Top 10 Best Baby Wipes in 2022 – Reviews

Best Baby Wipes

Can you name the best baby wipes in 2022? Chances are you can’t. In fact, this is probably the first time you are thinking about it despite the fact that you have used them for many years. Well, after reading this review, not only will know about the top 10 best baby wipes in 2022 but will also learn about the best things to look out for in baby wipes.

Choosing the Best Wipes for Your Baby

Like any other mom. Dad or guardian, you always want the best for your “bundle of joy.” One area you are concerned with is them sating dry at all times. And to achieve this, you need to invest in quality wipes. But, how do you go about selecting the best?

  • Texture: Always choose products that have a super smooth surface. You don’t want to scratch or chafe your baby’s skin. or do you?
  • Safe: Select products that are known to be safe for the baby’s skin. It shouldn’t cause any allergic reactions, rashes, or skin reddening.
  • Comfort: A good wipe will be super smooth and feels ultra soft on the skin. This is especially important for babies with sensitive skin.
  • Scent: You have the option of scented and non-scented. None scented are deemed pretty much okay but may be a bit blunt. Scented type offer the extra appeal but the scent may react with some skin types.

– Other essential considerations are size, packaging, design, brand, and ease-of-use.

Best Baby Wipes in 2022


10. Kirkland Signature Baby wipes Ultra Soft

By: Kirkland Signature

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Coming in a pack of 3 with each containing 1000 pieces, these wipes will last your baby for a long time. They come in a good size to suit most babies and are made from a silky soft material. They are very absorbent and will leave your baby dry but not excessively dry.

You also don’t have to worry about the baby’s skin reacting since they don’t come with any scent or fragrance. The main positives of these wipes are extra-large, ultra-soft, comfortable, and super-strong. The negative, according to some users, is that they are a little large.

9. Johnson’s Hand & Face Baby Wipes, 25 Count

By: Johnson’s

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Johnson’s Baby is respected when it comes to making baby products. These wipes are among the well-known products and are suited for any baby. The pack features 25 disposable wipes that can be used on the face or hands. They are made from a quality and hygienic material for keeping your baby dry, germ-free, and also free from dirt and dust.

They come in a resealable package for added convenience and nice handy sizes. The advantages of the Johnson Baby wipes are a good size, very soft, alcohol-free, hypoallergenic, and paraben-free. The package is however small.

8. WaterWipes Baby Wipes, 2 Packs, 60 Count

By: WaterWipes

6. WaterWipes Baby Wipes, 2 Packs, 60 Count

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With this wipes, your baby will stay dry and clean. It comes in a 2 pack containing 60 counts and should serve you for a long time. Similar to other leading wipes, they are made from baby-safe materials that feel soft on the baby and won’t irritate or make the skin too dry.

They have good absorbency and come in a decent size to suit babies of different ages and sizes. Some of the main positives of these wipes include good staying power, very absorbent, ultra smooth, very soft, and no chemicals.

7. Kirkland Signature Baby Wipes Naturally Soft

By: Kirkland Signature

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Made from 70% Tencel fiber, this baby wipes from Kirkland Signature feel natural and safe. They are very soft, quite absorbent, and will leave the skin dry and smooth. The environmentally friendly fiber is tough to withstand use and won’t tear easily. Other than normal skin, they are also suitable for sensitive skin.

The hypoallergenic wipes don’t contain any phthalates, alcohol, chlorine, or paraben. Instead, they come with vitamin E and aloe vera for moisturizing the baby’s skin. The main pros are the great smell, easy to pull out, soft, super strong, and biodegradable. The con is they are a little large.

6. Boogie Wipes Soft Natural Saline Wet Tissues for Baby and Kids Sensitive Nose

By: Boogie Wipes

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Consisting of 0.9% isotonic saline, this wipes will clean and leave the skin hygienic and in its most natural form. They are suitable for the face, hands, nose, and other areas.They are also fit for babies with sensitive skin since they don’t contain any harmful compounds such as phthalates, paraben, or alcohol.

