5 Best Baby Bottle Warmers 2023 (the Most Convenient & Safe)


Some people may believe that running a bottle under hot water is still the best way to heat up a baby’s bottle; and even though it is suggested not to use a microwave to warm up a bottle because it will get the bottle too hot for the baby, many still use this method. To defeat all of the debate about which one is better, it is safer to say that a baby bottle warmer, specifically designed to heat the bottle to an appropriate temperature, without hurting the baby is the best way to heat a baby bottle.

Of course how do you know which baby bottle warmer is the best? Are they all safe for you to use for your child? Do they heat the bottle up more than advertised? These are all concerns that every parent should have.

So we have created a list of the top ten baby bottle warmers that are the most convenient and safe to use to heat up that bottle in the middle of the night when your child wakes up hungry.

Editor Pick Best Baby Bottle Warmers

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Kiinde Kozii Bottle Warmer and Breast Milk Warmer

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This baby bottle warmer is perfect for parents who need a little help when it comes to getting their baby’s milk to the right temperature. To begin with, this bottle warmer is compatible with the majority of bottles; being able to fit bottles of every shape and size. This bottle warmer has a technology called SAFEHeat, which uses a water bath with warm water to help heat the bottle up to a safe temperature and protects the nutrients that are found in breast milk. Although using a warm water bath to heat up the bottle is not as quick as a steam bottle warmer, it is a lot safer, and one of the best bottle warmers currently on the market.

Chicco NaturalFit Bottle and Baby Food Warmer, Blue

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Chicco is an infamous baby gear maker, with car seats and baby furniture, it is no surprise that they also make baby bottle warmers. The great thing about this bottle, just like the first one mentioned on this list, is that it uses a warm water heat up system, versus steam. It also allows for many different sized and shaped bottles to fit within the warmer. This warmer will keep a bottle warm for up to an hour, without the milk in the bottle getting too hot for the baby. The Chicco NaturalFit bottle warmer is small and compact, so it is great to take traveling, because it will fit easily in any suitcase or bag.

Dr. Brown’s Bottle Warmer

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Although this bottle warmer is not compatible with all bottles, it will fit the majority of narrowly-shaped bottles. With a flip top lid, this bottle warmer heats the baby bottle up using steam. Sometimes steam has been known to overheat the milk in bottles, but the settings on this specific warmer are built to turn off before overheating the milk. There are multiple settings on this warmer in case you are using cold versus room temperature milk, or if you are using glass bottles. Even though this warmer has a timer set on it that will beep when the milk is heated enough, it is not very loud, so it can be missed and the milk can stay in the warmer for too long.

Cuisinart BW-10 Baby Bottle Warmer and Night Light

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This state of the art baby bottle warmer is equipped with a night light, perfect for those midnight runs for a bottle to rock your baby back to sleep. This warmer using steam as its heating element, but does not overheat the milk, even if left in the warmer for a little too long. Plus, it has multiple settings so you are able to use this warmer for glass or plastic bottles, room temperature or cold milk. The Cuisinart warmer comes with a very small and almost unusable measuring cup built to measure the water that is needed to operate the warmer. But this small flaw can be overlooked, since you can use any type of measuring device to put water into the warmer base to create the steam needed.

Tommee Tippee Travel Bottle and Food Warmer

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For families that are always on the go, the Tommee Tippee Bottle Warmer is perfect for you. Made with stainless steel, this bottle warmer can keep hot water to temp throughout the day, and it is easy to use. Before leaving your house all you have to do is boil water and pour it into the stainless steel reservoir and tighten the lid. The container will be ready to use when you need to warm up a bottle. The container will keep water hot for hours, yet it will only take a couple of minutes to warm up the milk to a desirable temperature. Although this bottle warmer is a little unconventional compared to the rest of the electric warmers, it is a great alternative for when you are rarely at home or by a bottle warmer.

The First Year Quick Serve Bottle Warmer

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This bottle warmer will work for breastmilk, formula, or even baby food. With an attachable basket this warmer is also able to sterilize all of those pacifies that have fallen on the ground, under the couch, in the rain, or anywhere else you didn’t see. Built to hold many different sizes and shapes of baby bottles, including angled neck bottles; it can warm up bottles in minutes. Plus, this warmer is built with an auto shut-off that will help prevent overheating the baby’s milk. Which is not only harmful to the baby, but it can also get rid of the nutrients that are in breast milk.

Munchkin High Speed Bottle Warmer, White

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Even though this bottle appears to be simple, it has a lot of great features that make it one of the best bottle warmers on the market today. With the typical timer, on-off indicator, and auto shut-off features this bottle warmer may seem like your everyday warmer. But the bonus of this Munchkin warmer is that it has a water reservoir that holds enough water to heat 5 bottles before having to fill the reservoir back up. The steam from this warmer can heat a bottle up within three minutes without overheating it, which will make you and your baby happy.

