Top 10 Best Basketball shoes in 2020 – Reviews – Buying Guides

Best Basketball shoes

Landing in a court with premium basketball shoes brings an awesome feeling. They enable every player to get perfect play and comfort. With basketball being one of the most vigorous sports, it’s undeniable it needs excellent gears. Although many people think great accessories are high ends balls, shoes are also an exceptional choice.

Well, buying shoes isn’t just a simple process as you might think. There are different factors you need to figure out. You need to check your playing position capabilities and style. With a better understanding of your playing position, it means better selection ability. To make a good statement in a court, here are top 10 best basketball shoes in 2020.

What you need to Look for Before Buying The Best Basketball Shoes:

Mainly, people should focus on general construction when purchasing any sports shoe. For basketball shoes, here is a guide to get the best.

1. Outsole

The outsole is always in contact with the courtyard. Thus, it needs to be reliable throughout. Whether it’s for indoor or outdoor playing, shoes need to have sturdy soles. Mostly, a good outsole should be made of rubber, to maintain exceptional traction. On the other hand, the treads must be strategically designed to make sure they provide better grip in the court.

2. Upper section

The upper section is what determines how your feet will experience the comfort. It all starts with the height you want the shoe to go. Typically, the height varies, and they are available in low, medium and high. For low height shoes, they are ideal for agility and speed. But, they don’t provide ankle protection.

Medium heights are flexible and provide slight ankle covering. However, they are better than low while also flexible than high. Finally, high shoes are great for protecting your ankles. Although they have heavier than rest, they are ideal for forward and center players.

3. Comfort

Every sports shoe needed to be comfortable. This is a general rule and affects your overall playing ability. Shoes purposely for basket needs to ensure feet get ultimate comfort. Therefore, the insole, padding and upper materials need to be plush. By giving feet perfect hugging, it ensures the player maintains high performance.

4. Size

The shoe size also is a significant consideration. With people having different sizes, it allows the market to provide a variety of shoe sizes too. Due to this fact, it becomes easy to get the wrong size hence affecting your playing performance. Knowing the right feet size is always the ideal ways to get excellent shoes. Additionally, it is possible to get shoe sizes for men, women, and kids.

5. Shoes aesthetic

The beauty of sports attire goes hand in hand with other factors. In this sense, buying a pair of footwear for basketball, it should take into consideration the overall aesthetic. Essential essence of beauty includes the ability to complement your clothes.

Best Basketball shoes in 2020


10. ANTA 2018 Klay Thompson KT3 Mens Basketball Shoes

ANTA 2018 Klay Thompson KT3 Mens Basketball Shoes

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Play basketball like a pro by getting one of the latest shoes on the market. These ANTA Klay KT3 men basketball are an outstanding choice for ultimate performance. They are designed to enable full performance while keeping feet stable. Moreover, with high profile and ergonomic design, they help to keep feet steady. Therefore, the user gets proper protection and hugging. Besides protection, the upper section enjoys breathable mesh that enables great feet cooling.

When playing, there is less to worry. The outsole is premiumly made to keep traction to the highest level. With sole having ripple patterns, it guarantees superb traction and is slip resistant. Additionally, the heavy-duty heel and forefoot padding enable exceptional cushioning. The T-shaped heel made of TPU allows great contouring, hence enabling the shoe to provide unmatched comfort.


  • Breathable upper mesh
  • Feet contouring design
  • Extra thick padding


  • High price tag

9. NIKE Lebron XIV Low Basketball Shoes for Men

NIKE Lebron XIV Low Basketball Shoes for Men

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Nike when it comes to making sports shoes, they are among the best. This Lebron basketball shoe for men is one of the top ranking and worth adding to your collection. Unlike other cheap shoes, this enjoys a great artistry and also durability. The low profile design is great for fast and flexible players for exceptional action. On the other hand, featuring upper textile, it lasts for a long time.

