Top 10 Best Automatic Fish Feeders in 2021 – Reviews

Best Automatic Fish Feeders

Feeding fish has never been much easier and more convenient thanks to the automatic fish feeder. You no longer have to worry about overfeeding, underfeeding, or even forgetting to feed your friendly creatures. With this accessory, you simply clamp it on the fish tank or aquarium, Put the fish food, set a timer and carry on with your activities uninterrupted.

When feeding time comes, it will release just the right amount of food. No overfeeding and no starving of fish. The following are the top 10 best automatic feeders in 2021.

Best Automatic Fish Feeders in 2021


10. eBoTrade Dirct Automatic Fish Feeder

By: eBoTrade Dirct

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Why keep worrying about whether your fish have fed properly when away from home? By installing this automatic feeder, not only will they be fed in a proper manner but you won’t need to be around. This unit is among the most accurate thanks to its superior design and technology.

It comes with a simple mechanism and can be programmed it feed the fish once, twice, thrice, or even four times. The water-resistant hopper ensures the food remains dry all through and also prevents clogging and jamming the system. It works with pellets, flakes, crumbles, and other food types and runs via 2 AA batteries.

9. Super Feeder Automatic Fish Feeder

By: Super Feeder

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Featuring a digital timer, this automatic fish feeder is suited for the aquarium. It measures about 7 inches long, 3 inches wide and 8 inches high and occupies minimal space. Fitting it on the tank is very easy, simple, and takes a few minutes.

Despite its simplicity, it works very well and never gets jammed or clogged up. It is fit with most food types including granules, flakes, pellets, fish sticks and dry shrimp. The analog can be set as low as 70 seconds and is very accurate.

8. Saim Battery-Operated Automatic Fish Feeder

By: Saim

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This is among the simplest and easiest to operate fish feeders. All it takes to set the amount of food is simply moving the slider up or down. It also attaches to most fish tanks and aquariums without a problem and will stay intact until you decide to remove it.

Thanks to being water-protected, chances of the pellets, flakes or any other feed type sticking together and clogging the system are very minimal. It’s run on AA batteries and can be programmed to release food up to 6 times in a day.

7. Wieppo- Automatic Fish Feeder Timer Feeder Aquarium Tank

By: Wieppo

Wieppo- Automatic Fish Feeder Timer Feeder Aquarium Tank

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Feeding your fish in the timely and right manner is what this Automatic feeder seeks to achieve. It is equipped with adjustable slide to adjust the output of the food. Ideally, the feeder can be able to accommodate most types of food such as crumbles and pellets, in addition to that, it features moisture resistant hopper that will keep the food dry and will not get jammed or get wet.

This fish feeder can fit either large or small tank even when the tanks have a cover. The unit is charged with a 2.4m length USB cable or you can use 2*AA battery. It will feed the fish on the weekend or vacation perfectly.

6. Torlam Auto Fish Feeder, Electric Automatic Moisture-Proof Fish Feeder

By: Torlam

Torlam Auto Fish Feeder, Electric Automatic Moisture-Proof Fish Feeder

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If you care much about the health and comfortability of your fish, then Torlam Auto Fish Feeder is the best option that you can trust.  Designed with a moisture-resistant hopper that will keep the fish dry all the time and will never get jammed or wet. The feeder accommodates most types of food such as crumbles, pellets or flakes. Other than that, comes with 2 size food dispensers’ boxes that measure 100g and 50g thus you can select the best one depending on your needs.

The Fish Feeder is powered by 2 pcs 1.5 V batteries and USB charger. It also has three different timer setting modes that include 24h, 12h, and 8h and this makes it different from others that have 2 modes. Ideally, the feeder comes with three-way of installation.

5. AQQEF Automatic Fish Feeder


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This feeder comes handy when on holiday, away from home for too long, or if you just want convenience. The stylish piece has a 150ml capacity and is made from a sturdy material that is safe near water. It features a digital timer that can be set to release fish food up to 5 times a day.

It works seamlessly and is very silent. The unit is powered by 2AA batteries and also includes a digital LCD display for improved functionality.

4. NICREW Automatic Fish Feeder ( Battery Included)


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With this automatic feeder, your fish will grow healthy since you can set the correct amount to prevent overfeeding or underfeeding. The moisture-proof feeder can be programmed to operate up to 5 times a day and relies on a simple slider to determine the amount that should be released. It is suitable for aquariums, fish tanks, and can work with different feeds including pellets and flakes. The moisture-proof unit prevents the food from clumping or clogging the system.

3. PROCHE Automatic Fish Feeder


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This feeder is perfect for different types of fish tanks or aquariums. It can be adjusted to release fish food up to 4 times a day and comes with a user-friendly LCD display for easy monitoring. The accessory comes with a slider for varying the amount of food and is made from tough material to put-up with the frequent operation. It’s also moisture-resistant and won’t be affected by the wet environment. For easy installation and how to operate, it comes with a user manual.

2. Proche Digital Automatic Digital Fish Feeder

By: Proche

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This automatic feeder will ensure your fish is/are when fed while you are away. It’s made of a strong material to suit it for everyday use and comes in a digital form for easy operation. The unit can be fitted on most types of fish tanks, aquarium, and terrariums and is powered by 2 AAA batteries.

It works with most food types including pellets, flakes, crumbles and comes in a moisture resistant design to ensure the food doesn’t get sticky due to wetness.

1. Eheim Battery Operated Automatic Fish Feeder

By: Eheim

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This automatic fish feeder can be installed on the aquarium and fish tanks very easily. The simple design also works well and will deliver the exact quantity as you have chosen.

It is designed for different food types including pellets, flakes, and crumbles, and is water-resistant to prevent entry of water or moisture which may jam the mechanism. The device is well-ventilated thanks to the built-in fan that helps to keep the food dry.


Automatic feeders are saviors to both fish a man. The fish won’t worry about missing food or risking starving to death when the owner is away. The owner, on the other hand, doesn’t need to rush home or keep stressing just because it’s fish feeding time.

With the right automatic feeder, both the fish and the owner will be at peace and satisfied. To acquire the perfect item you only need to read this top 10 best automatic fish feeders in 2021 review and pick an item.


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