Top 10 Best Bench Power Supplies in 2021 – Review with Purchasing Guide

Best Bench Power Supplies

If you are a lab researcher, technician, an electrician, or your job needs much work that is associated to electronics, you require a gear that will provide a reliable and stable power source. It will be useful to utilize it if you can change the power into specific different voltages; having a bench power supply is perfect and efficient tools that you require, especially for circuit test.

There are a lot of bench power supplies in the market but they differ on the specifications and brand. We have listed the Top Ten Best Bench Power Supplies in 2021 for you.

Factors to Consider When Selecting the Best Bench Power Supply

  • Functional Feature: The functional feature usually refers to the measurements and changes of the input voltage and the output voltage. It is classified into 5 kinds: isolated power supply, adjustable regulated power supply, adjustable power supply, unregulated power supply and regulated power supply.
  • Power Conversion Method: It usually comes in 2 types: the switching and linear power supplies. The 2 types define the process of conversion on the input power. When it comes to linear power supply, it controls the output voltage by dissolving or dropping all the power resulting to a heavier supply of power. Different from switching power or switch-mode supply that usually converts AC line to a DC voltage with a higher rate of AC signal.
  • Other Specifications: Apart from those features above, it is likewise great to look at the number of channels, portability, the weight, the display, constant current, constant voltage, efficiency, line regulation and the load regulation. The place that you will utilize it is another consideration to select the bench power supply that matches your needs. Bearing in mind all these specifications, you can now be able to figure out your selection and purchase the one which suits your requirements.

Best Bench Power Supplies in 2021


10. Flexzion DC 15V Compact Power Supply 1A Adjustable Equipment with Multimeter LED Display

Flexzion DC 15V Compact Power Supply

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This DC Power Supply has a high quality current of 0-1A and 0-15V. Accompanies a low noise, high reliability and circuit overload safety; it is a brilliant useful apparatus for mobile phones and numerous communication gadget upkeep. It has a good technique and High precision that protect the item for reliability and safety.

With only single output DC power unit, this DC power supply provides an output current and voltage which is constantly adjustable in the range that is rated. This gadget is Sensitive with light and sound alarm. It has a short circuit protection if the power resume automatically in a very short time.


  • Has a Compact design
  • LED display
  • All metal construction
  • High stabilized output voltage
  • Short circuit protection

9. Tekpower 0-5A TP3005P Programmable Linear Type 0-30V Variable Regulated DC Power Supply

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This power supply has a Single-output DC controlled power supply that have a display of dual LEDs usually adjusts constantly from 0 – 5 amps and 0 – 30 volts with both fine and coarse adjustment. It has 10 mA / 1 mV of resolution on a full range.  It also has a Pro-level accuracy and precision with low ripple and low noise. Additionally, has built-in memories to effortlessly and easily access and store your utilized frequently settings to spear your time and increase your productivity

It has USB interface that allows operation, remote control, exchange of data through your computer (Windows computer), USB cable and software are incorporated.  It usually shut-off automatically to avert from harm


  • Weight: 11 lbs 10 oz
  • Pro-level accuracy and precision
  • Cooling fan that have thermo sensor
  • Automatically shut-off to prevent damage

8. Pyramid 6.0 Amp Bench Power Supply PS8KX AC-DC Power Converter and Power Supply

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The bench DC power supply that is manufactured by Circuits Experts can give up to 6A. It contains linear mode, button lock function, fine and coarse adjustment and can work in constant current or constant voltage.

It has a Built-in Electric Overload, Overload Protection and Short Circuit.  It additionally permits you to set voltage limiting or current limiting control. It’s a perfect selection for a hobbyist or a beginner. If you want to eradicate the requirement of External Power Source or Batteries, this one it best one for you.


  • Eliminates the Requirement of Battery
  • Built-in Cooling Fan
  • Its Fuse Protected
  • Rugged and Durable Housing
  • Short Circuit Protection

7. Pyramid 12 Amp AC-DC Power Converter Bench Power Supply and PS14KX Power Supply

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The power supply produced from Pyramid is likewise a perfect selection for hobbyists. It is small in size, and can deliver 12 Amp of power and have an accuracy of 0.01A and 0.1V. it has are four rotary switches, two for fine adjustment, and two for course adjustment.

It could work in a constant current and constant voltage mode. It is well furnished with thermal protection, limit current protection; short circuit protection and voltage overload protection. It also accompanies a test leads.


