Top 5 Best Battery Fans


If you want a fan but don’t have access to an electrical outlet, you need one of the best battery fans. Fans can make all the difference when you have to be in hot and humid places. Sometimes air conditioners fail or the electricity is temporarily shut off. Camping trips can become unbearable without a nice breeze. If putting a baby in a hot car, you’d want the best battery fan. So read on to discover our battery fan reviews & ratings to find the right battery fan for you.

The 5 Top Battery Fans

Battery fans allow you to have a breeze anywhere you go, unlike comparable small fans like desk fans. Most of them are quiet. Some clip onto things. Almost all of them can be powered by a USB device or rechargeable batteries. We found the 5 best fans so you can pick the right one for your needs.

Editor’s PicksBrandRating *
Best ChoiceAceMining Rechargeable Battery Operated Fan with 3 speeds♥♥♥♥♥
Premium PickGazeled 3-Speed Portable Battery Powered Camping Fan♥♥♥♥♥
Best ValueOPOLAR Portable Travel Battery Operated Fan with 3 Speeds♥♥♥♡♡
Runner UpCOMLIFE Portable Rechargeable Battery Desk Fan with Auto Oscillation♥♥♥♥♡
Honorable MentionSkyGenius Battery Operated Clip on Mini Desk Fan♥♥♥♥♡

* Ratings are determined using our specialized rating system.

Best Choice: AceMining Rechargeable Battery Operated Fan with 3 speeds

★ Best Choice

Top 5 Best Battery Fans 1

AceMining Rechargeable Battery Operated Fan with 3 speeds

The AceMining Rechargeable Battery Operated Fan is the best battery fan because it’s extremely powerful despite being very small, and it can run for up to 26 hours, and it’s also quiet.

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The AceMining Rechargeable Battery Operated Fan is a powerhouse despite its size. Its dimensions are a mere 6.2”L x 6.1”W x 2.3”H, but it puts out a strong enough wind to keep you comfortable. If you need to work in a library or other quiet place, this little fan’s 20dB to 40dB noise level is quiet enough to not be bothersome, even when operating on the highest speed.

Charge the rechargeable battery via any USB port for four hours. Then use it for 6-26 hours depending on the speed used. The lovely blue on button is a nice touch. You can rotate this fan 180 degrees. It rotates on an angled axis, allowing you to aim it just where you need a breeze. Many small fans don’t last, but this one comes with a two-year warranty.

Item Key Features:


  • Two lithium batteries included
  • Strong airflow
  • Rotates 180 degrees
  • Two-year warranty


  • Little blue light on button may be too bright

Premium Pick: Gazeled 3-Speed Portable Battery Powered Camping Fan

♛ Premium Pick

Top 5 Best Battery Fans 2

Gazeled 3-Speed Portable Battery Powered Camping Fan

The Gazeled Portable Battery Powered Camping Fan is the best battery fan because it has an extremely long battery life that can last up to 214 hours, so it’s great for taking camping or on vacations.

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The Gazeled Portable Battery Powered Camping Fan has a large handle that makes it easy to carry. Different from the rest of the fans in our line-up, you can use this one while plugged into a USB source rather than waiting for a rechargeable battery to charge. This is because it uses four old-fashioned D cell batteries rather than a rechargeable battery.

It will work on the low speed for a whopping 214 hours, medium speed for 46 hours, or high speed for 14 hours using four D cell batteries. The extra long-lasting power that D cell batteries provide may make this fan the best battery fan for camping or other long-term times away from civilization, electrical power, and so on.

In order to use this USB fan, you need to tap the power button to change the speeds. There is a timer that can be set for one, three, or five hours. The fan’s angle can be adjusted up or down anywhere within 180 degrees.

Item Key Features:


  • Long-lasting battery life
  • 180 degree vertical rotation
  • Can be powered by USB cable (cable included)
  • Compatible with rechargeable NiMH, alkaline D, or carbon D batteries 


  • Takes 4 DC batteries, not included

Best Value: OPOLAR Portable Travel Battery Operated Fan with 3 Speeds

$ Best Value

Top 5 Best Battery Fans 3

OPOLAR Portable Travel Battery Operated Fan with 3 Speeds

The OPOLAR Portable Travel Battery Operated Fan with 3 Speeds is the best battery fan because it’s a convenient hand-held fan that can easily be taken anywhere, and it can be powered by an included rechargeable battery.

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The OPOLAR Portable Travel Battery Operated Fan with 3 Speeds is a hand-held fan that can be used at outdoor events, while camping, to quickly cool off a hot baby in her car seat, and more. For many situations, a hand-held fan like this one can be the best battery fan.

It measures 4.1” x 1.6” x 5.9” and weights just 7.8 oz. It has three speeds and blue lights on the blades that can act as a night light. A side LED light helps you find your keys, a key hole or something in your camping gear.

You have the option to plug it into a 110/220 volt wall socket if you use an adapter. Otherwise, you can recharge it by USB using the 3.6-foot long USB cable that comes with the fan. Each charge will give you 4-15 hours of use.


  • USB or rechargeable lithium battery powered
  • 1 rechargeable battery included
  • 3.6-foot USB cable included
  • Hand-held
  • 1-year warranty


  • Quiet only on low

Runner Up: COMLIFE Portable Rechargeable Battery Desk Fan with Auto Oscillation

♥ Top Pick

Top 5 Best Battery Fans 7

COMLIFE Portable Rechargeable Battery Desk Fan with Auto Oscillation

The COMLIFE Portable Rechargeable Battery Desk Fan with Auto Oscillation is the best battery fan because it’s a powerful table fan that’s great for taking to school events or wherever an extra breeze is needed for a short time.

