Top 5 Best Bedroom Ceiling Fans


If you’re looking for a fan for a bedroom, you should consider buying the best bedroom ceiling fanHaving a ceiling fan has a way of circulating the air while lighting up the space as needed. With one in your bedroom, it may even help you get a better night’s sleep. By creating a guide to bedroom ceiling fan reviews & ratings, we aim to help you find the best bedroom ceiling fan so you can rest in a more comfortable environment.

The 5 Top Bedroom Ceiling Fans

If you browsed for ceiling fans on your own, you may be stuck searching for hours on end, torn between double ceiling fansleaf ceiling fans, or other impactful styles. Instead, we did the searching for you and found five products that we feel you should take a look at. From here, perhaps you can choose the best bedroom ceiling fan to suit your home.

Editor’s PicksBrandRating *
Best ChoiceHunter Indoor Low Profile Ceiling Fan With Pull Chain Control♥♥♥♥♥
Premium Pick56-Inch Casa Ecanto Oil-Rubbed Bronze LED Ceiling Fan♥♥♥♥♥
Best ValueProminence Home Alvina LED Globe Light Low Profile Ceiling Fan♥♥♥♡♡
Runner UpHunter 52 inch Indoor Ceiling Fan With Remote Control♥♥♥♥♡
Honorable MentionWestinghouse Lighting Comet 52-Inch Matte Black Indoor Ceiling Fan♥♥♥♥♡

* Ratings are determined using our specialized rating system.

Best Choice: Hunter Indoor Low Profile Ceiling Fan With Pull Chain Control

★ Best Choice

Top 5 Best Bedroom Ceiling Fans 1

Hunter Indoor Low Profile Ceiling Fan With Pull Chain Control

The Hunter Indoor Low Profile Ceiling Fan is the best bedroom ceiling fan because it uses a silent Whisper Wind motor and has reversible fan blades, so you can pick the color you like best.

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Our number one pick for the best bedroom ceiling fan is the Hunter Indoor Low Profile Ceiling Fan. For one thing, it features a “Whisper Wind” motor that combines powerful performance with little noise. If you ever hear anything, it may be a clicking sound, which also might indicate improper installation.

The fan appears to operate smoothly as well. Even at various speeds, the fan is balanced enough to prevent unsafe wobbling. It has a low profile ceiling fan build, which can be beneficial if ceiling height or space is a concern.

This fan also features what you may find to be an appealing design, one that might fit in well with your bedroom décor. It has five blades which you can reverse to either the harvest mahogany side or the Brazilian cherry side. The overall fan features a bronze color.

You can change the reversible motor to go from downdraft to updraft modes depending on the weather. The fan is even compatible with remotes from the company. There are three light sources too, but the amount of light it manages to put out seems a bit weak compared to some other ceiling fans.


  • Quiet operation
  • Runs smooth to prevent vibrations
  • Low profile to save space
  • Remote compatible


  • Don’t give much light
  • Chance for a clicking sound to occur

Premium Pick: 56-Inch Casa Ecanto Oil-Rubbed Bronze LED Ceiling Fan

♛ Premium Pick

Top 5 Best Bedroom Ceiling Fans 2

56-Inch Casa Ecanto Oil-Rubbed Bronze LED Ceiling Fan

The Casa Ecanto Oil-Rubbed Bronze LED Ceiling Fan is the best bedroom ceiling fan because it comes with a remote control that makes it easy to operate, and its five blades help move a lot of air.

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The Casa Ecanto LED Ceiling Fan is more high-end compared to some others. It may also be the best bedroom ceiling fan with a built-in LED light and handheld remote with a dimmable LED feature. This fan manages to light up a good amount of space, and the controls on the remote seem to respond well.

To focus on the appearance, this fan just may add a touch of elegance to your bedroom if the décor is a concern of yours. Its five blades have a high-quality, dark walnut finish, and they’re all constructed and laid out in a stylish, modern design. The light itself is held in a frosted glass, and the motor has an oil-rubbed bronze finish.

The air circulation appears high in quality. You can choose from three speeds, all easily accessible from the remote. This fan also produces minimal noise when it runs even on the highest speed setting.


