Top 10 Best Bamboo Cutting Board in 2022 – Reviews

Best Bamboo Cutting Board

It is essential to choose a good quality cutting board that will make work easier whenever you are cutting or chopping foods such as meat, fruits, vegetables, and others. You will find many types of cutting boards in the market made with different materials. In this article, we have come up with Top 10 Best bamboo Cutting Boards that will help you to choose the best one according to your needs.

Best Bamboo Cutting Boards Buyer’s Guide

Choose One Made Of Moso

When buying for bamboo cutting boards, you need to look at the materials that are utilized to make them. There are some species of bamboo utilized to make the cutting boards but the best one is Moso bamboo. This material is durable and solid thus it can withstand daily use for a long time.

Avoid Anything With Harmful Adhesive And Chemicals

There some boards that are constructed with glue that have formaldehyde that is poisonous and could course health issues. Look for boards that do not adhesives and food safe. In addition to that, look for one that is BPA and phthalates free as they are harmful chemicals.

Consider A Board With A Detachable Mat

Another great feature that you can consider is detachable mats. Bamboo cutting boards need to be hand-washed because they can be damaged when they are exposed to hot dishwashers. In order to solve this, you can purchase a board that has removable mats which are easily washable.

Bamboo Cutting Board in 2022



By: Benir Kitchen


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This is an incredible cutting board with an exceptional feature that enables you to cut vegetables, meat, cheese and more. With its impressive 18x12x0.8 inches size provide large cutting board and has built-in side grooves that capture delicious juice. The cutting board will protect your expensive cutlery and will make sharp blades remain without damage.

The most interesting fact with this wooden cutting board it that it’s made of premium quality bamboo that requires low maintenance and will not crack, chip or warp. In addition to that, it has natural anti-bacterial properties and won’t grow or hide bacteria.


  • Dense grain bamboo board
  • Stands up to sharp blades without damage
  • Meticulously chosen for durability
  • Have naturally anti-bacterial properties
  • Easy to clean

9. Best Designed Organic Thick Strong Bamboo Cutting Board

By: Bamboo

Best Designed Organic Thick Strong Bamboo Cutting Board

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Coming in the size of 18 x 12 inches this wooden cutting board from Bamboo indeed has magnificent qualities. The Cutting Board will allow slicing, dicing or chopping any vegetables, fruits or a big juicy steak. It’s made using eco-friendly organic bamboo that is thick and durable, besides that, the board comes with a handle grip that will enable quick access.

With the continuous drip groove that is found in the cutting board will assist to keep the liquid on the board. This groove likewise helps to ease cleaning of this Cutting Board. We are sure that this finest bamboo cutting board will exceed your expectations.


  • Easy grab handle for quick access
  • Thick and durable
  • Easy to clean
  • Unique design for easy storage

8. Eco4us – three Piece Cutting Bamboo Board Set

By: Eco4us

Eco4us – three Piece Cutting Bamboo Board Set

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Eco4us is a company that is well known for manufacturing eco-friendly wooden cutting boards. It has been crafted using Organic Moso Bamboo without using toxic dyes or formaldehyde. Furthermore, these beautiful cutting boards are eco-friendly and it’s easy to clean. The Eco4us Board Set is a great choice for your family and it is very easy to take care through regular hand-washing.

You can utilize one side to cut vegetables while the other side to cut meat or any other kind of food. As a result, this helps you in evading any form of contamination or cross-mixing while cooking.


  • Easy to clean
  • Resists odor and bacteria
  • Eco-friendly Moso bamboo
  • Beautiful cutting boards

7. Utopia Kitchen Bamboo Small, Medium and Large Cutting Board 3 Piece Set

By: Utopia Kitchen

Utopia Kitchen Bamboo Small, Medium and Large Cutting Board 3 Piece Set

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This is 3 Piece Set of quality cutting board has long lasting and non-absorbent boards that never dull your nice-looking knives. The set is made of highly compressed, bacteria resistant and eco-friendly bamboo wood. The small cutting board measures 9 x 11 in, medium cutting board measures 9 x 13 in and large cutting board measures 12 x 16 in and each one of them has a thickness of 1 inch.

From assisting you to chop and cut to being an incredible serving plate for crackers and cheese, the Utopia wooden cutting board is one of the finest Cutting Board to look upon.


  • Made with ultra-thick bamboo
  • Bacteria resistant and with eco-friendly cutting boards
  • The large cutting board of 12 x 16 in
  • Ensure your knives stay sharp

6. Premium Bamboo Eco-Friendly Wooden Cutting Board Set of 4

By: Bambüsi

Premium Bamboo Eco-Friendly Wooden Cutting Board Set of 4

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Many individuals enjoy utilizing this cutting board today. These Premium high-quality cutting board has non-slip edges and are manufactured using heavy bamboo to offer stability when you utilize the board. In general, whenever you are preparing your meal for your family, this Cutting Board is ideal for chopping or cutting this meat vegetable and fruits such as pepper, onions, broccoli, and celery.

