Top 10 Best Bathroom Exhaust Fans in 2021 & Purchasing Guide – Keep Your Bathroom Hygiene

Best Bathroom Exhaust Fans

Bathroom is one of the rooms that usually become wet most of the time. If you’re not careful enough, the room can provide room temperatures that attract molds to grow. We know well that mold has numerous health threats, and when it grows in your bathroom, it can be difficult to eliminate it. A simple and easy way to ventilate bathroom is to mount a bathroom exhaust fan. These fans will dissipate foul odors and get rid of humidity to make your bathroom more inviting and comfortable.

But, different bathroom exhaust fans provides different results, it can be challenging to get the suitable option for you.

Factors to Consider When Purchasing the Best Bathroom Exhaust Fan

Different types and brands of bathroom fans deliver unique features and the defined qualities depending on the owner’s desire. When purchasing a new bathroom exhaust fan, it is great to consider the following factors.

CFM Rating

Pick the bathroom fan that has high CFM rating for it to handle the air circulation efficiently. The Cubic Feet per Minute ranking is specified on each brand of bathroom fans in order to indicate the range of air it can exchange when operating.

Bathroom Fan Size

The bathroom fan’s size need to be selected depending on your size of bathroom space. Mostly the bathroom fan sizes vary with different brands such that the bigger sized bathroom fans have high capacity compared to smaller one.

Noise Ranging

While buying your suitable bathroom fan for your washroom, it is essential to note on the ranging of noise level when it is in operation. The bathroom fan must be efficiently designed with durable moving parts and high quality motor to make the fan not to be noisy.

Lighting and Wiring Options

A lot of bathroom fans are designed with the features of safety wiring and attractive lighting facility. Select the bathroom fan that has proper lighting and simple installation setup for you to stay comfortable.


Pick a bathroom fan that has inbuilt heater option that is an added feature for it to be convenient during winters. The bathroom fan that has heater assists the consumer to stay warm during deep winter season and after bath.

Humidity Sensor

You need to look on the availability of humidity sensor execution in the bathroom fan that is an excellent way to dispose of the humid air flowing around your bathroom.

Motor Quality

Select a bathroom fans that has powerful high quality motor that needs only slight maintenance measure. A lot of bathroom fans are made with motor that have lubricated ball bearing, heavy duty winding and less vibration not causing disturbing noise when in operation.

Best Bathroom Exhaust Fans in 2021


10. Ultra Quiet Ventilation 110CFM/1.0Sone Fan Bathroom Exhaust Fan

By Win Air

Ultra Quiet Ventilation Fan Bathroom Exhaust Fan

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This fan is one of top performing exhaust fan in the market. It’s a very quiet bathroom fan with 1.0-sones. It’s has a powerful air movement with up to 110 CFM.  The designer has styled this exhaust fan so that it can fit at any washroom.

It reduces humidity and excess moisture circulating fresh air to fight bad odors. This fan is made to comply with energy Star requirements and is HVI 2100-certified


  • Very quiet washroom fan
  • Reduces excess humidity and moisture
  • Made to comply with energy star regulations
  • Designed to fit any bathroom

9. KAZE APPLIANCE 0.3-Sones Ultra Quiet 90-CFM SE90TL2 Bathroom Exhaust


KAZE APPLIANCE Ultra Quiet Bathroom Exhaust Fan

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Kaze appliance SE90TL2 will ventilate air in your room and offers overhead lighting also. This fan exhaust is constructed with high-quality gears and fully lubricated engine to give trouble-free and continuous operation. Its electrical formation of condenser motor is planned to function in lower temperatures, therefore increasing the motors life and bearings.

The housing of the fan is completed with rugged 26 GA steel and coated to avert from corroding. The heavy triple mounting brackets is usually adjusted for fast, easy and general installation in various types of bathroom. It has a quality reliable and great performance. It also has three years warranty against builder defects.


