Top 10 Best Backpack Sprayers in 2021 – Review

Best Backpack Sprayers

Backpack sprayers are vital tools when it comes to gardening. They are versatile equipment that enables people to manage gardens and yards. Whether it’s spraying insecticides, herbicides and plant supplements, sprayers make it easy. Well, the good thing about these gardening tools is they are available in different styles and capacities. Therefore, one can choose the best depending on the requirements.

The market offers different types of sprayers. Manual models are the earliest and most common. However, recently, we have seen motorized sprayers that don’t need manual pumping. The powered sprayers utilize gas or battery depending on the manufacturer. They offer more efficiency and a variety of attachment options.

Whether you opt for the powered or manual sprayer, the important bit is to check whether it will fulfill your purpose. It’s ideal to get the best option when you balance performance, durability and other factors. Below, we have reviewed top 10 best backpack sprayers in 2021. They are reliable and ready to make your gardening excellent.

Best Backpack Sprayers in 2021


10. Roundup 190314  4-Gallon Backpack Sprayer

Roundup 190314 4-Gallon Backpack Sprayer

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Roundup 4-gallon sprayer is the perfect pick for enthusiast farmers. The large tank is enough for covering a large spraying area before you can refill. Moreover, the provided 3 nozzles make it versatile. It can be used for spraying flowerbeds, pets, and even cleaning decks.

The construction of this sprayer aims at improving the performance. It boasts Viton gaskets and seals that are resistant to chemical actions. Thereby, regardless of whether its herbicide or pesticide, it remains leak-proof for years.

The spraying wand is designed from hard polycarbonate that is extra strong and lightweight. This enables natural hand movement without fatigue. Featuring an auto shut off mechanism, it enhances precision spraying. With adjustable straps and inbuilt lumbar support, the pump is perfect for hours of use.


  • Padded lumbar support
  • Lightweight poly wand
  • Versatile 3 nozzles
  • Cheaply priced


  • No pressure regulator

9. Solo 475-B-DELUXE Bleach Resistant Backpack Sprayer, 4 Gallons

Solo 475-B-DELUXE Backpack Sprayer

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For people who love gardening, let weed and pests not destroy your precious crops. Controlling them, you only need to arm yourself with this sprayer by Solo. It’s a useful tool that guarantees 4 pressures regulator to suit your spray. Depending on the spray mist or distances, it can be set to 15, 30, 45 and 60 psi. Moreover, long spaying wand enables easy spraying to extreme areas. Featuring a brass nozzle, it is resistant to corrosion and maintains high performance.

The sprayer is large enough boasting 4 gallons capacity. This gives you ample spraying time before refilling. Moreover, with a large opening fitted with filters, it keeps the nozzle clean and free from blockage. The handle is broad to maximize comfort while adjustable arm allows comfortable pumping. It’s a sprayer designed to bring high durability, consistency, and spraying versatility.


  • Adjustable pressure regulator
  • Comfortable carting handle
  • Indestructible brass nozzle
  • Foldaway arm


  • A bit expensive

8. Solo 425 Professional Piston Backpack Sprayer, 4-Gallons

Solo 425 Professional Piston Backpack Sprayer

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Are you looking for a professional prayer to perform a variety of tasks? Selecting this one by Solo you can’t go wrong. This sprayer is designed to commercial scale performance to delivers the best. Whether spraying fertilizer, herbicide or other formulation it’s highly reliable.

Among the many features, it has a high-performance pump. Unlike other manual sprayers, this one has exceptional 90 psi pressures range. This helps to atomize the formulation for efficient spraying. Furthermore, with high-grade auto shut off valve, it reduces hand fatigue. The pump has Viton valves that have a perfect seal for improved efficiency and chemical wear resistance.

The 48-inch nylon hose is highly flexible to prevent knotting and cracking. Moreover, with interchangeable pumping arm, it is ideal for left and right-hand users. To suit different spraying needs, this backpack spraying pump comes with 4 assorted nozzles. The tank is durable and made of UV resistant material to extend durability. Large 4.25-inch opening and padded straps make this sprayer user-friendly.