Thanks, additional ingredients such as Vitamin E, Aloe, and Chamomile, the wipes will also moisturize the skin. Consumers love their mildness, softness, and hypoallergenic nature. They are however a little pricey when compared toothier options.

5. Huggies One & Done Hypoallergenic Scented Baby Wipes, 648 Count, 3 Refill Packs

By: Huggies

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It seems somewhat difficult not to come across the Huggies brand when talking about the top 10 best baby wipes in 2022. This pack is one of the best from the renowned company and in the current market as well. It comes in 3 refill packs which contain a total of 648 pieces. With so many pieces it will take you some time before needing a new pack.

They feature the patented Triple Clean layer design which makes the wipes thicker, soft, and more effective. Other positives are paraben-free, alcohol-free, nice scent, Phenoxyethanol-free, good size, and MIT-free. The downside is they aren’t super soft.

4. Huggies Natural Care Baby Wipes, Unscented, 3 Refill Packs, 552 Count Total

By: Huggies

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Coming in a 3 Refill Packs and a total count of 552, this Huggies wipes will serve you a long period. They are designed for all babies and feature a super soft texture and tough materials. The unscented pieces will keep your baby dry, free from dust, dirt, germs and other substances.

Your baby’s skin won’t react to the wipes since they don’t contain any fragrances, additives, paraben, alcohol, MIT, or Phenoxyethanol. The key positives include super soft, strong, comfortable, and easy to use. The negative is they don’t have a scent.

3. Cottonelle FreshCare Flushable Wipes, 42 Count

By: Cottonelle

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You shouldn’t harm your baby or make him/her feel uncomfortable because of using rough and poorly-made wipes. With the Cottonelle wipes, not all only will your “angel’ stay dry but also safe. This pack of 8 contains 42 pieces to last you and your baby through many uses. They feature an ultra soft texture for extra comfort and are made from a flushable material.

Additionally, they are sewer-safe, eco-friendly, user-friendly, alcohol-free, and septic-safe. Nevertheless, some parents and guardians say they are a little thin.

2. Pampers Baby Wipes Sensitive 7X Refill, 448 Diaper Wipes

By: Pampers

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These mild wipes are what your baby needs to stay dry and comfortable all day long. Made from a clinically-proven material, this product is suitable for any kind of skin including the sensitive type. The wipes come in a simple design and are easy to use. The unscented product is clinically proven to be mild and won’t harm your baby’s skin.

It’s also dermatology-tested and won’t cause any side effects or allergic reactions. The main pros are extra mild, good thickness, very soft, perfume-free, and hypoallergenic. The con is they are little oily.

1. Amazon Elements Baby Wipes, 480 Count, Unscented Flip-Top Packs

By: Amazon Elements

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Keep your baby dry and well-protected with these wipes from Amazon Elements. They are famed for their mild nature and softness that feels smooth on the baby’s skin. They also are tough and won’t tear easily even when handled roughly. They are perfect for the face, nose, neck, hands, as well as the diaper area.

And since they don’t contain harmful compounds like paraben, fragrances, dyes, alcohol, bronopol, phthalates, methylisothiazolinone or any other, chances of your baby’ skin reacting is highly unlikely. Main positives include great price, ultra smooth, decent size, and hypoallergenic. A few users say they may leave the skin a little dry.


You baby shouldn’t feel uncomfortable because you are using low-quality wipes. You don’t have to keep dealing with sensitivity and allergies because the wipes contain compounds that cause allergies. Also, you shouldn’t worry about your baby’s skin becoming too dry.

What you need are the best wipes that will ensure your baby is dry and won’t experience any side effects or allergic reactions. They also come in an ultra smooth material for maximum comfort and won’t tear easily. By using this top 10 best baby wipes in 2022 reviews as your buying guide, you are assured of a top product.


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