  • 12 AMP Constant and14 AMP surge
  • LED condition indicators
  • Screw terminal connectors
  • thermal protection and Short circuit
  • Electronic overload protection that have auto reset
  • Fuse protected

6. KORAD KD3005D – DC 5A Power Supply, Variable Changeable 30V, Digital Regulated Laboratory Grade

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This power Supply comes packed with great features and has a reasonable price. It contains a simple to read 4 digits LED that is utilized to display the current and voltage values and four programmable functions for storing previous setting.

It’s a heavy duty constant-power, single-channel and constant-voltage power supply that has low noise and ripple, high correctness and high reliability. The current and voltage are constantly adjustable. The gadget designed for utilization in colleges, labs and in industries. The price of this unit is low.


  • four sets of parameters can be stored for fast recall
  • Output switch control
  • Circuit protection for short circuit and excess temperature
  • Automatic switching between A and mA display

5. Pyramid 12-Volt 3-Amp Power Supply (PS3KX)

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This Power Supply gives a reliable and convenient AC to DC converting. The universal screw-type and hardwired connection of the terminals are simple to enhance compatibility with much kind of device components and equipment. With its easy operation of plug-in give a continuous DC voltage source, permitting for consistent quick power conversion.

The switch-triggered power control eradicates the requirement of an extra power source or an external battery.  It has short-circuited and built-in overload protection enhances the protection of the user and any other electronic devices that is connected to it.


  • Rugged and Durable
  • Eradicates the Need of Battery
  • Has a Built-in Cooling Fan
  • Easy Electronic Plug-in Task

4. Sound Around Pyramid Bench 5.0 Amp Power Supply, AC-DC Power Converter PS9KX Power Supply with Vehicle Power Outlet

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If you require a gadget that has a stable power source supply for your usage that you can also use in your vehicle, then this bench power supply that is manufactured by Pyramid Bench is also a great choice for you.

It’s a switching sort of power supply which offers lighter, smaller and well-ordered power supply. It has 2 levels of control for voltage and current outputs.  This gadget is utilized for Device and Component Testing and Operation Power Performance


  • Regulated Power Supply Design
  • Easy Plug-in Operation
  • Overload Protection and Short Circuit
  • Provides 5.0 Amp of power that is Constant

3. Pyramid Compact 30 Amp Power Supply, Bench Power Supply, PSV300 AC-DC Power Converter

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This power supply is linear type which yields a heavier power supply; it can provide 30 Amp of Bench Power Supply. It’s one of the best-selling equipment is made with security features that permit the user to utilize it anywhere you require to achieve your project securely. It also have a stable power supply.

This gadget is lightweight and has an ergonomic grip hence you can move it very easily in different places. It also comes with an overload, cooling fan and short circuit safety which is programmed to work automatically.


  • 13.8V DC Controlled – lightweight Design
  • Continuous Source of DC Voltage
  • Rugged & Durable housing
  • Screw Terminal Connectors that is Hassle-Free

2. Pyramid Bench 10 Amp Power Supply | AC-DC Power Converter | vehicle Plug Power Outlet (PS15K)

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The next bench power supply come from Pyramid Bench producer. For individuals who require a power supply that is stable for home or industrial use, then this gear could be the one which solve your power requirement.

It provides an output of 30 volts maximum and 10 Amp of current. With this power, enables you to use this gear for laboratory work, science projects or a testing tool.


  • Heavy-Duty and long lasting
  • Thermal Protection and Short Circuit
  • Electronic Overload Protection that have Auto Reset
  • LED Indicators

1. PowerMax PM3-55 Converter 110 V to 12 V 55Amp Charger DC Power Supply for Rv Pm3-55

PowerMax PM3-55 Converter 110 V to 12 V DC Power Supply

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The PowerMax Converter is a Standard power supply for giving the Ultimate Charge. It has a PMBC, PM3 and PM series unit that gives a remarkably clean AC to DC electric power for charging Batteries.

This Brand can be utilized in various applications. It also comes with a standard two years of warranty.  It’s perfect for RV’s or anyplace that you require 12v DC powers that have high amperage.


  • Short Circuit Protection and electronic Overload
  • Gives a Constant Source of DC Voltage
  • Easy Electronic Plug-in Operation
  • Hassle-Free Screw Terminal Connectors


In this article we have presented to you the top 10 bench power supply for hobbyists. These gadgets given are very decent choices for you. But, a good power supply for you usually depend on your requirements, we have given you a purchasing guide that will help you to choose the best.


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