5 Best Baby Wipe Warmers 2023 – Make Your Baby Happy with Comfort


Baby wipe warmers have become quite a popular product with new mothers who feel that warm and fresh wipes help to keep the baby warm and comfortable during diaper changes or any other clean up. These wipe warmers not only keep the wipes warm but also prevent them from drying out. Some people are of the opinion that wipe warmers are a dead investment but once your baby starts loving the warm toasty wipes, there is no turning back. This device is even more helpful in the dreaded winter months when the temperatures drop significantly. If you are looking for the most popular baby wipe warmers, here is the list of top 5 warmers which are great in terms of quality and functionality:

Editor Pick Best Baby Wipe Warmers

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Prince Lionheart Premium Wipe Warmer

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If you are looking for a warmer which has anti-microbial additives for keeping the wipes warm and disinfected, this product is a great option. It is made up of polypropylene which helps in moisture retention and prevents the wipes from discoloration. The warmer uses a patented technology called “Ever-Fresh” which aims to keep your wipes at just the right temperature. The product is suitable for both pop up wipes and regular wipes and is compatible with the Prince Lionheart diaperDepots also. Night diaper changes are also easy with this warmer as it comes with a night light which helps you change and take a wipe easily. You can refill the device easily by opening the top portion when you run out of wipes. The price of this product is also not very high so that new parents can invest in it easily without breaking their bank. The warmer weighs around one pound which makes it a lightweight device to carry around the house.

What we like about it:

The ease of use and night light makes it easy for parents to change diapers at night without waking up the baby or others. The warmer does not dry out the wipes and keeps them moist for use all the time.

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Dexbaby Wipe Warmer for Children and Kids

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The unique thing about this warmer is that it contains a top heating plate which gives you warm wipes on the go as compared to warmers with bottom heating plates. It comes with a viewing window for easy refilling once the wipes get over. Another feature is that the night button can be switched off and on easily whereas in other warmers this button continuously glows and distracts the baby at night. It is a plug-in warmer and works fine with a standard converter as it cannot be plugged into 220 Volts outlet. The weight of the device is around 2.5 pounds which is heavier as compared to other devices. The warmer does not brown the wipes or dry them. You can keep around 1.5 to 2 packs of wipes stacked vertically in this warmer without any difficulty. Warm wipes are a boon for babies who hate cold wipes during a diaper change. This warmer will keep your baby happy and content during a night time diaper change.

What we like about it:

The top heating system keeps the wipes warm and toasty as you pick them up as compared to other warmers where the bottom wipes are warm but the top wipes turn cold. Another good thing is that the night light can be kept off in day time.

Prince Lionheart Ultimate Wipes Warmer

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With heating range from 99-101 degrees, this wipe warmer has a safe and efficient design free of lead, phthalates, triclosan, etc which are harmful materials for babies. It holds up to 100 disposable wipes or 16 cloth wipes easily. The ever-Fresh system allows for gradual heating of wipes without browning them or discolouring them. This warmer is one of the few models which offer anti-microbial additives which keep away the germs which can harm your baby. Cold wipes can lead to closing of pores and trapping of germs inside the pores whereas warm wipes clean the baby efficiently and hygienically. This wipe warmer has been in the market for nearly 20 years but is still one of the bestsellers when it comes to baby wipe warmers preferred by new parents. The weight of the product is 5 pounds which makes it a little challenging to carry it around the house so it is better to station it at your changing station.

What we like about it:

The compact design with anti-microbial action makes it a classic wipe warmer which is easy to use and keeps the wipes warm for longer periods. The ever-Fresh system is the most preferred wipe warmer system in the market as it does not let the wipes go cold or dry.

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Hiccapop Wipe Warmer and Baby Wet Wipes Dispenser

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An innovative silicone seal which keeps the wipes moist is the unique feature of this warmer. The warmer can hold up to a week’s supply of wipes easily. The material of this warmer is polypropylene which is free of harmful chemicals like BPA, PVC, and phthalates. The changing light can be turned off easily by a manual push. A good thing about this warmer is that it does not make the wipes too hot or too cold as extreme temperatures can damage the skin. It keeps the wipes at an ideal warm temperature which just feels right on the skin. The warmer is also very easy to clean and maintain with a proper instructions manual which makes it easy for anybody to understand this device. The device is sturdy with no frills which can harm the baby so this makes it a perfect baby wipes warmer to keep on the changing table for a comfortable diaper change.