  • Durable tank construction
  • High-pressure pump
  • Easily interchangeable arm
  • Highly flexible nylon hose


  • Cheap straps

7. My 4 Sons Battery Powered Backpack Sprayer, 4-Gallons

My 4 Sons Battery Powered Backpack Sprayer

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Spray like a pro without manual pumping by getting this battery powered sprayer by My 4 Sons. It is a simple to use tool and ensures you perform your spraying faster. Equipped with a heavy-duty battery, it allows spraying for up to 8 hours. No more fatigued hands or aching shoulders while the tool sprays 200 gallons with a single charge.

Amazingly, the sprayer is ideal for use with a broad range of available chemicals without getting damaged. It has extra-long stainless steel wand which can adjust from 20-40 inches. Moreover, with an additional plastic wand, spraying is now easy and secure. You can quickly switch to the ideal wand depending on the chemical being sprayed.

To ensure you can measure your solution well, the tank features large calibrations. Moreover, the performance is exceptional since the sprayer has a Viton hose and brass hose. Thereby, even spraying powder chemical won’t cause wear and tear to the nozzle like plastic ones. Fitted with ergonomic and automatic locking trigger, it enhances excellent accuracy when spraying.


  • Durable Li-Ion battery
  • Strong and durable Viton hose
  • Adjustable wand
  • Large tank calibrations marking


  • Heavier that manual sprayers

6. Chapin International SureSpray Backpack Sprayer 61700N, 4-Gallon

Chapin International SureSpray Backpack Sprayer 61700N

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Getting a sprayer, many things count. Although performance and durability are the primary consideration, sleekness also matters. The Chapin SureSpray back sprayer is one of the right picks that any gardener can choose. It combines comfort and sleekness as well as excellent performance. The tank has a 4-gallon capacity and enjoys robust construction.

Apart from being sleek, the sprayer is compatible with different chemicals. Whether pesticide, herbicides and any other formulation, it can safely handle them. Accompanied by 3 nozzles, it is now easy to fix the perfect one depending on your spraying requirements.

Forget about clogged nozzles. Unlike some sprayers with unreliable filters, this one boasts 3 stages of filtration. Therefore, it enables elimination of small particles that can clog the pump system. The filters are removable and easy to clean, hence prolonging you sprayer lifespan.


  • Removable and cleanable filters
  • Extra wide mouth opening
  • All farm chemicals compatible


  • Complicated instruction

5. Chapin International 61500 Euro Style Backpack Sprayer, 4-Gallon

Chapin International 61500 Euro Style Backpack Sprayer

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This Euro Style backpack spraying pump is a premium tool that delivers powerful spray. Built to last, it has a large translucent tank that enables you to view the level of spraying solution. Moreover, the materials used in the construction of this sprayer are resistant to chemical attack. Thereby, it’s ideal for use with different agrochemicals.

The fantastic thing about this sprayer is efficient 2 stage filtration stages. They provide great dirt and particle removal hence keeping pump and nozzles clean. With filters easily removable and simple to clean, there is no more reduced performance due to clogging.

Working with this pump is excellent since it offers perfect comfort and hours of use. It has padded straps that hug your shoulder without impacting excessive pressure. The adjustable spray tips allow smooth regulation of the spray to suit your speed and rate of application. Above all, the sprayer is leak-proof for comfortable application.


  • Efficient filters
  • Adjustable spray tips
  • Comfortless padded straps


  • A bit bulky

4. Chapin 61800 ProSeries 4-Gallon Backpack Sprayer

Chapin 61800 ProSeries 4-Gallon Backpack Sprayer

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Chapin always delivers outstanding knapsack sprayers. With longtime expertise, you can always trust in their products. Well, one of their top performing tools is this ProSeries garden sprayer. It is a versatile tool ready to handle any agrochemical. Be it insecticide, herbicide or foliar fertilizer; it enables safe application. Amazingly, the tank and other parts are easy to clean after use hence enabling it to be ideal for universal spraying.

