;Easy to clean.The warranty is limited to only two years.

4. TOTO MS920CEMFG – ToTo Toilet Bidet Combination with Excellent Remote Control

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Have you ever seen a device that welcomes you before utilizing it? This toilet’s lid will automatically open as your approach the device. Moreover, its universal seat height can accommodate users of any height, and you can feel relaxed and comfortable using the tool.

The TOTO MS920CEMFG is made with an automatic pre-mist. It plays the role of wetting the bowl to provide a striking surface look that will be pleasant to the next user. What’s more, its bowl surface is made with a CeFiONtect, a ceramic glaze that ensures no stains on the bowl’s inner surface after every use.

Besides, the modern age ceramic glaze makes the toilet’s inner surface clean for long hence minimizing the device cleaning frequency and eliminating the struggle with using chemicals to clean the bathroom.

After taking the rightful position on the tool, you’ll feel comfortable warmth, as the seat provides five distinct temperature sets. Therefore, you can set this parameter according to your liking. Moreover, the inbuilt air deodorizer will self-activate to hide an unpleasant odor that may accompany the toilet use.

Another great feature of this tool is that you can utilize a remote control to activate the automated cleaning. Moreover, you can choose from different options, including a rear, front, or pulsating cleaning.

Once you finish your business, an automatic dual-max flush will proceed with an appropriate volume flush. Also, an additional 3D tornado flush is powerful enough to wash away all the remainings. The tool will automatically close as you move away from the device.

A tornado flush ensures a perfectly cleaned bowl;A ceramic glaze makes cleaning easy;A simple-to-use remote control;A heated seat.Needs a power source.

5. Toto MS992CUMFG – A Toilet Bidet Combo That Saves Water

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MS992CUMFG Neorest offers incredible quality features that make this combo a perfect pick for your home. Even though its price may be slightly ahead of the toilets, I can profoundly say the expense is worth it. The device has a decorative skirted design, and I’m sure that you’ll be amazed by its powerful cyclone jet flushing technology.

We live in a modern age when everybody needs comfort, and the bidet toilet fitted with eWater supply is what you need to benefit from the latest bathroom technologies. The model comes with different cleaning settings, from rear to soft and oscillating sprays, depending on your liking.

The good thing with this Toto MS992CUMFG toilet is that it remains in operation mode as you come closer and stays active even after you’ve gone. Hence, the device remains clean all the time while in use. I find it extremely important, as such tools should always be well-cleaned and provide a high level of hygiene. No need to say that this model covers all your possible concerns.

What’s more, it utilizes the synergy approach that combines CeFiONtect and eWater to make the surface as clean as possible. The tornado flush constitutes a hole-free design for the rims that use a double-nozzle for operating inside the bowl. This process is accompanied by a centrifugal rinsingнг action to give the surface a sparklingly clean look. Therefore, if you want an easy-to-control, water-conserving, and efficient toilet device, it’s worth going with this toilet combo.

Self-cleaning;Conserves water;A temperature-controlled heated seat.Needs a power source.

6. Bio Bidet IB835 – A Bidet Toilet Combo with Intelligent Body Sensor

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This item is a fully integrated toilet made up of quality materials with an improved sense of comfort and safety. Previously, many people used classic low-boy toilets that provided remarkable service. However, if you think that’s the best you can get on the market today, you haven’t tried this bio bidet IB835. It is a cool redesign of the last build with a modern touch of elegance in terms of service and cleaning.

The device is built with double nozzles to ensure comfortable and effective wash, made with the user’s hygiene in mind. What’s more, the tool comes with advanced remote control. The remote is wireless and features a touchpad screen that incorporates the use of backlit LCD screens that are both opaque and transparent.

The transparent LCD window aids the user in the visual selection of options while using the toilet, whereas the blue backlit LCD screen provides the user with a cool ambiance.

The toilet bidet combo is easy to install. Even though the sleek look of the device can be deceiving, its installation is simple, and the buyer can set the model by themselves, following the installation manual. All you’ll require for the installation are a screwdriver, a wrench, and a drill.

It comes with a heating system that ensures both the sprinkled water and the adjustable seat are warm enough for the user. Thus, the device provides an oscillating clean wash and is comfortability brought about by the pulsating massage technique that incorporates the infusion of bubbles.

Ensures comfortable cleaning;Fitted with an intelligent body sensor;Warm wash;An adjustable seat;Has a remote control.Relies on a power source.

7. Kohler K-5401-PA-0 – A Cool Kohler Toilet and Bidet Combo for Small Bathrooms

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This Kohler toilet and bidet combo exhibits a variety of incredible features that you won’t find in any standard tool. First and foremost, its ADA approved. The model has a height of about seventeen inches. Therefore, depending on your comfort height, you can install it at your convenience and use the toilet comfortably.

The design has curves that not only showcase its sleek look but also allow a free flow of water in its bowl. What’s more, all the Kohler one-piece bathroom products come with no tank at all. Thus, it helps in minimizing the space occupied, and you won’t need much bathroom space for installing this toilet.

For clean wash, the bidet incorporates dual flush technology of approximately 0.8 to 1.28 GPF hence consuming little amount of water per flush while performs an incredible cleaning. What’s more, its flush is pump-assisted. Therefore, it provides a lot of pressure to ensure a clean bowl with no stains on the wands.

Besides, among the features I want to note is the heating system that ensures warm water and a heated seat to provide convenience while using the bathroom. Moreover, the device uses hands-free technology to open and close the toilet lid before and after using it.

