Top 10 Best Baby Bath Toys in 2022 – Reviews

Best Baby Bath Toys

Do you have a baby that hates bath time?  You definitely need to have the best baby bath toys for them. Baby bath toys will make bath time more bearable by increasing your child fun and play when they are bathing. In addition to that, they absolutely encourage kids of any age to use their imaginations and foster the development of skills.

Due to how many choices are available in the market, it can be a challenge to find the best one.  We’ve researched and reviewed the top 10 best baby bath toys in 2022 to help you discover the best one for your child.

Factors to Consider When Purchasing the Best Baby Bath Toys

  • Manufacturer’s Recommendations: You need to look at manufacture recommendations for height, weight, age and appropriate use of the toy you wish to buy. The recommendations will make your kid safe and also have more fun out of the toy.
  • Material: You also need to check the material that is used to make the toy. Look whether it has dangerous paint or harsh chemicals that can make your kids sick if they go to their mouth.
  • Float or Sink: Does the toy sink or float or both. You need to remember that younger children who cannot swim should have toys that float. Older children who have the ability to swim can have toys that sink to make fun as they can dive underwater to retrieve them.

Best Baby Bath Toys in 2022


10. Yookidoo Submarine Spray Station

YMS-21pc Baby Educational Bath Toys

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It’ll be hard to get your little one out of the tub with a bath toy this fun. A circulating pump system attaches to the bottom of the tub, drawing water up through the submarine into the toy’s shower head. Point the water into the funnel to generate a surprising chain reaction of water-filled effects.

If you have a few little kids who bathe together (hello, sibling life!) they’ll get a kick out of taking turns spraying the water out of the toy at each other.

Warning: Keep a towel at the edge of your tub — you know, just in case they start having too much fun!

9. Growsland – Baby Toddlers Waterproof Infants Bath Toys 3 Pack

Growsland – Baby Toddlers Waterproof Infants Bath Toys 3 Pack

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If you want to purchase brightly colored and an attractive bath toy, then this product by Growsland should be one of the best options to buy. Comes with a Cute and colorful Books that will help your child to introduce the concept of shapes, animals, and numbers in a fun way. Bright colors and soft pages will improve the toddler with cognitive development assisting them to explore the world. Other than that, the toys are more durable and waterproof thus they do not fade and have scrubbing resistance.

The books are made with plastic fiber that are eco-friendly durable soft having a smoothly rounded corner that cannot hurt your kids.  This great educational toy gift is bendy and tough will retain its shape. They will keep your child entertained.


  • Includes colorful and cute books.
  • Made of eco-friendly durable and soft materials
  • Bendy and retains its shape well
  • Book has bright colors and soft pages

8. Munchkin Sea Spinner Shark Wind-Up Bath Toy

Munchkin Sea Spinner Shark Wind-Up Bath Toy

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This Munchkin bath toy is an excellent toddler and baby bath toy that is ready to float and children to play with them. The bath toys really move and spin without batteries its way through the tub. This bath toy is recommended for children that are more than 9 months and the toys are handy for small hands to operate. Besides that, this floaty and a smile Sea Spinner Shark will float on the water for children to play with it.

The bath toy is designed to be water-tight thus you will never worry about mildew and mold.  Featuring a windup the bottom fin, it will activate the movement allowing more fun to your little ones.


  • Floats and bobs through water
  • Easy for small hands to operate
  • Recommended for child 9 months and older
  • Requires no batteries to move

7. Dimple Bath Toys Set Non-Toxic Floating Sea Animal Bathtub Toy

Dimple Bath Toys Set Non-Toxic Floating Sea Animal Bathtub Toy

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This Dimple Bath toy is fun to play with and your little ones will think it is a cool bath toy. It’s made with high-quality plastics that are non-toxic and BPA free and will also last for a long time. Your child will love playing with this Bathtub Toy and will still keep their color and shape. Comes with 20 assorted sea animal that includes Boat, Rubber Duck, Turtle, Whales, Octopus, and Starfish and more and all come with a colorful shape.

Let your child develop a character of imagination with this 20 piece bath set as they play with different sizes and shape. The set is ideal for children that have aged one year and above allowing them to explore their creativity in numerous ways.


  • 20 Assorted fun and colorful shapes
  • Nontoxic plastics and BPA Free
  • Toys will last for a long time
  • 1-year comprehensive warranty

6. Yookidoo Spin ‘N’ Sprinkle Water Lab Baby Bath Toy

Yookidoo Spin ‘N’ Sprinkle Water Lab Baby Bath Toy

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For creative and colorful bath time fun, this set from Yookidoo delivers. Comes with two water play accessories that include test tube container that has volume marks and also a detachable funnel that you can use for playing, pouring and filling of water. Ideally, this water activity center just needs to attach the tub and then will generate a chain reaction of great water effects.