Using this sprayer is comfortable and gives you peace of mind. It features different qualities that improve its performance. Equipped with a tank filter, it helps to keep debris and other dirt away. Moreover, in-tank filters prevent pump and hose clogging, thereby maintaining the sprayer’s performance.

The sprayers trigger is designed with great ergonomics. Configured to provide customized grip, and auto shut mechanism, there is no more spraying unwanted places. It comes with 3 nozzles options. Interestingly, it’s achieving 25-foot horizontal and 23-foot spraying stream.


  • Multiple filters
  • Comfortable trigger
  • Easy to monitor solution tank
  • Great pressures range


  • Measuring markings are on the backside

3. D.B. Smith Field King Professional Backpack Pump Sprayer

D.B. Smith Field King Professional Backpack Pump Sprayer

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Have you ever experienced a leaking sprayer? The experience isn’t good. To avoid such scenarios, this Field King backpack sprayer by D.B Smith is the ideal solution. Featuring professional construction, it does not leak and offers excellent spraying ability. The powerful piston pump is exceptional and delivers commercial grade pressure up to 150 psi.

On the other hand, it boasts long 21 inches poly wand that eliminates heavy feeling. With light and highly versatile wand, spraying is simple without suffering achy hand joints. For leak free performance, this pump features Viton seals that remain intact regardless of the chemical in use. Unequally, the tank has a one-way valve that prevents spilling even when the sprayer is inverted.

Unlike other pumps, spraying powder chemicals is effective and easy. It has internal agitators that paddle the solution to keep particles suspended. The 4 nozzles are great to enable switching to ideal one for the spaying. Comfortable strap system and insulated handle ease the whole process.


  • Internal paddles
  • Outstanding pressure capacity
  • Easy assembling


  • Handle doesn’t fold in upright position

2. Chapin 4-Gallon 20-volt Battery Backpack Sprayer

Chapin 4-Gallon 20-volt Battery Backpack Sprayer

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Pumping can be very demanding and tedious. But, now you can give your hands a break by looking for this battery powered sprayer by Chapin. The sprayer is powered by 20 volts Li-Ions battery which is perfect for providing 1.75 hours of non-stop spraying. Furthermore, the pump offers adjustable pressure, enabling the user to select 35-40 psi. Moreover, the sprayer helps you to achieve 35-foot horizontal spraying.

This backpack spraying pump has extra wide mouth than rivals. It boasts 6-inch mouth is opening that ease water or chemical filling. Also, cleaning is effortless since no straining like with narrow-mouthed tanks. With 3 nozzles options, the sprayer enables perfect chemical application rate. The deluxe padded straps keep your shoulders perfectly protected from extreme pressure.


  • Large tank mouth
  • Super comfortable straps
  • Quiet operating mechanism


  • Lacks lifting handle

1. Chapin Tree and Turf Pro 4-Gallon Commercial Backpack Sprayer

Chapin Tree and Turf Pro 4-Gallon Commercial Backpack Sprayer

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A sprayer in your house is a versatile garden tool. However, not any sprayer will guarantee reliable performance, but, Tree and Turf Pro by Chapin will do that. The sprayer is robust and reliable for any spraying in your home. Whether spraying fungicides, pesticides, and others, it sprays efficiency while cleaning is a breeze.

The construction design is outstanding and leaks free. Whether spraying or carrying it in your vehicle, it won’t cause wetting due to leaks. Moreover, with a 4-inch wide mouth, the tank is simple to fill and clean. Unlike rivals, the one is unique. The hand trigger features an ergonomic design and a pressure monitoring gauge.

To keep this sprayer rocking throughout, it boasts 3 filtration stages. They keep pump and nozzles clog free for consistent spraying. With extra thick padded straps, it enables spraying for hours possible. The tank has 4-gallon capacity to ensure you spray significant area before refilling.


  • Heavy-duty strap padding
  • Outstanding filtration system
  • Affordable price
  • Pressure monitoring gauge


  • Nil


Any spraying needs a reliable sprayer. It is, therefore, to ensure you have premium and reliable product. It is evident that there is sprayer suited to any spraying task. With these reviewed sprayers, you can now be sure of safety and improved efficiency.


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