Top 12 Best Back Scratchers For Home Use — Reviews In 2023


Gone are the frustrating days when you had to ask your friend or a complete stranger to scratch your back. Nowadays, you have a dependable accessory that gives you an instant solution. Backscratchers allow you to scratch not only your back but also scalp, chest, and foot. They come in various sizes with extendable telescopic handle. Most of these units are made from either stainless steel or wooden materials. And like other items, you will get the best results if you use it as designed. We have compiled the best back scratchers units that offer premium performance and are easy to access. They are as follows:

List Of Best Back Scratchers In 2023

JapanBargain, Bamboo Wood Backscratcher Back Scratcher Rake Itching Relief Body…Check It Now
DigHealth Telescoping Self Back Scratcher, Bear Claw Back Itching Scratchers…Check It Now
(2- PACK) LEMENG Portable Extendable Telescopic Bear Claws Metal Back…Check It Now
Telescoping Back Scratchers by DigHealth, 5 Pieces of Extendable Massage Tools…Check It Now
BambooMN Brand 4 Piece – 3 Piece 17″ Traditional Bamboo Back Scratchers + Free…Check It Now
Cactus Back Scratcher On a Stick (Red) | 26″ Sturdy Metal Retractable Back…Check It Now
Back Scratcher Ohuhu 8 Pack Extendable Telescopic Bear Claw Back Itching Scalp…Check It Now
BambooWorx 4 Piece Traditional Back Scratcher and Body Relaxation Massager Set…Check It Now

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#12 Kikkerland Expandable Backscratcher, Wood

Kikkerland Expandable Backscratcher, Wood

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By: Kikkerland

The Kikkerland expandable backscratcher weighs 1.12 ounces to increase natural and smooth usability. The extendable mechanism allows you to extend it up 20 inches to scratch the hard to reach places. It measures approximately 1.25 by 7.125 inches and has a retractable length.

The item comes with a nice telescopic handle that is made from beech wood which is unbreakable, unbendable, rust-proof and sturdy to give you easy scratching. It features stainless steel metal claws to provide you with safe and firm action. The simple construction adds a beautiful aesthetic effect that blends well with its surroundings and can act as a lovely gift.In Short:

  • Presented in stylish wood color to represent elegance
  • Includes a telescopic handle for hassle-free scratching
  • Safe use is allowed by stainless steel made metal claws
  • Adds elegant appearance to the surrounding décor

#11 WOVTE Bear Claw Black Telescopic Back Scratcher

WOVTE Bear Claw Black Telescopic Back Scratcher

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The WOVTE back scratcher is made from 100% stainless steel that guarantees a rust-proof, substantial, unbendable, dull-free and durable experience. It comes with a built-in rubber telescoping handle to improve your grip, maneuverability and also feels comfortable in your hands.

It measures 22.5″ when you fully extend it and weighs 2.4 ounces which is practical and user-friendly. The collapsible mechanism improves storage and portability while the beautiful design makes it an excellent gift to a loved one. It has a 100% money back guarantee with1-year warranty in case of malfunction.In Short:

  • The stainless steel used in making is extremely durable and resistant to corrosion
  • The collapsible system allows easy storage
  • Convenient to carry and use whenever you want
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty

#10 Bear Claw Telescopic Back Scratcher (Random Colors Shipped)

Bear Claw Telescopic Back Scratcher (Random Colors Shipped)

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The bear claw back scratcher has a handy telescopic and is both collapsible and extendable. It can extend fully up to 22.5 inches and retract up to 8.5 inches for convenience. The item comes in 4 assorted colors to give you a variety of color choices and weighs 0.8 ounces for secure handling and minimal effort.

The smooth finish and simple design make cleanup easy. It features a bear claw-shaped construction that is not only eye-appealing but also practical. The claws are made from metal which is durable, sturdy and rust-proof hence increases its performance. A rubber cushion handle promotes a firm grip and seamless operation.In Short:

  • Total 4 color choice available
  • Included claws are durable and rustproof
  • The entire construction is made attractive and long-lasting
  • Firm grip presented by a rubber cushion

#9 JapanBargain Bamboo Back Scratcher 17.5″ Long

JapanBargain Bamboo Back Scratcher 17.5 Long

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By: JapanBargain

The JapanBargain back scratcher has an ergonomic design that performs as expected. It is approximately 17.5″ long which allows you to get to the hard-to-reach places effortlessly. The product features a durable 1.5-inch wide handle that is comfortable in your hands and easy to use.

It uses a unique design made from mature bamboo that guarantees a sturdy, eco-friendly and durable performance. The nice-looking scratcher measures 1.6 ounces which makes it a lightweight product for you to efficiently operate, clean, store and travel with the highest comfortability. The simple and attractive design makes it a nice addition to your other items.

