Top 10 Best Bath Towels in 2022 – Reviews

Best Bath Towels

Nothing feels as good as an ultra soft, smooth, and fluffy towel on your skin. Not only is it comfy and relaxing but also dries your body without scratching it or irritating the skin. Many towels claim to be the best. However, the truth is some will leave you quite disappointed. They will be little thin, too thick, leave some lint/fiber of the skin or aren’t very absorbent.

You may also find a towel that isn’t very long-lasting, takes forever to dry, and changes color or fade over time. With so many things to look at, it’s important to spend some time looking at different products. Knowing that it’s not an easy task, we compared several items and were able to pick out the top 10 best bath towels in 2022.

How We Choose the Best Towels

To pick out the best from the rest, we looked at these things:

  • Size: A good towel isn’t too large such that it touches the floor. It’s also not so small that it doesn’t cover your properly.
  • Weight: The right product won’t be too heavy and also not too light. This makes using it easy and convenient.
  • Fluffiness: The best tower is very fluffy as this makes it feel nice on the skin and is also comfortable.
  • Absorbency: It will easily absorb or soak in the water, moisture, and sweat and will leave your skin super dry.
  • Comfort: A good towel is very soft, has a smooth surface, and won’t scratch the skin. It’s also safe for use on sensitive skin.
  • Drying Rate: Top-rated towels have good moisture wicking properties but also dry pretty fast. They also won’t lose their absorbency even after numerous washes.

 Best Bath Towels in 2022


10. Mandalay Brands Luxury Hotel & Spa set of 6-piece Towels

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These towels are perfect for the home, hotels, spas, and other places. They are made from 100% long staple cotton that is revered for its strong fibers that guarantee you of durability. The set comprises of different sized towels for varied needs. You’ll get bath towels, hand towels, and wash towels.

Thanks to the 750gsm material, the thick towels have very good absorbency. They are all natural and don’t contain any chemicals. The towel’s positives include good size, high-quality, luxurious and good absorbency. The negative, according to a number of users is that they aren’t super thick.

9. Mayfair Linen (Pack of 2) 100% Cotton 700 GSM Premium Bath Towel Set

Mayfair Linen (Pack of 2) 100% Cotton Bath Towel Set 

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The premium quality of these bath towels can only be matched by those in spas and luxurious hotels. They come in a pair and are 700GSM. I would recommend these towels to people who only want 100% cotton. The towels are durable and will not get worn out easily. This can be attributed to the careful way they were crafted and their professionally hemmed edges.

Even after dozens of wash and dry cycles, they will still remain as soft. They are highly absorbent thanks to the ringspun cotton used. They are 30 by 60 inches in size and are also machine washable.

8. Chakir Turkish Linens Luxury Hotel & Spa Towel 100% Genuine

8. Chakir Turkish Linens Luxury Hotel & Spa Towel 100% Genuine

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If you want the best towels, then you shouldn’t look beyond this set from Chaker Turkish Linens. Comprising of 4 premium quality towels, this set is ideal for a spa, hotel, and the home as well. It’s made from the finest 100% Turkish cotton, which is revered for its luxurious nature, great comfort, and durability.

They come in a practical size for easy use and maintenance. The towels are loved for their good absorbency, softness, silky smoothness, and all-natural. There are some complaints in regard to the tools taking a bit long to dry.

7. Utopia Towels Cotton Cotton Bath Towels (6 Pack, 24 x 48 Inch) 

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Comprising of 6 towels each measuring 24 x 48 inches, the Utopia towels are perfect for the spa, gym, hotel, swimming pool, home and many other places. They are made from 100% cotton and feel super soft but very strong. The 500 GSM weight provides a nice moisture wicking surface and also feels ultra smooth and are very lightweight.

The machine-washable towels don’t stretch, shrink, or fade after washing or drying. Other than being all-natural and soft, consumers love the towel’s comfort, lushness, and durability. A few nonetheless say that they aren’t super strong.