  • Ultra Quiet
  • Two watt LED night light
  • Have double hanger mounting bars.
  • Durable and simple to install

8. Delta BreezSignature 110 CFM VFB25ADBT Bath Exhaust Fan that have Bluetooth Speaker

By Delta Products Corporation

Delta BreezSignature 110 CFM VFB25ADBT Bath Exhaust Fan

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This Low noise ventilating fan has Bluetooth speakers and it is rated for its uninterrupted running. This Delta BreezSignature fan exhaust can improve your bathroom involvement with a Bluetooth speaker that is built-in. The fan is energy star licensed because it has low power consumption.

The fan can play audio from many Bluetooth enabled wireless gadgets. You are able to listen on your favorite music, YouTube, podcasts, radio and more all while you are getting ready in your bathroom activities.


  • Low power consumption
  • Built-in with a soft start function to increase motor life
  • Low noise design
  • The Motor is equipped with thermal cut-off use
  • Galvanized steel housing

7. Broan AE80B Invent 1.5 Sones Energy Star Qualified Single-Speed 80 CFM Ventilation Fan

By Broan

Broan AE80B Invent 1.5 Sones Energy Ventilation Fan

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This item provides professionals and flexibility when installing on a new construction or bathroom. Innovations comprise housing technology, new damper and foldable mounting ears that increase the bathroom air tightness like not ever days. It has a new grille designs that make your room to appear much beautiful.

Its 80 CFM lessens humidity to rapidly eliminate clouded mirrors and removes out moisture in your bathrooms for more than 75 square feet, hence your vision will be clear and you will feel comfortable with your surroundings.


  • Low rpm for quiet operation
  • Rugged construction
  • Easy, sturdy four-point mounting directly to joist
  • Corrosion resistant

6. Delta BreezSignature VFB25AEH Exhaust Bath Fan 130 CFM with Fixed Humidity Sensor

By Delta Products Corporation

Delta BreezSignature VFB25AEH Exhaust Bath Fan

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You can have enjoyment with bathroom exhaust fan after you choose this Delta Breez VFB25AEH. The device has an in-built moisture sensor that knows that when it will turn ON or when it will turn OFF. But, there is a simple on/off switch at the wall that also gives you a permission to change the settings of this fan.

This fan is designed to be bathroom mounted fan and is simple to install. Its brushless motor also right engineering of the ceiling fan confirms that this fan will remain silent when it is being used. The attractive arched fan grid is built with white texture which provides your bathroom a lively and fresh look.


  • Noise level of 2.0-sones
  • Precision made with DC brushless motor for lengthy reliability
  • Easily switch ON/OFF for humidity sensing
  • The fan functions very quietly and works quite smoothly.

5. BV Ultra-Quiet 0.8-Sone, 90 CFM Bathroom Exhaust and Ventilation Fan


BV Ultra-Quiet 0.8-Sone, 90 CFM Bathroom Exhaust Fan

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It is created with brilliant performance motor and silent technology.  This fan can work well and usually move a big volume of humid air with small noise produced. This exhaust fan is well-made with stainless steel component covering body; the heavy duty motor is suitable for uninterrupted operation.

It’s a life time resistant to corrosion and is thermally protected. The fan assist you the drain moist air and additionally save the energy.


  • Super quiet performance.
  • Ventilate your bathroom space up to 90 sq-ft
  • Quality and performance assurance.
  • 1-year limited product warranty

4. Delta 100 CFM BreezGreenBuilder GBR100 Exhaust Bath Fan

By Delta Products Corporation

Delta GBR100 Exhaust Bath Fan

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The product is one of the well-known bathroom fan sort with high energy-saving and can function continuous for 70,000 hrs. This item comes with 100-CFM rating and it merely utilizes electricity energy of nearby 12.6 watts. This means that the whole energy efficiency of this fan has amazing 7.9 CFM in one wattage power.

Installing of the item is very simple if you have Do it yourself knowledge. The GBR100L is likewise UL-certified for ceiling as well as wall installation. The hook bars are included in the exhaust fan for the operator assistance. The item runs very silently at the 1.4-sones and does not make any disturbance.