In Short:

  • The bamboo used is sturdy, durable and eco-friendly
  • Boast ergonomic design to simplify the overall operation
  • Operation is made easy by its lightweight structure
  • Looks attractive in any decor

#8 DigHealth Telescoping Self Back Scratcher, Bear Claw Back Itching Scratchers

DigHealth Telescoping Self Back Scratcher, Bear Claw Back Itching Scratchers

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By: DigHealth

The DigHealth prides on having an excellent claw design made from metal which offers a durable and sturdy operation. The collapsible handle can extend up to 22.83 inches and retract to 8.46 inches for smooth operation, easy storage and convenience. It uses a multi-purpose mechanism to massage your head, back, scalp or with no effort.

The item weighs 7.2 ounces which makes it easy even for kids to use without any assistance. It features a rubber handle which guarantees a more firm and simple scratching action. It includes 5 multicolor that allow you to choose your desired color and also makes a nice gift for a special someone.In Short:

  • Effectively eliminates the itchy effect
  • Being lightweight even kids can use it
  • The pack comes with 5 different colored scratchers

#7 2-Pack LEMENG Portable Extendable Telescopic Bear Claws Metal Back Scratchers

2-Pack LEMENG Portable Extendable Telescopic Bear Claws Metal Back Scratchers

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The 2-Pack LEMENG back scratcher has a multi-purpose mechanism that offers a smooth back-scratching, hand massaging, and backslapping operation. It weighs 4 ounces and has a dimension of 64 by 1.75 by 0.5 inches for added comfort and efficient storage in limited spaces. The telescopic construction is extendable from 8 inches (26 cm) to 22.5″ (58.5cm) and also retracts easily.

It comes in a claw-shaped design with 2 colors to enhance its overall beauty. The metal claw guarantees a safe rust-proof session with an extended period of use. It features a rubber grip handle to give optimum grip for a smooth scratching experience.In Short:

  • Scratching experience is smooth and pleasant
  • Its metal claw suitable for long-term use
  • Excellent grip employed by a rubber grip handle
  • Easy and quick to retract

#6 Telescoping Back Scratchers By DigHealth, 5 Pieces Of Extendable Massage Tools

Telescoping Back Scratchers by DigHealth, 5 Pieces of Extendable Massage Tools

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By: DigHealth

The DigHealth has a compact size that is extendable from 7.8 to 22.5 inches. It is compact and takes up minimal storage space and also lightweight. The product comes with 5 massaging tools each in different colors to give you a good scratching experience even those areas that are difficult to reach. It features soft rubber handles that improve your grip when in use and is also soft and comfortable to your hands.

The stainless steel claws offer an extended performance and are also is rust-proof as more durable compared to the other materials. The ergonomic design is not only aesthetically appealing but also functional. It weighs 8 ounces which makes it ideal for traveling with maximum ease.In Short:

  • Construction is made rust-proof and durable
  • Suitable for travel because it only weighs 8 ounces
  • Ergonomic design enhances efficiency during use
  • The 5 massaging tools are presented in different colors

#5 BambooMN Brand 4 Piece -3 Piece 17″ Traditional Bamboo Back Scratchers

BambooMN Brand 4 Piece -3 Piece 17 Traditional Bamboo Back Scratchers

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By: BambooMN

The BambooMN is made from 100% natural mature bamboo and has a polished finish for extra beauty. It guarantees you of reliable, long-lasting and eco-friendly performance and includes a free travel size backscratcher massager for you to take it with you during your travels. It is approximately 17 inches long and 1.5 inches wide for better comfort and grip.

The simple ergonomic design promotes relaxation and offers instant itch-relief while requiring minimal effort. The manual mechanism gives you an added advantage, unlike powered unit which relies on batteries or electricity to work. It can act as a lovely gift or an extra décor and comes with a lifetime warranty.In Short:

  • The comfortable grip is provided by its dimensions i.e. 17 inches (L) x 1.5 inches (W)
  • The entire structure is made elegant by its polished finish
  • Itch relief is provided instantly
  • Delivers long-lasting and efficient performance

#4 NYKKOLA Extending Metal Telescoping Back Scratcher, 2 Pack

NYKKOLA Extending Metal Telescoping Back Scratcher, 2 Pack

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The NYKKOLA telescoping back scratcher measures 7.6 by 1.9 by 1.2 inches and weighs 2.4 ounces. It feels not only comfortable and light on the hands, but also requires minimal effort and storage space. The 2-pack unit gives you 2 back scratchers, reliability, and long-lasting service.