Apart from durability, the textile has a sleek pattern that enhances shoes look. For maximum traction, the sneaker boasts rubber sole that minimizes slipping. The contouring design let feet have a comfortable and supportive platform. As a result, it becomes easy to enjoy exceptional full feet support. Available in different colors and sizes, everyone from young youth to adults can enjoy great basketball.


  • Durable textile upper
  • Rubber sole
  • Snugly fitting


  • Only for men

8. NIKE Air Versatile II Basketball Shoe for Men

NIKE Air Versatile II Basketball Shoe for Men

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Nike air is one of the signature style of shoe from the company. Popular  among the basketball enthusiasts, these shoes are legends. One of these designs is Nike Air versatile II that is a dedication to basketball players. The sleekly designed shoes are high performing and complement your overall appearance. To add aesthetic and durability essence, the upper combines textile and synthetic materials. With textile fitted on the heel section, it provides soft and plush feel.

To balance protection, comfort, and performance, the shaft is mid-top from the arch. This ensures players from different positions and styles can use these shoes comfortably. Traction is not a trial and error when wearing these shoes. They have rubber soles with herringbone pattern treads for maximum ground grip. Moreover, flywire cables improve lockdown and shoe stability.


  • Perfect for all players
  • Great air ventilation
  • Sleek construction


  • Nil

7. NIKE Kyrie 3 Basketball Shoe for Men

NIKE Kyrie 3 Basketball Shoe for Men

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When the basketball is your hobby or profession sports, selecting the best shoes is inevitable. The Nike Kyrie is an outstanding shoe designed to keep your action superb. The synthetic construction ensures the shoe is lightweight and allows excellent dexterity. Also, the upper enjoys textile materials which are great for enhancing durability and strength. For the ultimate comfort, the ample padding brings an awesome feeling.

Wearing this shoe gives the player ability roll like a pro. It boasts high traction ability due to the premium rubber sole. Moreover, the bottom part enjoys herringbone pattern that prevents slipping. Therefore, even when involved in the fast action, it eliminates chances of missing a step. The Nike zoom in the forefoot and detailed signature in the tongue improves the shoe beauty.


  • Durable materials
  • Fantastic traction
  • Stylish construction


  • Narrow for wide feet

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6. Under Armour Curry 3 Basketball Shoes

Under Armour Curry 3 Basketball Shoes

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Under Armour is another maker of a variety of sports gears determined to keep players feeling great. With their wears, they ensure full players satisfaction. Among their top products are these Curry 3 basketball shoes. They are designed with great professionalism to fit and enable superb feet comfort and protection. Unlike many basketball shoes, this one enjoys unmatched grip due to multidirectional traction pattern.

Notably, the construction features synthetic materials. With upper and outsole featuring synthetic materials, they are extra lightweight and long-lasting. Moreover, the infinite control, it gives your feet ultimate stability. The stability is also possible due to meta-wing shank that balances arch and heel action. For consistent support, this shoe has full-length EVA midsole and feet contouring anafoam forefoot.


  • Super soft midsole
  • Superb feet stability
  • Lightweight construction
  • Multidirectional tread pattern


  • Has no gold signature

5. NIKE Team Hustle D 7 Basketball Shoe for Boys

NIKE Team Hustle D 7 Basketball Shoe for Boys

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Basketball is a favorite game for all age groups. If you want o give your young youth inspiration, these Nike Team Hustle D 7 sneakers are the right choice. They are designed to bring realistic training as well as perfect for competitions. The synthetic mesh top is ideal for keeping the feet comfort. Without doubts, they keep feet breathing, fresh and reduces chances of excessive seating.

