Top 10 Best Automotive Floor Jacks in 2020

Best Automotive Floor Jacks

Changing car tires or doing general maintenance, a floor jack is a vital equipment. When the type of work is more than changing a tire, you need something that can hold for long without subjecting you to risks. Also, a reliable jack is crucial since it protects your vehicle from damage as well as enabling timely work completion. For a smooth work and improved safety, reliable car floor jacks are the lasting solutions.

One of the problem and also a good thing is, there are many jack service manufacturers. The good side is they enable the buyer to have wide range of products to choose. Moreover, the bad is you can easily fall into an inferior product. Therefore, in case of jacks, there is no room for trials and errors. Your health and car are great investments, and you don’t want only to be messed by unreliable jack. Instead of struggling here and there looking for the ideal one, here are broadly researched top 10 best automotive floor jacks in 2020.

Best Automotive Floor Jacks in 2020


10. Sunex 6602LP Low Rider Service Jack, 2 Ton

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The Sunex 6602LP is a high functioning service jack that is reliable and long-lasting. Unlike other jack types, this super low profile which means it can be used on vehicles with very low ground clearance. In fact, compared to other existing jacks, this one is excellent. Boasting minimum lifting height of 2.75 inches, it’s great for sports cars, flat tires and exotic cars without any hassle. On the other hand, with maximum lifting height, it can be used with light trucks and SUVs.

Lifting your vehicle using this jack is comfortable than you ever imagined. The integrated rapid rise technology ensures fast rise. Amazingly, you only need to pump 6.5, and the jack is on the maximum height. The quick release handle, on the other hand, is ideal for lowering your vehicle smoothly without risking impacts. Moreover, the detachable handle facilitates easy storage.

9. Sunex OS NSJ0301 Aluminum Service Jack, 3-Ton

NOS NSJ0301 3-Ton Aluminum Service Jack

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Most of the available floors jacks are made of a steel frame which makes them a bit bulky. But now you can experience high performance without having heavy service jack. The Sunex OS NSJ0301 aluminum carjack is the right equipment to select and enjoy excellent lifting. Despite being lightweight, the device has a 3-ton capacity which is ideal for most light trucks.

This tool has a lift range of 3.75 to 18.125which is ideal for changing tires and other necessary maintenance. To make sure the device is capable of lifting heavy weight, the aluminum frame is thick while sturdy swiveling casters enable easy positioning. With 2 pieces handle enhanced with bumper pad and overloading prevention pad maximizes this jack performance.

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8. Liftmaster Low Profile Floor Jack, 2.5 Ton

Liftmaster 2.5 Ton Low Profile Floor Jack

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Investing in a good service jack always ensures you have an easy time, improved safety and enjoy device durability. Liftmaster low profile 2.5-ton lifting jack is one of such accessories that you need. Its sleek design combines with the performance to make it outstanding product to have in your garage. Furthermore, with a low-profile design, it is the ideal device for use in vehicles with low ground clearance without stress.

To lift this jack, it’s not a stressing thing since it has integrated comfortable carrying handle. This, unlike other jacks, gives a smooth and effortless time when storing your tool. Moreover, padded pumping rod is ideal for facilitating comfort when operating the jack. With sturdy swiveling casters, there is no struggling when positioning the device. There is no overloading since the device has safety valve while steel frame increases the overall durability.

7. Blackhawk B6350 Fast Lift 3.5 Ton Service Jack

Blackhawk B6350 Black/Red Fast Lift Service Jack - 3.5 Ton Capacity

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Blackhawk B6350jack is one of its kind that utilizes latest technology and innovation to give unmatched performance. Unlike the majority of the floor jacks, this features a great lifting capacity of 3.5 ton which offers it an upper hand among the car owners. Despite the heavy load capacity, it features latest technology pumping mechanism that facilitates fast lifting. Besides the quick lifting, the device has a swiveling saddle that makes positioning a simple job.

When buying this jack, it’s a significant step since durability is not a trial and error. Boasting high-quality steel frame, it’s stable, reliable and durable for many years. Your safety, vehicle and jack safety is highly taken care of. Besides sturdy structure, the device has internal vent plug that delivers safe operation while bypass valve prevents lifting overloads.

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6. Performance Tool W1640 2-1/2 Ton Floor Jack

Performance Tool W1640 2-1/2 Ton (5,000lbs.) Capacity Jack Floor Jack

  Check price on AmazonWhen you have low profile vehicles, using conventional jack can be a hard nut to crack. But, when looking for a floor jack, it becomes a piece of cake to lift your vehicle. The Performance Tool 2.5-ton floor jack is one of the ideal selections that can use with most cars since it has a range of 5-15 inch lifting. On the other hand, with high weight lifting capacity, it means there is nothing to worry when using it in your garage.

Well, made of flanged steel frame, this tool is durable and keeps performing excellently. Moreover, the structure is sturdy to avoid compromising the general performance. The swiveling caters are great since they facilitate easy positioning. When the load exceeds the jack ability, it has safety bypass valve which ensures your jack and vehicles are safe.