The board is non-slip and scratch resistant and the bamboo material is antimicrobial thus preventing bad odors and bacteria growth. On the other hand, this meat board is easy and lightweight to use and you can use it to cut a wide variety of foods.


  • Organic bamboo chopping board
  • Durable and eco-friendly
  • Make cutting easy for a variety of foods
  • Scratch resistant and non-slip

5. Indigo True Bamboo Cutting Extra Large Boards for Kitchen

By: Indigo True

Indigo True Bamboo Cutting Extra Large Boards for Kitchen

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Indigo True Bamboo cutting board is another great and eco-friendly board you can have for smooth operations in your kitchen. These kitchen Bamboo Cutting Boards features deep juice groove that can hold 2 oz. of fluid and this will help to avoid spilling of the juices on the kitchenware counter. Furthermore, with its natural antibacterial properties makes it a great choice for your family.

The boards are knife-friendly and will not dull your knife set whenever you are chopping vegetables. The additional features of these Boards are that they are non-toxic, BPA free and formaldehyde-free.


  • BPA free and non-toxic
  • Easy to wash
  • Great for chopping juicy fruit or veggies
  • Ideal for professional chefs

4. Freshware Bamboo Wood Chopping Boards Cutting Board- Set of 3

By: Freshware

Freshware Bamboo Wood Chopping Boards Cutting Board- Set of 3

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The features this Chopping board boasts will undoubtedly impress you. With it, you are able to easily cut, slice or chop your best foods without any anxiety about bacterial contamination. It’s extremely safe to utilize and will serve your everyday need to the fullest. To put this differently, you will forget all poorly made boards that are poorly structured and fall apart easily.

These three sizes cleverly designed boards will meet all the demanding chefs’ needs and its build in a way that it will make slicing and cutting a sweat-free process. The board is also moisture resistant and it is easy to clean.


  • Moisture and crack resistant cutting boards
  • 100% organic anti-microbial chopping boards
  • Each set has 3 sizes boards
  • Reversible 2-in-1 for versatile usage

3. Midori Way Thick Bamboo 18×12 inches Wood Cutting Board

By: Midori

Midori Way Thick Bamboo 18x12 inches Wood Cutting Board

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While some individuals desire for having a cutting board that is long lasting while others need extra-large Cutting Board in order to reduce the mess created while chopping or cutting. Midori Way Thick Bamboo is a top quality cutting board that receives a great five-star rating from most customers who acquire this board. Most importantly, this item requires low maintenance and will resist any moisture.

The Midori Bamboo Cutting Board is formaldehyde and dye free and this makes it a great choice for you and the environment. The measurement of this board is 18×12 inches thus large enough to prepare your food.


  • Very low maintenance required
  • Extremely versatile
  • Eco-friendly cutting board
  • Beautiful and lightweight

2. EXTRA LARGE Organic Bamboo Heavy Duty Cutting Board – 18 x 12

By: Royal Craft Wood

EXTRA LARGE Organic Bamboo Heavy Duty Cutting Board - 18 x 12

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This wooden Organic cutting board features a strong and large block that makes it ideal to handle many kitchen cutting tasks. While the presence of drip groove will help to hold juice from vegetables, fruits, and meat. This Cutting Board is made using 100 percent organic bamboo that will absorb less liquid and has antimicrobial, antibacterial properties thus there will be no cross-contamination concerns.

You will also enjoy its multifunction usage and award-winning design. In other words, buy this Cutting Board with confidence as it comes with a 100 percent money-back guarantee.


  • Extra-large with side handles
  • Has drip groove to hold juice
  • Absorbs less liquid
  • Made of 100% organic bamboo

1. Seville Classics Easy-to-Clean Flexible Cutting Mats Bamboo Cutting Board

By: Seville Classics

Seville Classics Easy-to-Clean Flexible Cutting Mats Bamboo Cutting Board

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This is one of the best models in this niche. With attractive and durable bamboo construction, the Seville Classics cutting board is stronger and easier on knives compared to other hardwood boards. This board will help you to cut or chop baked goods, dough, fish, meat, cheese, vegetables, and fruits. Thanks to its Non-slip silicone feet as this will prevent the board from sliding and slipping in your kitchen countertop.

The flexible cutting mats will fit perfectly on the cutting board top surface and you can store them whenever it’s not in use. It brings an awesome experience when cutting or chopping your cooking products.


  • Come with seven brightly color cutting board
  • BPA free flexible cutting mats
  • Non-slip silicone feet
  • Has a durable and attractive bamboo construction


The above top 10 cutting boards can be used professionally or at homes kitchen, whenever you are searching for the best cutting boards, we recommend to select from one of these. They are decent in term of functionality, durability, ease of use, material and customer reviews.


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