The night lights, hands-free flush, and touchscreen remote make the device incredible to use. If you live in an area with instances of a frequent power outage, with this device, you are covered against any unpleasant situations. It comes with an emergency backup flush that works efficiently with only a touch of the button.

ADA approved;A power outage won’t affect its workability;Hands-free flush;Self-cleaning.Depends on a power source for more extended operation.

Guide for Purchasing Bidet Toilet Combos

You can’t just buy any bidet toilet combo you see, as some critical aspects should be evaluated first to avoid making the wrong selection. For instance, what are advantages of bidet toilet combo you want over the other brands? All other features of the product should be checked so that you don’t buy something that would turn out to be uncomfortable. Below are the most critical aspects to evaluate.

  • Cleaning Intensity and Comfortability

If you are looking forward to bringing a perfect toilet bidet combo to your bathroom, consider cleaning and comfort features that accompany the design of the selected model. For example, the comfortability is among the features to note, so the tool should have an appropriate seat. The seat should be of a standard height to accommodate the users relatively well without sacrificing comfort. Also, there should be a modern wash technology incorporated.

An excellent bidet toilet should have a higher self-cleaning ability than other devices on the market and, most importantly, be more reliable than tissue paper. Moreover, it is also crucial to go for a bidet with wands that offer different types of washing. The wands of the tool you are about to pick should have options for wider spray and nozzle positioning.

Consider the water pressure of the device, as it is essential to check the intensity of spray of the toilet carefully. Some devices spray water at high pressure, while others have a slow spray intensity. Therefore, familiarize yourself with the pressure intensity per single flush and know your preferences before you decide on the combo to bring home.

What’s more, to acquire a quality combo, it is worth going for a device that allows regulation of temperatures and pressure since different people have different preferences.

  • Your Budget

How much is a bidet toilet combo you want? Different people have diverse budgets, and what one can afford can be way too expensive for someone else. Thus, go for a device that fits your budget.

Don’t settle on low-quality and cheap items, as some features may go contrary to your requirements to a quality bidet. At the same time, don’t buy a machine that may turn out too expensive for you. Also, note that some models consume a lot of power and water. Thus, there may incur extra expenses that may be way too high for your comfy living.

  • Control Devices

Some people prefer all-inclusive control panels, while others prefer separate remote controls to run the variable settings that determine the toilet operation. Therefore, consider what your preferences are?

Remote devices usually have knobs or screens that you can use to change the options and turn some features on or off. Therefore, it becomes even simpler to operate the toilet bidet combo by selecting the appropriate settings. Consequently, it’s worth choosing the model that you can control easily.

  • Type of Nozzles

There’s an alarming concern to the bidet users that the device may accommodate germs. However, it is only true in case of a low level of hygiene. That’s why the wands and the bidet itself must remain clean throughout, and you should look for a device that has self-cleaning nozzles.

What’s more, the number of nozzles that your preferred device has matters a lot. For instance, a bidet with more than one nozzle is more efficient when it comes to cleaning. It will ensure wide water coverage spray.

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image of TOTO MS982CUMG#01 Neorest 550H with Ewater+ Disinfection System

I have come across many questions regarding toilet bidet combos. Most people are not familiar with these products, and, thus, they always have some queries, and it is okay. It is better to know something well before spending your cash on it. Here are the common concerns:

How much is a bidet toilet combo?

Bidet toilets have varying prices, depending on the brand, model, and its functionality. Mainly, the price varies based on the features of the item. It doesn’t mean that all the good bidet toilet combos are highly-priced. If you have a fixed budget, you can still find a reliable device that delivers excellent results.

Which is more effective toilet paper or bidet?

In this modern age, toilet paper is somewhat becoming irrelevant with the introduction of clean washing bidets that leave the user’s undercarriage clean and dry. Moreover, bidets come with loads of services that a tissue paper can’t provide. So, which is more effective toilet paper or bidet? The bidet takes the win.

What are advantages of bidet toilet combo?

Many people are obsessed with bidets. It is because these devices are purposely created to make a toilet business comfortable and relaxing. Besides providing a clean wash, you can also enjoy numerous benefits, such as massaging or warm seats, automated air deodorants, among others.

Final Remarks

With the reliable information and expert toilet bidet combo reviews provided, selecting a high-quality yet comfortable bathroom product should be a problem no more. As a buyer, all you require is to check the reviews to settle on the most appropriate model that coincides with your desires and budget limitations.

From my perspective, my top pick is the TOTO MS982CUMG. The product has some outstanding features. Notably, it has an eWater+ cyclone flushing and disinfection system, and the model incorporates the use of electrolyzed water that serves as a disinfectant. Also, it delivers a wide water spray for proper cleaning. Besides, it has a pre-mist feature that wets the bowl to aid a total waste elimination. What I also like about this tool is that it has a remote control.

It is vital to keep in mind your budget to buy something affordable and highly efficient. The cleaning intensity and comfort of the toilet should also not be forgotten. Consider these characteristics to make certain that whatever model you aim to buy is something you want and need. Also, check the type of nozzles and choose the model with self-cleaning capability.

Do you like using toilet bidets? What are the reasons that would make you install a bidet toilet combo in your home? Have you tried any of these recommended models? If yes, how do you feel about a particular toilet bidet combo? Leave a comment below if you want to share your feedback or discuss some characteristics of these devices.


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