5. Arcan ALJ3T Aluminum Floor Jack, 3-Tons Capacity

Arcan ALJ3T Aluminum Floor Jack - 3 Ton Capacity

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Most of the available automotive floor jacks are made of steel which makes them bulky. Now you can avoid them by looking for this aluminum service jack by Arcan. It is made from sturdy aluminum that enables it to perform excellently in lifting your car. In fact, the device has a load capacity of 3 tons meaning its ideal for most light trucks. Furthermore, equipped with dual pump pistons, you just exert l minimal pressures and experience fast lifting.

Having this lifting jack is ideal since it has one of the highest lifting ranges. With a lift range of 3.6-19.4 inches, you can use it ion different vehicles comfortably. To keep working the jack efficiently, the pistons have dust shielding that keeps the hydraulic fluid clean. The reinforced lifting arm and bypass overload valve keep this jack working for long due to minimized risks. With lightweight construction, maneuvering this device is effortless.

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4. Arcan XL20 2-Ton Low Profile Steel Service Jack

Arcan XL20 Black Low Profile Steel Service Jack - 2 Ton Capacity

  Check price on AmazonComparing various type of jacks, the floor type are comfortable to use and easy to work with. The Arcan XL20 low-profile service jack is an excellent choice especially for people who like doing minor repairs to their vehicles. It’s a low profile device with sleek design and compact to eliminate any storage stress. Despite its compact nature, it enables you to have the support you need to deliver professional work. Weather for home or commercial garage, it never disappoints.

Forget the service jack that is a headache to raise your vehicle. This has dual pumps that fasten your work hence enabling you to enjoy an easy time. Furthermore, the equipped universal joint release mechanism is perfect for allowing smooth release which provides a precise control. The jack has a minimum lift of 3.5 inches and a maximum of 18.5 thus, great for a variety of activities. Featuring high-grade steel and sturdy wheels, this jack is reliable and durable.

3. Pro-Lift F-767 Low Profile Floor Jack, 2 Ton

Pro-Lift F-767 Grey Low Profile Floor Jack - 2 Ton Capacity

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Why struggle with unreliable jacks that can lead to injuries and damage to your vehicle? Don’t let that happen again. Here is a premium quality service jack by Pro-Lift that is ideal for use with any low profile car. Designed to lift a maximum of 2-ton, the jack can lift most of the cars without experiencing hitches. Amazingly, wit6h this device, it has a lifting range of 3.5-14 inches. With this, it enables you to work comfortably without squeezing yourself.

With easy to pump mechanism, the jack is exceptional and don’t give you a hard time like with some devices on the market. In fact, this one is created with safety in mind. The patented bypass device prevents over pumping which helps to keep the jack. Furthermore, the inbuilt safety valve makes sure there is no jack overloading.

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2. Powerbuilt 620479E Xtra Low Profile Floor Jack, 2 Ton

Powerbuilt 620479E Xtra Low Profile Floor Jack with Safety Bar - 2 Ton Load Capacity

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If you like fixing your vehicle in your home garage, the first step is to have a floor jack. Since some of the vital components are on the bottom, you need room to fix them without struggling. The PowerBuilt 620479E low profile jack is one of the ideal choices among the car owners. With a load capacity of 2 ton, it means the device can lift most of the vehicles without compromising its ability to hold for a long time.

Its low profile enables it to lift a car 2.75 inch to 15.5 inches. This gives you the ability to change wheels and other minor touches rather than paying for a mechanic. Amazingly, the device is ideal for unibody vehicles where you can’t use jack stands. Also, for modified vehicles that have an extremely low profile, this jack is the lasting solution. With safety bar, it minimizes risks when working on your car.

1. Powerzone 380044 3 Ton Aluminum & Steel Garage Jack

Powerzone 380044 3 Ton Aluminum and Steel Garage Jack

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Equipping your garage with essentials tools and equipment is an excellent step in enabling proper car maintenance without many hitches. Now, one of the best jacks is this by Powerzone. It’s not just like any other products you might think of, instead high performing and lighter. Consisting combination of aluminum and steel construction, this dramatically reduces weight without compromising safety and performance

Despite its compact size, this tool has a lifting range of 4 inches to 18.25 inches. Enjoying hydraulic operating mechanism, the jack is simple to lift and saves your time. To make sure it’s operating under the right pressure, it has a safety valve that always maintains the jack operating in recommended pressure range. Due to this, it’s hard to overload this floor jack. With lifting head having rubber protective material, the equipment ensures your vehicle is safe from abrasions or breaking. With a load capacity of 3 tons, its perfect choice for your car.


Lifting your vehicle when performing maintenance or changing wheels, is essential to ease the whole process. From our list above, it’s evident that you can have your preferred automotive floor jack to simplify everything in your garage. There is no need to risk anymore with inferior jacks.


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