  • Good air circulation
  • Easy-to-use remote control
  • Elegant appearance


  • It might wobble

Best Value: Prominence Home Alvina LED Globe Light Low Profile Ceiling Fan

$ Best Value

Top 5 Best Bedroom Ceiling Fans 3

Prominence Home Alvina LED Globe Light Low Profile Ceiling Fan

The Prominence Home 80029-01 Alvina Low Profile Ceiling Fan is the best bedroom ceiling fan because it’s a well-constructed fan that runs quietly and is the right size for a smaller bedroom.

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If you need the best bedroom ceiling fan that won’t empty out your wallet, you may want to consider the Prominence Home Alvina Low Profile Ceiling Fan. It’s yet another low profile fan built with space in mind.

This may appear smaller than you expect, however, so it might be better supplying air and light to a smaller bedroom. Even still, the airflow it does push out feels effective. With three speeds, it’s reversible as well so that you can even use it during the colder months to circulate warm air.

The ceiling fan may operate quietly enough without disturbing your sleep if you use it at night. With its quality and secure steel construction, it doesn’t vibrate while in use. The included pull chains feel reliable as well.

For appearances, the ceiling fan features five two-sided blades. Since each side has a unique finish, you can reverse them to suit your specific bedroom layout. The LED light sits in a globe case, and it seems easily replaceable when needed. To control everything, you can purchase a compatible remote separately.


  • Runs relatively quiet
  • Effective airflow
  • Well constructed


  • Remote sold separately

Runner Up: Hunter 52 inch Indoor Ceiling Fan With Remote Control

♥ Top Pick

Top 5 Best Bedroom Ceiling Fans 7

Hunter 52 inch Indoor Ceiling Fan With Remote Control

Hunter Indoor Ceiling Fan with Remote Control is the best bedroom ceiling fan because it has reversible blades so you can choose your favorite color, and it’s very quiet for sleeping with.

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The Hunter Indoor Ceiling Fan is an easy-to-install fan that features an LED light. They’re dimmable as well, and either mode of lighting may provide you with enough brightness to fill up the room. To address more of the installation process, you can set it up three ways: standard, low, or angled.

This may be the best bedroom ceiling fan that offers a stylish, rustic design. The mason jar-inspired glass encases the lights, and the onyx Bengal and bronze finishes on the blades can help provide it a more vintage appearance. You can reverse the five blades as well.

With this fan, you might manage to receive a good amount of airflow. The motor is reversible for downdraft and updraft use, and WhisperWind motor technology so that the fan blows quietly.

If there’s any noise to be heard, it’s a beep whenever you use the remote to adjust the speeds or turn the light on and off. With concern to the remote, it is the only way you can use the fan. Although it works well, if you lose the remote, you must find a replacement or else the fan may become unusable.


  • Reversible blade design
  • Puts out a good deal of air
  • Quiet motor design
  • Lights up the room well


  • Loud beep when you make adjustments
  • Won’t work without the remote

Honorable Mention: Westinghouse Lighting Comet 52-Inch Matte Black Indoor Ceiling Fan

♥ Top Pick

Top 5 Best Bedroom Ceiling Fans 8

Westinghouse Lighting Comet 52-Inch Matte Black Indoor Ceiling Fan

The Westinghouse Lighting Comet Indoor Ceiling Fan is the best bedroom ceiling fan because the light isn’t too bright, and it stays stable while in use and is quiet enough for sleeping with.

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The Westinghouse Lighting Comet Indoor Ceiling Fan has a winter and summer mode so that you may get the most out of your fan year-round. It may be the best bedroom ceiling fan with a high-quality motor that delivers quiet operation under all three speeds.

Even with that quality motor, it may still feel like the airflow could benefit from being stronger. The fan does seem to install tight enough with good balance so that you won’t see any type of wobbling.

You can make use of the light function as needed. It may not overly light the space, which can be useful if you already have some lights in your room. The fan is remote control compatible too so you can adjust the light, speeds, and turn it on and off without moving.

With the looks of the fan, you can reverse the blades as desired. It’s a classic design overall. The light is inside a disc-style fixture that has frosted glass to help provide a more comfortable lighting experience.


  • Light isn’t overly bright
  • Not prone to wobbling
  • Quiet running on all speeds


  • Airflow could be stronger

Important Bedroom Ceiling Fan Features to Consider

The main focus of a ceiling fan is to give a room air circulation. Additional features such as lights can add a nice touch to it all. However, a ceiling fan that works well in the kitchen may not be what you need for your bedroom.