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If you need a battery-powered oscillating and vertically-adjustable desk fan that is easy to clean, the COMLIFE Portable Rechargeable Battery Desk Fan with Auto Oscillation may be the best battery fan for you. This one’s cage is made to conveniently open for cleaning purposes.

Measuring 6.7” x 5.1” x 11.6”at the head and 5” in diameter across its base, it is the largest fan in our line-up. It reaches a powerful, cooling speed of 2300 RPM.

If you charge it on a USB device for four hours to fill the battery, it will run for 4-17.5 hours depending on the speed. To change speeds, you need to press the adjustment button repeatedly until it’s going as fast or slow as you want.


  • 90 degree horizontal oscillation
  • Adjustable 30 degree vertically
  • 3.3-foot USB cable included
  • Easy to clean, with detachable front part of cage
  • Table-protecting base


  • Slightly too big to be called a small fan

Honorable Mention: SkyGenius Battery Operated Clip on Mini Desk Fan

♥ Top Pick

Top 5 Best Battery Fans 8

SkyGenius Battery Operated Clip on Mini Desk Fan

The SkyGenius Battery Operated Clip-On Mini Desk Fan is the best battery fan because it features a speed control dial instead of pre-set speeds so you can customize exactly how powerful the fan is at any given time.

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The SkyGenius Battery Operated Clip-On Mini Desk Fan is the best battery fan for many situations where you need to just clip a fan somewhere. It clips to baby strollers, laptops, backseats of cars, and many other things and stays put. And you can adjust it to absolutely any angle you need it to be at.

It takes up to 4.5 hours to charge completely using a USB power source. You can use this fan between 2.5-6 hours per charge, depending on the speed you set it at. This fan comes with a USB cord and rechargeable battery.

What sets this fan apart from other battery fans is how this one has a speed control dial. You don’t have to press a button until you get to the speed you want. Instead, just turn the dial, and it’ll adjust automatically depending on how much you turn it.


  • Clips onto most surfaces
  • Powerful motor that moves air 10.5 feet per second
  • Speed control dial
  • One rechargeable battery and USB cord included
  • 360 degree horizontal and vertical rotation


  • Louder than expected

Important Battery Fan Features to Consider

The best battery fan for you would suit your particular needs. Do you need one that clips onto a stroller? Do you need a tiny desk fan? Do you want one that has a light on it? There are various needs that a person might want a fan to meet. But there are some other features that one needs to think about as well.

One of the most important considerations is whether there is a long-term warranty. Sometimes you end up with a dud just because of a flaw that happened during production. Having a warranty will protect you from having to live with it.

You might want to consider whether or not the required battery comes with the fan. It would be convenient, especially when it comes to battery sizes that most people don’t have readily available in their homes. 

You might want to know whether or not the fan you are looking at actually puts out a good air flow or if the seller just claims that it does. Check out what the reviews say. The same goes for how quiet it is. Many fan ads claim the fan is quiet, but customer reviews often tell a different story. Especially when it comes to oscillating fans.

You may be interested in the fan’s rotation capabilities or how many speeds it has. Extra special features would be a dial for speed control or alternative ways to charge it.

Benefits of Using a Battery Fan

A battery fan is so convenient because you can use it just about anywhere. You aren’t limited to places that have an electrical outlet. The invention of battery fans has made it possible to keep a little cooler in places like the great outdoors where people camp, hike, walk, bike, and so on. Fans watching sports events can now breathe in fresh cool air. Stuffy city buses that are full of warm bodies can now be endured a little better. People in the back seats of cars or in other modes of transportation can also benefit from battery fans.

Battery fans are so very small and conveniently portable. They fit into backpacks, purses, and so on, unlike box fans or pedestal fans. Some fans have built-in handles or are hand-held. Some of them clip onto strollers, laptops, car seats – wherever. Some battery fans are even designed to hang on the person like a necklace. Sometimes you will see grocery store checkout clerks wearing them.

Whatever you use a battery fan for, the best battery fan will also be a reliable one, operating well when you need it to. There is no benefit to having one of the cheaply made battery fans out there. Small children and animals can’t take heat very long at all. Heat can even get to the strongest among us, like athletes.

Precautions for Using a Battery Fan

You could have the best battery fan for your needs but then create a problem for yourself through careless actions. Safety precautions always need to be considered.

Following the instructions that may come with your fan would be a good place to start. Otherwise, use common sense and take note of the following pieces of advice:

  • Wherever the battery fan is not meant to be opened, don’t force it open in any way. Believe it or not, many of them are actually not designed to be cleaned. And most of them are made of plastic these days, so they will easily break.
  • Turn off the fan if you ever see it smoke or spit out sparks, or if it gives off an odd odor. If you don’t shut it down immediately, it may burst into flames. 
  • Do not let your fan get near anything hot or let it be out in the sun too long.
  • Keep it out of moisture heat and out of water.
  • D not insert objects into the blades while the fan is running. Most fans are built with kids’ fingers in mind, but you should always pay attention if using it around children.

Be aware that battery-powered fans may have less power than a whole-room fan or an air circulator fan. If you need something more powerful, you’ll need to buy an outlet-powered fan.


Our top pick, the AceMining Rechargeable Battery Operated Fan, is the best battery fan. It comes with a two-year warranty and the necessary battery to power it. This fan is great because it’s extremely powerful for the size, and it isn’t very loud, either. Whether you want an office fan or a dorm fan, the AceMining battery fan does what it needs to do, and it does it well.


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