5 Best Baby Eczema Cream 2023 (Gentle & Care Your Baby’s skin)


Eczema is a common skin condition in babies and adults. It occurs due to genetic or physical conditions. The main cause is that the skin becomes too dry due to formation of less fatty cells called ceramides. There are many types of treatments available for eczema in the market but creams are best suited for babies as they need gentle and controlled treatment. Here are five of the most popular creams available for eczema in the market:

Editor Pick Best Baby Eczema Cream

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Aquaphor Baby Healing Ointment Advanced Therapy Skin Protectant

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This healing ointment is gentle and effective for treating mild eczema in babies. The main ingredient of this cream is petrolatum which provides oxygen to the skin and aids in the healing process. Other ingredients include glycerine and panthenol which make the skin feel nourished. The cream is clinically certified to suit dry or chapped skin and is recommended by paediatricians. It can also be used for diaper rashes, minor cuts, drool rashes etc. It is completely safe for the baby’s gentle skin and can be used for all types of dryness issues. The cream is also good for sensitive skin as it is made up of harmless ingredients which soothe the skin. You can use it on the arms, chest and tummy to keep the baby protected from any dry rashes. It shows fast results and reduces the chances of eczema. The cream comes in a tub packaging which is convenient to use. The price is also moderate.

Why we like it:

The minimal ingredient list of this cream assure the parents that it is completely safe for their baby. There are absolutely no side-effects of this cream and it keeps the skin soft and nourished all day long.

Aveeno Baby Eczema Therapy Moisturizing Cream

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The formula of this cream is made up of soothing colloidal oatmeal which makes the skin feel calm and reduces the signs of eczema. It is gentle and very popular for treating eczema in babies. The oatmeal also restores the pH balance of the skin and provides a protective barrier. It also contains oat kernel oil which provides hydration to the skin. The easy to use tube packaging with a flip open cap makes it a great product for travelling. Aveeno is known for its skincare line for both adults and children and is popular because of the gentle ingredients. Using this cream twice daily just after the bath will make your baby’s skin soft with reduced signs of eczema. The hygienic tube comes in different sizes so that you can buy the size which suits your requirements. This product is also accepted by National Eczema Association which makes it completely safe for using to treat eczema.

Why we like it:

The thoughtful packaging of this cream with the emollient formula consisting of oatmeal and oats kernel oil makes it an efficient product for using on babies. The cream works efficiently on the signs of eczema without irritating the skin further. The tube is easy to travel with as eczema can show its signs anywhere.

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Eucerin Baby Eczema Relief Body Creme

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The ingredients of this cream are very soothing for the skin and treat red, irritated skin effectively. The main ingredients include natural oatmeal, ceramides, licochalcone, castor seed oil and other skin-loving ingredients which form a protective barrier on the skin. This formula is free from fragrances, dyes and steroids which harm the skin with prolonged use. The cream is loved by many parents for its quick-relief from the symptoms of eczema. Eucerin has been formulating gentle skincare since 100 years and this cream is a proof of the fact that they formulate gentle skincare products. It does not have any side-effects and hydrates the skin without making it feel greasy or oily. There is no odour in this cream so it can be used easily by sensitive skins also. The consistency of the cream is a bit thicker as compared to other lotions and creams but the hydration it provides is completely worth the extra massage. Regular use of this product will get rid of the dryness and itchiness of the skin completely within 2-3 weeks.

Why we like it:

The price of this cream with the quantity and quality it provides makes it a perfect solution for your baby’s eczema. Babies with severe eczema love this cream for the soothing effect it has on the skin.

E-ra organics honeybuns healing balm

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This non-toxic and chemical free cream ointment is made up of organic beeswax, cocoa butter, chamomile, coconut oil, calendula, avocado oil and other skin-soothing herbs which make the skin completely healed and nourished. The formula is free of phthalates, paraben, mineral oil, fragrances and petrolatum etc. The organic ingredients and oils make it an efficient formula for the gentle skin of the babies. Parents love this cream for the natural formula and organic ingredients as natural oils are best for the skin. It works best on signs of eczema, dryness, diaper rashes, redness and inflamed skin. This healing balm helps in cell regeneration and treating chapped skin. It also reduces signs of cradle cap and hydrates the skin effectively. The price of this cream is a little on the higher side but the effects make it completely worth it. The USDA certification makes it safer for the baby’s skin and assures the parents of the high quality of this healing balm.

Why we like it:

The completely organic formula works best for baby’s gentle skin and treats eczema with love. This jar contains all you need for treating your baby’s eczema and other skin—related conditions. This cream contains all the things that are good for the skin and that is why it is preferred by many parents.