Philips AVENT Bottle Warmer, Fast

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After three minutes with the Philips Avent Bottle warmer you will have a warm bottle of milk for your baby to suck on. This warmer heats the milk evenly by circulating the steam throughout the entire warmer, so your child will never have to come across a cold patch of milk while feeding. With an automated off sensor will turn the warmer off it is gets too warm, so the milk does not over heat. This bottle warmer is easy to use with a simple dial system with three options, depending on the size of the bottle that you want to warm.

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Born Free Tru-Temp Bottle Warmer and Cooler

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This baby bottle warmer may seem a little bulky, but it is the perfect bottle warmer for your house. The bulkiness of this warmer is due to the two bottle cooler that is featured within the appliance. This cooler can keep two 8 ounce bottles refrigerated for up to 8 hours without any issues. Plus, it only takes roughly 5 minutes to warm up a bottle, depending on how cold the milk was in the bottle before warming it up. Of course, the colder the milk is, the longer it will take for it to heat up. Also, this warmer has the automatic shutoff feature that most bottle warmers have to guarantee that you will not overheat the milk.

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Maxx Elite MaxxDouble Digital Double Bottle Warmer & Sterilizer (Magical Orange)

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Of course, if you had twins, triplets, or more than one child on a bottle you might need a bottle warmer that can heat up more than one bottle at a time. With that being said, the best bottle warmer would be the Maxx Elite MaxxDouble. This bottle warmer uses a “new technology” that will gentle warm the milk within the bottle without causing harm to the nutrients found in breast milk. After the bottle is warmed up there is a feature on this warmer called “steady warm” that will keep the milk at a constant warm temperature for up to 4 hours without overheating the milk. This is not only the perfect bottle warmer for twins because you can warm up to two 8 ounce bottles in this warmer at a time, but it is also great as a night time bottle warmer. Since it keeps the milk warm consistently for four hours, if you need a bottle in the middle of the night, it will already be ready to go.

Overall, choosing a bottle warmer is based off of the needs of the parent. Deciding which bottle warmer is the most convenient for you and your house hold. If you have more than one child the Maxx Elite bottle warmer is the one to choose. If you are constantly on the go you should choose the Tommee Tippe Traveling bottle warmer. But if you need a household bottle warmer, the overall best one on this list is the Kiinde Kozii bottle warmer because it will warm up your milk safely, keep it at a warm temperature, and have an automated off system that will keep the milk from overheating.

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What to Remember Before Buying a Baby Bottle Warmer

Breastmilk is designed by nature to nourish babies. It is the best option given the health benefits and other advantages. However, there are several reasons why a mother cannot give direct feeding. Some mothers have to express breastmilk because they have to work. Others may need to go for formula feeding because of lack of milk supply or mother’s health condition among others.

Since breastmilk is warm, it is advisable to give expressed breastmilk or formula milk warm;, especially to younger babies. If direct breastfeeding is not possible, the best way is to make it as similar to it as possible; which includes similar temperature. Some babies even refuse to drink cold milk. During the first months of life, a baby is still unable to generate temperature well. They are more sensitive to cold environment and cold drinks. Letting baby drink milk straight from the fridge may lead to upset stomach.

There are different ways to make warm but the best way is to use a bottle warmer.

Why Purchase a Bottle Warmer?

Every purchase you make for your child can either have a helpful or adverse effect not only while he is young but even as he grows up. What you feed your child and how you prepare it has direct implications for his health thus ultimately affecting his future. Every decision should be made with great prudence.

There are some baby things you can choose not to purchase for financial reasons. But a bottle warmer is definitely not one of them. The investment you must make to buy this gadget is little compared to the benefits you will reap from it.

Here are some reasons why you should definitely include a bottle warmer in your baby’s needs shopping trip.

> It warms milk evenly at a constant temperature.

Using a microwave is the option for some mothers. However, this is not the best or safest choice. The microwave doesn’t evenly warm the milk, hot spots are formed which are not easily diluted even by shaking. These hot spots may burn the baby’s tongue, something you definitely don’t want to happen. Since the warming is uneven, there may also be parts which remain cold.

Bottle warmers keep the milk at an even temperature all over. It makes sure every part of the liquid has the right temperature.

> It doesn’t destroy the essential nutrients and vitamins of the milk.

You want to maximize and maintain the health benefits of milk especially expressed breastmilk. Heating milk using stove or microwave alters the properties of the milk. This chemical reaction causes some nutrients and vitamins to be destroyed especially Vitamin C which is very sensitive to heat. Making use of the bottle warmer keeps these helpful nutrients because it warms the milk just enough, at body temperature.