For the shoes to ensure a player have topnotch performance, it has enhanced deep flex groove. With this, it enables people to enjoy complete flexibility and control. Besides, the perforated panels are exceptional since they deliver high breathability. Padded upper with mid-height brings better feet compression. Above all, the rubber sole with herringbone traction enhances perfect grip


  • Excellent breathability
  • Durable synthetic mesh
  • Strong rubber sole


  • Short laces

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4. adidas Cf Ignition Mid Basketball Men’s Shoe

adidas Cf Ignition Mid Basketball Men's Shoe

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When you think about sports, Adidas is one of the common names. Making a variety of sports accessories, the brand is competitive and reputable. For basketball lovers, these Cf ignition mid sneakers are excellent and worthy choice for men. To keep the shoes performing excellently, it boasts a blend of synthetic and textile to keep feet with remarkable feeling. Also, the shoe upper part has thick but light padding that improves your safety.

Forget about the cheap and unreliable soles. This shoe enjoys premium rubber outsole with great traction. In fact, it has a superb treading pattern which gives it exceptional grip. With mid-top design, it ensures you can enjoy ankle protection without compromising playing performance. The street construction style ensures the shoe is classic and brings perfect feeling.


  • Thick cloudfoam cushioning
  • Classic street style
  • Strong, lightweight rubber sole


  • Not for women

3. Under Armour Curry 3 Basketball Shoe

Under Armour Curry 3 Basketball Shoe

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Don’t let knockoffs ruin your basketball playing skills. All you need to invest in is getting Under Amour curry 3 sneakers for men. They are stylish looking shoes that inspire everyone wearing them. Despite their overall appearance, they are light and enables the player to enjoy great versatility. The mesh construction is outstanding in giving this shoe right breathability. Thus, it means everyone can enjoy great comfort and sweaty free feet.

Besides the mesh design, the shoe has efficient ventilation to allow free air circulation. This means even people with excessively sweating feet; they can still enjoy great comfort. Also, the shaft measures 4.5 inches from the arch hence giving you excellent ankle support. Unlike other basketball sneakers, this one has thick and heel extended rubber outsole.


  • Beautiful design
  • Extra comfortable padding
  • Durable and versatile use


  • A bit pricey

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2. Adidas Men’s Crazy Explosive Basketball Shoe

Adidas Men's Crazy Explosive Basketball Shoe

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Nothing is fulfilling like getting ideal sneakers for basketball playing. The Crazy explosive basketball shoes by Adidas bring exceptional performance. They are premium and durably made shoes with unique style. With a high top from the arch, the sneaker gives feet perfect hug and support. Amazingly, it is lightweight due to the blending of textile and synthetic. These materials also are durable which provides you with value for your money.

Not only the shoes has premium upper, but, the midsoles are highly feet conforming. Made of TPU padding materials, they keep feet safe and free from pressure development. To boost player performance, the shoes boast responsive cushioning that maintains consistent performance. With rubber sole and xenon upper gives the shoes appealing look.


  • Sleek design
  • Responsive cushioning
  • Ideal ankle cushioning


  • Feels flat

1. Adidas Men’s Cloudfoam Ilation Mid Basketball Shoe

Adidas Men's Cloudfoam Ilation Mid Basketball Shoe

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It is one of the premium shoes you can think of for basketball players. Wondering which shoes? It is this men’s cloudfoam llation basketball sneaker by Adidas. It is unmatchable to other cheap shoes in the store. In fact, the construction features a combination of leather and fabrics. This blending guarantees durability as well as comfort. As a result, these sneakers are durable and reliable for a long time.

The high top design is great for players since it keeps ankles well cushioned. Also, the stylish 3 stripes ensure shoes are sleek and superb. The enhanced ventilation allows feet cooling and prevents overheating. The mesh design extends to the tongue, rear quarter and color for exceptional breathability. Traction is superb especially for to grippy rubber outsole.


  • Non-marking sole
  • Good price
  • Ample feet room


  • Rubber sole peeling

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Regardless of experience level in basketball, without good shoes can be tricky. Having reliable and high-quality sneakers ensures your feet get excellent control and cushioning. For ultimate performance, these basketball shoes are worth adding in your collection. They are reliable and high performing.


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