What we like about it:

The easy dispensing of wipes with just the right temperature is just what you need when you are changing a dirty baby at the changing station. The silicone seal is what makes this product unique in terms of keeping the wipes moist and heated for long.

Munchkin Warm Glow Wipe Warmer

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The convenient lid which makes it easy for busy mothers to grab a wipe is a great feature of this wipe warmer. It comes in a light green packaging which is pleasing to the eye. The night time light turns off automatically after 10 minutes and has a soft focus to keep the baby calm. The warmer warms the wipes from top to bottom so that you get warm wipes always. The device requires very low maintenance and gives a clear view of the quantity of wipes remaining in the warmer for replacement. The top lid secures tightly after use to keep the wipes from drying in the open. The cost of this warmer is also very less as compared to other warmers which have the same efficiency. The product weighs around 1.8 pounds which makes it a lightweight device to carry.

What we like about it:

The warm light which only glows when you need it to is a great option for babies and mothers who do not like the harsh bright white lights in some of the wipes warmers. This light is dim and soft and provides just enough illumination to change the diaper easily. The cost of this product is also completely worth it as it is very efficient and compact.

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How to Choose the Right Wipe Warmer

Baby wipe warmers are a great addition to your diaper changing station as everybody loves a warm wipe on a cold winter day. Babies can get particularly agitated or irritated when you use a cold wipe against their soft skin and this prevents them from going back to sleep again for a few moments. Wipe warmers work on a simple function of keeping a heating plate which keeps the wipes warm and clean when you need to use them. If you are looking at buying a warmer for your baby, this buyer guide will help you to understand which features you need to check before finalising a model which works for you:

  • Size & Portability

The size of the warmer is very important as a bulky device will only make your job more difficult when it comes to handling a crying and dirty baby at the changing station. Most warmers weigh from anywhere around 1.5 pounds to 5 pounds depending upon the material of the device. Lightweight warmers are easy to carry during travelling or otherwise. Check the weight and size of the warmer before purchasing it to see if it will fit in the changing station easily or not. Also check how many wipes can be fit into the warmer at a time so that you do not have to refill the device again and again.

  • Functionality

The basic job of a warmer is to keep the wipes warm and moist without drying them or browning them. Some warmers have top heating systems which work better as compared to bottom heating plates. A few models are not as efficient in keeping the wipes warm for a long time as their counterparts so such warmers are of little or no use. An easy to use and easy to clean wipe warmer is a boon for busy moms so choose your warmer after checking all these little features which go a long way in making your life easy.

  • Price

Most warmers cost anywhere between 15 dollars to 25 dollars and are easily available online on discounts. Check all the parts and working of the warmer before taking it to avoid any returns or exchanges later. Wipe warmers have only one basic function and work in the same way despite the cost so investing in a fancy wipe warmer costing 1000 dollars which provides the same functionality is not a wise decision.

  • Additional features

Many warmers come with additional features like a night time changing light or anti-microbial additives which enhance the functionality of the device. Check to see if the night time changing light is too harsh or bright for the baby. Some models do not have the feature in which the light can be switched off when it is not in use. Warmers in which this light is soft and can be controlled should be chosen over such models. This prevents the baby from getting distracted from the light. Anti-bacterial and microbial additives keep the wipes from developing moulds or mildew which can harm the baby’s skin. Choose the model which has all the required features at a price which seems justified.

Here are some other general tips and tricks you should keep in mind when using or buying a wipe warmer for your baby:

  • Always use the wipe warmer away from the baby as it is an electrical device which can pose a risk of electrocution to the baby.
  • Keep the warmer on only when you need the wipes so that it does not make the wipes too hot or dry.
  • Keep the lid of the warmer closed at all times so that the wipes remain warm and moist when you need them.
  • Set the temperature of the warmer to a comfortable mild limit where the wipes remain lukewarm and not to hot or cold for the baby’s skin.
  • Cloth wipes can also be warmed up easily in any warmer so if you are using cloth wipes, ask or check the number of cloth wipes you can fit into the warmer.
  • Warmers which come with a see-through window from which you can check the wipe availability are preferred as compared to other models which do not have that feature. This enables busy moms to get a replacement pack before the existing one gets over.
  • Clean the warmer regularly and replace the pillow for maintaining the device for a longer time and ensuring a continuous supply of warm wipes.

So these are some of the most popular baby wipe warmers which are loved by parents across the world and this buyer guide will help you choose the best model for your baby which keeps the wipes warm and cozy. Choose the model which suits your requirements at the best price.

Have your tried baby wipes warmers? Which is your favourite brand from all the brands available in the market?


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