It comes with a telescoping handle that can extend up to 20 inches. The sturdy metal claw is unbreakable, unbendable and also rust-proof and offers a firm, durable and safe scratching process. The well-built item is easy to use, clean, store and will look good with other items.In Short:

  • Operation is simplified by its long telescopic handle
  • Scratching process is safe and free from itchiness
  • No hassles while cleaning

#3 Cactus Back Scratcher On A Stick (Red) 26″ Sturdy Metal Retractable Back Scratcher 2 Sides

Cactus Back Scratcher on A Stick (Red) 26 Sturdy Metal Retractable Back Scratcher 2 Sides

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By: Cactus Scratcher

The Cactus scratcher comes with 2 different spikes that give you an aggressive or soft scratching. It has a collapsible extending pole that can reach up to 26 inches to ensure you never miss a spot. The 8.8-inch length and weight of 0.48 ounces ensure you have simple and secure storage during your travels and use minimum storage space.

It is made from metal, which is long-lasting and the goof performance brings you immediate relief and relaxation. The red spike color is attractive and blends in well with its surroundings and makes it a lovely gift.In Short:

  • Can be easily stored while going on a travel trip
  • Instant relief is provided on the body area having itchiness
  • Soft scratching facilitated by 2 spikes
  • The structure is made lightweight i.e. it only weighs 0.48 ounces

#2 Back Scratcher Ohuhu 5 Pack Extendable Telescopic Bear Claw Back Itching Scalp

Back Scratcher Ohuhu 5 Pack Extendable Telescopic Bear Claw Back Itching Scalp

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By: Ohuhu

The Ohuhu back scratcher comes with a multi-function construction to enable you to massage your scalp, head, and foot and back, thus save you money on the purchase of extra accessories. The telescoping handle can extend up to 22.2 inches and retract to a small length of 7.8 inches. This h makes it convenient to reach those hard to reach areas, and a can comfortably fit in your pant pocket.

It features a stainless steel claw that is rust-proof, unbreakable, unbendable thereby offering premium performance. It has a rubber handle which is soft on your hands and provides increased traction between your skin and the handle. A claw-shaped design gives maximum scratching power to relief itchiness instantly. It comes in 5 different colors to give a clean and is less-confusing use.In Short:

  • Comes with convenient height to access difficult areas of the body
  • The rubber handle feels soft on your hands
  • Presented in 5 alluring color choices
  • No additional accessories required during use

#1 BambooWorx 4 Piece Traditional Back Scratcher And Body Relaxation Massager Set

BambooWorx 4 Piece Traditional Back Scratcher and Body Relaxation Massager Set

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By: BambooWorx

The best back scratcher in this list goes to The Bambooorx back scratcher. It boasts of 4 sets of massage tools. The ball massager allows you to massage all the itchy spots while using a neutral pressure. The standard size scratcher gives you a smooth and easy scratching process. The double wheel massage roller offers a gentle massage action. Lastly, the travel size scratcher is compact, easy to carry inside your travel bag and also acts as a shoehorn.

It is made from 100% natural bamboo which is organic and earth-friendly that offers a non-swelling/shrinking for extended use as compared to plastic ones. It has an attractive finish that is not only eye-appealing but also improves reliability. The wooden claws design and construction give you superior performance, thus relieving stress and itchiness.In Short:

  • Its compact size is suitable to carry in a bag
  • Design is made unique with an attractive finish
  • No compromise in reliability and durability
  • Throughout the use, soft massage action is presented

When Purchasing A Back Scratcher, You May Think Of

  • Handle: The primary consideration is the length and type of handle. Most of these units use telescoping grips for a more natural retraction and extension process. This helps when you want to use minimal storage space in your travels. Ensure you ascertain the right length depending on your needs and available storage/carrying space.
  • Length: A back scratcher has to have a considerable range to reach the hard to reach places. Most of the above units can extend up to 22.5 inches which is a workable length. The length allows less overextension of your shoulders, wrist, and elbows thus giving a comfortable use.
  • Design: The way your scratcher is designed will either give you a seamless or frustrating process. Ensure it is made from durable materials that provide premium and safe performance.
  • Scratchability: The pressure your unit exerts is essential. Some devices work well on the bare skin as compared to clothes. You should go for a unit that has claws that work in all type of conditions.
  • Appearance: The more eye-appealing, the higher the chances you will use it in public. You will not feel even an ounce of embarrassment if it comes with a beautiful design.
  • Edge Width: the width of the edge is an essential factor to consider. It should be broad enough to add more stability and strength and even comfort to your hands. The thinner the width, the more uncomfortable it is.


It is vital to relieve any stress that is caused by persistent itchiness. There is no need to ask a stranger or keep disturbing someone to scratch your back. The recommended thing to do is to purchase a back scratcher. They come with numerous benefits like saving time; scratch hard-to-reach places, portable, reliable, affordable and many more.

Our list contains the best back scratchers in the market. They are readily available, well built, dependable, practical, durable, and backed by many 5-star reviews and positive comments. Scratching your back, l neck, shoulder or any other place should no longer be a problem.


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