  • Noise level of 1.4 sones
  • The Galvanized steel building resists corrosion
  • Energy star certification
  • Effective cost-saving operation

3. Delta Breez Slim 50 CFM SLM50 Exhaust Fan

By Delta Products Corporation

Delta Breez Slim 50 CFM SLM50 Exhaust Fan

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The Delta BreezSlim SLM50 is a low noise, compact-sized, valued priced and ENERGY STAR certified fan. It is perfect for single bathroom retrofits and also large multifamily projects. It is UL listed for both sidewall installation and ceiling.

It can Fits inside a 4 inch wall. It allows 50 CFM of Air flow with noise rating of 1.0-sone.  The fan has a DC brushless motor with low power consumption of 6.4 Watts and extended reliability. Also has efficiency score of about 8.9 CFM/Watt and HVI and ENERGY STAR certified.


  • Galvanized steel creation and resists corrosion
  • Noise level of 1.0 sones
  • Extended reliability
  • Precision made with DC brushless motor

2. Air King 90-CFM High Performance BFQ 90 Bath Fan

By Air King

Air King 90-CFM High Performance BFQ 90 Bath Fan

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Highlighting a 10 x 10” white polymeric grill, the bathroom exhaust fan is a low price with high performer. It is perfect for anybody spending plan and needs an exhaust fan that has a lot power. It is rated with 90cfm and also available in 120cfm and 100cfm models.

It can work uninterruptedly without having any problem and generates low noise of 2.5 sones when operating. The fan also comes with a stress-free snap-in installation system. This fan is accessible in both cream and white colors.


  • Also available in 120cfm and 100cfm models
  • 2.5-sones loudness
  • Designed for simple snap-in installation
  • It function uninterruptedly without having issues
  • Comes with friendly budget

1. Panasonic WhisperCeiling FV-08VQ5 Ceiling Mounted 80 CFM Fan, White

By Panasonic

Panasonic Ceiling Mounted 80 CFM Fan

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It’s a silently operating bathroom ceiling mounted fan that is produced by the well-known Panasonic Company. It’s a low cost valued fan which gives you an astonishing solution to your medium or small sized bathrooms. The fan is additionally great of circulating air in your room at with 80 CFM rate.

It’s one of the operative fans that extract the moist and humid air from your bathroom quickly. It usually creates just 0.3-sones of noise making this fan suitable for utilization at any time.


  • Power Rating of 60 Hz and 120 volts.
  • Motor equipped with a fuse for thermal-cutoff.
  • Detachable 4 inch diameter housing duct adapter.
  • 0.3-sones of noise

Important Bathroom Exhaust Fan Features to Consider

While most of us love taking long luxurious showers, the steam and moisture that results from such wreak havoc on your home’ air quality. This is especially the case if you have not invested in a bathroom vent fan. But how do you go about shopping for one? Here are the top things you should consider:

The CFM & Air Circulation

How many square feet is your bathroom? The answer to this question will help you select a bathroom vent fan that suits your requirements. One of the key ratings on most bathroom fans is the CFM (cubic feet per minute). This refers to the volume of air the fan circulates every minute. Increased CFM helps the fan cycle air better, which can help protect you from carbon monoxide if there i sa leka in your home.

According to the Home Ventilation Institute, your bathroom fan should replace the air in your room at least eight times an hour. This means that your fan should have at least 1CFM for each square foot of your bathroom’ floor space. For example, if your bathroom is 80 square feet, you need an 80 CFM rated fan. The Home Ventilating Institute recommends adding 50 CFM for each toilet or shower.