> It works fast.

You wouldn’t want a baby to cry for too long so speed is also an important reason why you should purchase a bottle warmer. Heating the milk using a stove or soaking the bottle in hot water can take plenty of time.

> It is portable.

You cannot bring your stove or your microwave everywhere but you can bring a bottle warmer with you almost anywhere. It is handy to use when you plan to travel with your child.

> It is safer.

Safety should be top priority when you are buying any product especially if it is related to your baby. A bottle warmer is the safest among the other methods of warming milk.

> It is easily powered.

It can easily be set up. It is less time consuming compared to using a stove. Since it works on electricity, you can just find a plug wherever you are so you can use the warmer.

> Some models have auto-shut-off and timer.

After placing the bottle and turning your warmer on, you can attend to your baby or do other things while waiting for the milk to warm instead of constantly checking if it is already warm. Some even have an audible beep to alert you that the bottle is ready.

How to choose a baby bottle warmer

Picking up the best baby bottle warmer can be difficult especially that there are plenty of products to choose from. Make sure you get a worthy purchase by keeping the following in mind.

> The baby bottle warmer should promote health and safety

As mentioned above, too high temperature can alter the nutrients of milk. That is why it is important to check the temperature range of the bottle warmer before buying it. It should be close to body temperature. It should not be above 37ᵒC.

Another reason to check the temperature range is to avoid burning injuries, both for you and the baby. You should also check for seals proving that the product is approved by appropriate agencies.

> It should be easy to operate.

You want to warm the milk as quickly as you can whenever the baby is hungry. Having a complicated operating system will slow things down. Every caregiver of the baby should be able to easily understand how to use the bottle warmer.

> The bottle warmer should be able to warm milk efficiently.

The only way to find this out is to test the product before taking it to the counter. The warmer should be able to warm milk effectively and evenly at the least possible time.

> It should be durable and easy to maintain.

The bottle warmer should last as long as your baby is drinking milk from a bottle. Do not be afraid to spend more for a quality product. It is better to initially spend higher than to buy a cheaper one then needing to replace it in the long run because it is destroyed. You will end up spending more money and time for it.

Maintenance should be simple and easy. Look for products with good warranty.

> The bottle warmer should be versatile.

It should be able to contain different sizes and shapes of bottles. It would be a waste if you need to replace your bottles just because they won’t fit the warmers.

If you want to really take advantage of your purchase, some warmers are not limited to warming milk alone. Some are manufactured to be able to also warm other baby foods.

> The baby bottle warmer should be portable.

One advantage of the bottle warmer is its portability. This benefit would be useless if you buy a very heavy warmer. You should be able to carry the device anywhere with ease and it should consume a minimal amount of space in your kitchen.

> The price should be affordable.

The cost should be the last thing to consider when buying a baby bottle warmer. After you made sure the standards above are met, then you can now compare the screened products for the price.

Two Means by Which Bottle Warmers Work

1. Through Water Bath

This method is better in terms of consistency. It works by gently moving warm water around the bottle. Water bath promotes retention of vitamins, minerals and maternal antibodies of breastmilk. It is also safer because the water used is warm instead of hot, thus preventing scalding from the water and hot steam. A downside of this method is that it works slower than steam heat technology.

2. Steam Heat Technology

This technology works by placing water in a container which is heated by a hot plate; it produces steam which heats the milk. It heats faster; however, it is not that safe. The water and steam can reach high temperatures which make even the exterior of the bottle hot. It may need some time to cool down the bottle before it can be held. The high temperature also means degradation of nutritional contents.

How to clean a baby bottle warmer

It is important to thoroughly clean a baby bottle warmer to prevent the spread of germs and to prolong its life.  Here is a step by step instruction on cleaning a baby bottle warmer.

Things to prepare:

  • Gentle detergent
  • Sponge
  • Dishtowel
  • Vinegar
  • Water
  1. Unplug the baby bottle warmer and allow it to cool completely.
  2. Take out all removable parts including plastic cup, lid and pacifier basket.
  3. Put the parts removed in a container with warm, soapy water. Use a sponge to clean every part, and then rinse thoroughly making sure that no soap or debris is left out. Dry the items using a dishtowel then let allow to air dry.
  4. Drop a small amount of mild detergent into a wet sponge. Wipe all the parts of the warmer using the sponge. Wipe again using a clean towel to remove soap and moisture.
  5. Pour 2 ounces of vinegar to the inside part of the warmer. Mix 4 ounces of cold water and let the mixture sit for 5 minutes to soften mineral deposits. Throw the mixture and rinse the unit once the debris is descaled. Be patient; do not try to scrub the unit using abrasives because it will scratch the finish.


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