The child can pour water on the gauge funnel in order to split the gauge and create ten water sprays. This will cause the water to spins the propeller to create an endless time of fun and learning. Other than that, it will boost hand-eye coordination and also motor skills. The toy will supports stem by putting mathematics and physics concepts into play.


  • 2 water play accessories
  • Boosts fine motor skills
  • Encourage children in problem-solving
  • Offers endless hours of fun and learning

5. INNOCHEER Bath Toys for Toddlers with Quick Dry Organizer

INNOCHEER Bath Toys for Toddlers with Quick Dry Organizer

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Bath Toys is not just perfect for encouraging imaginative and fun play but also enable children to develop hand-to-eye coordination.  They are interesting bath toys that have a unique design and colorful and will make your young ones to have a lot of fun to stack and play. Other than that, they will make the kids learn numbers, shapes, colors, crafts, and animals while they play.

It is included with a super strong mesh net that is perfect for toys organizer. All the toys will be quickly and easily organized and they also dry faster-keeping mildew away.


  • Made with durable thick plastic
  • Easy to clean and keep mildew away
  • 100% smell free and non-toxic
  • Encourage fun and imaginative play

4. Green Toys Rescue Boat With Helicopter

LilBeanzLand Baby Bath Toys

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Made from recycled milk jugs, this eco-friendly toy offers plenty of opportunity for play. The rescue boat, helicopter, and captain and pilot figurines allow kids to embark on a search-and-rescue mission on their own. You can even take it outside and toss into your tot’s kiddie pool once the weather warms up.

The dishwasher-safe set includes four pieces, and the coolest part is that your kid can play with it outside of the water, too! The toys do come apart for easy drying, so you won’t need to worry about any kind of mold forming so long as you keep ’em squeaky clean.

3. BABY LOOVI Foam Bath Toys

BABY LOOVI Foam Bath Toys

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The BABY LOOVI Letters Preschool Alphabet is one of the decent bath toys accessible that will make bath time educative for children.  Comes with alphabet toys that are large in size, easy to attach when wet, comfortable and also light. They will allow your child to learn colors, animals, and letters. In addition to that, your kids will acquire and develop skills of coordination by inserting letters in animal’s puzzles.

The letters will stick on the plain surface when wet inserting them to the corresponding animals allowing the kid to have a lot of fun. Most importantly, these Bathtub Toys are ideal for both boys and girls and they are interesting and bright preschool educational bathtub toys.


  • Toys alphabet floats on the water
  • Big size and safe nontoxic letters
  • Light, comfortable and easy to attach
  • Easily stick to a plain surface when wet

2. Munchkin Float and Play 4 Count Bubbles Bath Toy

Munchkin Float and Play 4 Count Bubbles Bath Toy

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This Bubbles Bath Toy from Munchkin offers smart solutions for parents who want a toy that will occupy a child’s attention while bathing. They include 2 characters and 2 whirly and each floating bubble has a center toy that spins, shines, bobbles and rattles. The toys are usually sized for small hands to hold assisting them to teach hand-eye coordination as they shake, grasp and reach the bubbles.

Features a Colorful ring that moves freely around bubbles and this gives lots of movement and texture for small kids to explore.  It will create bath time fun and your child will love this.


  • Set includes 4 pieces
  • Easy to grasp design
  • Teaches hand-eye coordination
  • Mold-free design
  • Easy to dry

1. Yookidoo- Baby Bath Toy 3 Stackable Cups Flow N Fill Spout Waterfall Spout

Yookidoo- Baby Bath Toy 3 Stackable Cups Flow N Fill Spout Waterfall Spout

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Purchasing this exciting toy will make sure that the fun of your child reaches a different level during bathing time. Water is usually drawn up through the battery operated spout developing an endless stream on the 3 Interchangeable tumblers.  The unit is easy for children to operate and they are made for small hands to operate. The children will love watching water spin propeller and finger sprinkler for cool water squirts.

The swiveling arm holds tumblers and you can place it directly under the stream.  The three interchangeable bath cups have different water spraying and straining effects. They will let your child have fun for many hours.

  • Easy for kids to operate
  • Children can watch the water spin the propeller.
  • 3 interchangeable bath cups
  • Swiveling arm holds the bath cups
  • Designed for small hands


Bath time is very special for parents and their young ones to have tons of fun and create memories. Bath toys will add excitement, interest and laughter bringing learning experience for your kid. We have listed for you the best bath toys that you can find in the market. Just go through each of them and select the one you feel it’s perfect for your kids. Happy shopping.


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