Noise Levels

The noise that a bathroom fan, whether it’s a residential or commercial exhaust fan, makes has no bearing on its efficiency or performance. However, if you perceive your bathroom as a safety and relaxation haven, you might want to choose a bathroom fan that operates with minimal noise. The noise in bathroom fans is rated in sones. A sone refers to the measurement of sound with regard to how an average listener will sense it. The sone range in bathroom fans ranges from >1 to 5, where one sone is equivalent to the sound made by a kitchen refrigerator. As the sone scale is linear, a bathroom vent fan with a rating of 4 sones is four times as loud as that with a sone rating of 1. A higher sone level may be fine for ventilating a home workshop, but it can be extremely loud in a small bathroom.


Energy-efficiency is a major concern when anyone is purchasing any home appliance. Fortunately, modern bathroom exhaust fans are extremely energy-efficient. Bathroom exhaust fans that have an ENERGY STAR label have to be certified independently by the Air Movement and Control Association and the Home Ventilating Institute. Some energy-efficient bathroom exhaust fans are 70% more efficient compared to other fans such as pedestal fans.

Vent Type

The three most common types of bathroom exhaust fan vents include:

  • Ceiling-mounted fans: This is the most popular type of bathroom fan. It can only be mounted on the ceiling, and it features ductwork which connects with the ductwork on your roof to expel the humidity out of your home.
  • Wall-mounted fans: This is installed on the exterior wall of your bathroom, and it pulls the humid air outside. Such models do not require any ductwork. However, they could leave a permanent imprint on your wall.
  • Inline fans: Such bathroom fans can be installed either in the ceiling or mounted on the wall. They feature a motor that is placed between ducts. It pulls humid air to the outdoors remotely. This would be the perfect choice if you plan to have multiple exhaust fans in a large bathroom. One remote fan can be used to control the humidity in multiple bathrooms.

Additional Features

Bathroom exhaust fans have not been left behind when it comes to smart features. Some of the features that might come in handy include:

  • Integrated lighting and night light: Modern models have lights that could replace your bathroom’s lighting system. They could also be used to add supplementary lighting to your bathroom space. Some have night lights help illuminate your bathroom space at night, thus you do not have to turn the main light on.
  • Humidity sensing bathroom fans: These additional features help improve your fan’ efficiency and also conserve energy. A humidity sensor monitors the humidity levels in your home and turns on the fan if they exceed a certain level. The fan will automatically shut off once the humidity reduces. Motion sensors turn the fan on once you set foot in your bathroom.
  • Built-in heaters: This can come in handy in areas with cold climatic conditions as it adds more warmth in the bathroom much like a fireplace fan.
  • Multi-speed settings: Some complex exhaust fans enable you to choose the CFM rating you prefer based on your needs at the moment.
  • Controls: Bathroom fans which have multiple functions normally have controls for each of these functions.

Once you select the best bathroom exhaust fan for your space, we highly recommend having a professional do the installation.

How Bathroom Exhaust Fans Improve Your Household

There are a host of benefits that come from investing in the best bathroom exhaust fan, whether it’s a residential bathroom fan or a commercial bathroom fan. One of the main benefits is enhanced air quality. Apart from getting rid of the excessive humidity, a bathroom vent fan eliminates unwanted odors and steam. Also, excessive moisture, steam, and humidity not only affect your bathroom but your entire home. This, additionally, is why you need a range hood over your stove, a rv vent fan in your RV, and an attic exhaust fan or solar attic fan in your attic. Regardless of your budget and your home’ requirements, there is a unit in the market that will suit your needs.

The Best Bathroom Exhaust Fan For Your Home

All the different bathroom exhaust fans on this list are fantastic in their own ways, but if I had to pick my absolute favorite, it would have to be the Panasonic FV-08-11VF5 WhisperFitEZ. I have this model installed in all the bathrooms in my home because it’s the perfect size: not too big, but not too small, either.

It’s quiet but powerful, which I love (especially late at night or early in the morning). This fan isn’t going to be perfect for everyone’s needs because how effective a fan is is going to depend heavily on how large the bathroom is, but for my needs, this is the best bathroom exhaust fan. After I installed the first one in my and my husband’s bathroom, I knew I needed one in every other bathroom, too!


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