What you may feel to be the best bedroom fan—be it a propeller ceiling fan or an oscillating ceiling fan—may differ from our choice. So, you might make a better decision by understanding what features go into making high-quality ceiling fans in general. If you want to find the best bedroom ceiling fan for your home’s needs, then there are a number of factors to keep in mind.

Fan Blades

Standard ceiling fans usually have two to five blades, but some fans, such as commercial ceiling fans, can have as many as nine. They don’t contribute to the airflow alone. The motor, of course, has a lot to do with it.

The length of the blade can push the air differently. If anything though, fan blades determine aesthetics and cost—such as with chandelier ceiling fans—with more blades usually raising the price of the fan. Enclosed spaces might require fans with smaller blades, such as if you want a garage ceiling fan or a kitchen ceiling fan.

For those of you looking to blend the ceiling fan into the rest of your bedroom’s design, then your choice of fan may be determined by the finish on the blades.

Some ceiling fans even feature reversible blades. This way, you can update the look of your room by simply flipping the fan blades over.


Ceiling fans allow you to change the speeds and manage the light function. How a ceiling fan works usually depends on how it was wired and the overall setup and design. So, if you’re unfamiliar with wiring, it may benefit you more to have a professional install the ceiling fan to ensure everything is done right.

With everything wired up, you may have a ceiling fan that can be controlled via a wall light switch. Most fans have the usual pull cords to control speed, power, and lights.

If you want some more convenience, you may even find a ceiling fan that either comes with a remote control or is designed remote-compatible. Remote control ceiling fans are extremely convenient, especially in bedrooms. 

When it comes to remotes, however, some ceiling fans are only controlled with a remoteOutdoor ceiling fans are often like this. This may or may not be useful depending on your needs as without a remote, you may have a hard time adjusting anything on the fan.

Downdraft and Updraft

Changing the mode of a ceiling fan may allow you to use the fan year-round rather than just when it’s hot out. Not all ceiling fans offer this ability, but if you want to use your fan no matter the temperature outside, then finding one with this option may be a better choice.

Downdraft, the usual way a fan works, pushes the air downward to cool things off. Meanwhile, updraft reverses the airflow so that the warmer air lingering around the fan gets pushed down, warming up the room.

Benefits of Using a Bedroom Ceiling Fan

There are a number of reasons why you’d want to use a ceiling fan in your bedroom. Here are a few things to keep in mind about why you should install a high-quality ceiling fan in your bedroom.

Save Energy

Rather than constantly readjusting your thermostat, a ceiling fan can help change the room temperature just enough that you can take advantage of not using as much electricity.

Improves Sleep

Since a ceiling fan can circulate the air, it can bring your room to a more comfortable temperature. This air circulation may also help clean the air, reducing irritants and odors.


Depending on the ceiling fan, you may get some layered lighting for your room, one that you can readily control.


As explained before, ceiling fan blades can work to improve or blend with your room’s décor. The design of the fan also plays a role in the aesthetics.

Precautions for Using a Bedroom Ceiling Fan

Before you purchase any ceiling fan, keep in mind some important notes.

For one thing, look at the size of the ceiling fan according to your bedroom. Some work best in smaller rooms, while others can manage wide spaces.

The height of your ceiling also determines what type of fan you can buy, but many fans do come with mounting options such as a downrod to adjust the height.

Another important factor is balance. Natural balance or the ability to add balance will show whether the fan is secure or it wobbles. A wobbling ceiling fan runs the risk of breaking, so balance is key.

Remember, all ceiling fans need to be cleaned eventually. Ceiling fans have a tendency to collect a lot of dust, and it can be difficult to clean bedroom ceiling fans because they’re so far off the ground, and it can be difficult to stand on a bed. To get rid of the dust, you can either purchase a ceiling fan duster or make a DIY ceiling fan duster at home.


The right ceiling fan in your room can help circulate the air to more comfortable levels, provide some lighting, and even a good aesthetic touch. For us, the best bedroom ceiling fan is the Hunter Indoor Low Profile Ceiling Fan.

It takes small space into consideration with its low profile design like many enclosed ceiling fans, and operates smooth and secure so that it won’t vibrate. The reversible motor is easy to manage for use year-round, and it’s even remote control adaptable if you want the added convenience.

Air circulation is high, and the quiet motor can allow it to run at various speeds without disturbing anyone. It even has a reversible blade design so you can change it to suit your bedroom decoration needs.


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