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Elizabeth Parker Naturals Baby Eczema Cream

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If you are looking for a gentle formula for treating eczema, itchiness, dry skin, cradle cap, diaper rash etc, this eczema cream is the perfect choice for the gentle skin of your baby. It is free of all skin irritants, fillers and toxic chemicals which harm the baby’s physical and mental development. The main ingredients of this cream include Manuka honey, aloe Vera, cehami, coconut oil, cocoa butter, blue-green algae, and other infused oils. The cream comes in a tub packaging in three different sizes. The smallest size is good for travelling purposes. The price of this cream is a little higher as compared to other creams but the super foods in this cream are all pure and organic. The hemp seed oil and olive oil in this cream nourish the skin and the vitamins help make a barrier to protect it from dirt and pollutants. This cream has a balanced pH to suit the skin and it penetrates the 7 layers of skin to heal it from the base.

Why we like it:

The cehami in this cream is a strong anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving agent which reduces the signs of eczema from the first usage itself. The organic super foods in this cream make it a potent formula for nourishing the baby’s skin.

Buyer Guide

When you are looking for an effective eczema cream for your baby, the following factors should be considered before making a purchase as different creams have different functions. There are many eczema creams available in the market but your baby’s skin deserves the best of the lot. Keep the following factors in mind while looking for an eczema cream for your baby:

  • Ingredients

The most important thing that scares any parent is the toxicity of the ingredients that are put on their baby’s skin. Choose a cream which is organic and contains harmless and gentle ingredients for the skin. Essential oils, moisturizing agents like oatmeal and emollients like honey and aloe Vera provide the much needed hydration to the skin and soothe it. Always check the label of the product to see if it contains any phthalates, parabens, mineral oils, or other toxic chemicals which can harm the skin. Creams which are certified by USDA and National Eczema Association are best for treating eczema in the gentlest way.

  • Baby’s skin type

If your baby has sensitive skin, avoid creams which have strong fragrances or skin-irritating ingredients. Choose a cream formula if your baby has dry skin and more gel formula if the baby has oily skin. Eczema creams are generally emollient in nature as dryness is one of the main symptoms of eczema. Consult a paediatrician to know which formula will suit your baby’s skin and improve upon the condition.

  • Packaging

Baby products should always be travel-friendly and compact as they need to be carried everywhere the baby travels. Choose a compact convenient packaging in tube form which is hygienic as compared to tub packaging. All creams come in two or three sizes so choose a bigger packaging for home use and a smaller tube for travels. If you are using a tub packaging, make sure you use a spatula to take the cream out as fingers can make the cream polluted or infected.

  • Price

When it comes to babies, price takes the back seat as the quality is the most important criteria. This does not mean that expensive creams work better as compared to cheaper versions. A good quality eczema cream with natural ingredients costs anywhere between 10 $ to 35 $ depending upon the ingredients and brand. You can also check online for deals which can help you save some money if you buy a larger quantity packaging.

  • Customer reviews

Always read what fellow parents have to say about the product before making a purchase. They offer the most genuine reviews and share all pros and cons of a product. You can check online for customer reviews on baby sites for getting an idea about the performance of the product. All creams work differently on different individuals but it is always better to see how it is performing for other babies.

Here are some general tips and tricks you should keep in mind while buying and using baby eczema creams:

  • The baby’s skin is very delicate and harsh soaps, lotions and powders can harm the baby’s skin and aggravate the signs of eczema. Use only natural products recommended by paediatricians for your baby.
  • Dress your baby in cotton clothing for keeping eczema at bay as other materials can be rough on the skin and cause rashes.
  • Clean the skin with mild soap before applying the cream to get rid of all the dirt and bacteria.
  • Hot temperatures can flare eczema up so always keep the baby in a comfortable environment at an ideal temperature.
  • Wash all blankets, comforters and pillows of the baby regularly for controlling eczema.
  • The diet of the baby is also an important cause behind eczema. Products like eggs, cow’s milk, and some fruits are known for enhancing the symptoms of eczema. Take the guidance of a baby dietician for help in this regard.
  • The symptoms of eczema change with the age of the baby so change the products accordingly.
  • Different creams work on different symptoms so choose a cream which is made for the symptoms your baby is showing. Not all moisturizing creams are meant for treating eczema and it needs a specific treatment.

So these are five of the most popular creams available in the market for treating eczema in babies. This buyer’s guide will help you determine the ideal eczema cream for your baby depending upon the symptoms. Your baby’s skin is very delicate and only the most natural ingredients should go on his or her skin. Choose a cream which is gentle enough for daily use and calms the skin effectively without any side-effects.

Have you tried eczema creams for babies? How is your experience? Which is the most effective cream available in the market for curing eczema in babies?


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