6. Maura Premium Quality Turkish Towels. Super Soft, 4 Pieces of Bath Towels

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The Maura set contains 4 space-gray towels. It’s a good choice for the spa, home, salon, swimming pool and other places. They have been woven from 100% ring spun cotton and you can be guaranteed of their strength and durability. The light towels are very handy and lightweight and are suited for north the young and the old.

Courtesy of the strong fabric and good tailoring, the towels won’t shrink or stretch. Key positives are smooth and soft, good dimension, good absorbency, and strong. It may, however, leave some lint the first time.

5. White Classic Premium Bath Towels, Pack of 4, 27×54 Inch

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Why struggle with lint all over your body or scratch your skin when you have this luxurious bath towels from White Classic Premium. Coming in a pack of four, the 27 x 54-inch towels ranks among the top 10 best bath towels in 2022. They are super absorbent and will leave your body very dry but won’t chafe or irritate the skin.

Additional to this, they are made from 100% cotton and should last for a long time under proper care. They also don’t fade, become rough, or lose their appeal even after numerous washes. The main merits of these towels include good quality, good size, luxurious, and strong. The demerit is they are little thin.

4. Blue Nile Mills Bath Towel Set 2-Piece, Premium Long-Staple Cotton

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Coming in a cream color, these bath towels from Blue Nile Mills will make the bath experience more enjoyable. Each of the 2 towels measures 30 by 55 inches and feels very practical. They are made from long-staple cotton fibers which are known for their sturdiness and durability. With a 900 GSM, the towels are super soft and are relatively thick.

This gives them their good absorbency that leaves you completely dry. However, thanks to the smooth fibers, the towels won’t scratch your skin. Main advantages of the towels are good thickness, very fluffy, good quality and also highly absorbent.

3. Utopia Towels Premium Towels, 4-Pack

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If you run or manage a spa, hotel, or gym, you should consider investing in these gray towels from Utopia towels. Coming with a 700 GSM rating, they are among the thickest towels on the market. They also have good moisture wicking properties and will quickly dry your body. The texture is very soft and smooth and you won’t feel too dry even when using the towels intensely.

The 27 by 54-inch towels are woven from 100% ring spun cotton and are strong, shrink-proof, and scratch-resistant. Furthermore, they are lint-free and don’t contain any artificial compounds or chemicals. Although they are strong, super comfortable, nice to touch, and lush, the towel may shed a bit the first time.

2. Chakir Turkish Linens Luxurious Cotton Bath Towel Set of 4

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This set of bath towels are made from the finest Turkish cotton. The fiber is regarded as among the best and has amazing absorbency and also looks very luxurious. Each towel measures 27 x 54 inches and has a 700GSM for the best fluffiness and thickness.

It feels very soft and light but is equally very strong. It will tolerate everyday use, dries relatively fast, and doesn’t lose its shape or appeal even after many washes. Its main positives are soft, durable, absorbent, elegant, and stylish. Some consumers nonetheless say that it isn’t ultra luxurious.

1. SALBAKOS Luxury Hotel & Spa Cotton Bath Towel Set, 4-Piece, white

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Drying yourself after taking a bath, shower, or a swim is more relaxing and enjoyable with this white bath towels. Comprising of 4 towels, each measuring 27 x 54 inches the Salbakos luxury towel set is perfect for the spa and hotel. It’s made from 100% Turkish cotton and is very luxurious.

The eco-friendly item doesn’t contain any artificial substances or components and this assures you of zero side effects. It also doesn’t leave any lint and will keep your skin clear and dry. The pros of this set of towels include soft, thick, very absorbent, and good pricing.

Final Thought

Choosing a towel can be a hard task even for experienced users. You need to go through all kinds of products, most of which claim to be the best. You have to make sure it will feel smooth on the skin and won’t scratch or irritate it, and has good moisture -wicking properties for quick absorption of moisture, sweat, or water.

Other things that need consideration include how fast it dries, the material, size, weight, strength and much more. To save you the hassle, we reviewed the different towels and the above came out as the top 10 best bath towels in 2022. With any of the items, you are assured of a good experience and reliability.


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