10 Best Above Ground Swimming Pool Covers in 2020 Reviews

Above Ground Swimming Pool Covers

Looking for the best above ground swimming pool covers? If that is so, all you need is to pay more attention to the article. Indulging in your favorite outdoor activities brings you closer to nature than ever before. Some people prefer to play tennis in the open ground, some prefer to water their plants while some simply prefer to rejuvenate in their pool. The pool is indeed an excellent place to exercise, stay away from heat and enjoy gossip with your friends. Enjoying the outdoor pool experience may not be straightforward as you assume. This is because there are lots of considerations you need to focus on before deciding to spend your time in the swimming pool. One such vital consideration is the protection of the pool against external parameters.

Being open to nature, it is easy to believe that the pool may be prone to the severity of the external weather conditions. For example, the excess sun’s temperature, a powerful storm, a high gust of wind, etc. influence your pool negatively. Under such cases, it is the best idea to use the above-ground swimming pool covers. As long as you substitute the cover every time you use your pool, you could avoid pollutants and other toxic elements. You will get to know the details about the best above ground swimming pool covers when you read below:

List Of Best Above Ground Swimming Pool Covers In 2020

Buffalo Blizzard Deluxe Plus Winter Cover for 24-Foot Round Above-Ground…Check It Now
Sun2Solar Blue 14-Foot Round Solar Cover | 1200 Series Style | Heating Blanket…Check It Now
Buffalo Blizzard Deluxe Winter Cover for 16-Foot-by-24-Foot or…Check It Now
Robelle 3524-4 Super Winter Pool Cover for Round Above Ground Swimming Pools,…Check It Now
Swimline 18 Foot Round Above Ground Swimming Pool Leaf Net Top Cover | CO918Check It Now
Pool Mate 3724-4-PM Forest Green Winter Pool Cover for Round Above Ground…Check It Now
In The Swim 24 Foot Round Pool Value Winter Cover for Above Ground PoolsCheck It Now
Intex 15-Foot Round Easy Set Pool CoverCheck It Now
Blue Wave Gold 15-Year 33-ft Round Above Ground Pool Winter CoverCheck It Now
Blue Wave NS110 8-mil Solar Blanket for Round Above-Ground Pools, 18-ft, BlueCheck It Now

#10. Buffalo Blizzard Deluxe Plus Winter Cover

Buffalo Blizzard Deluxe Plus Winter Cover

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By: Buffalo Blizzard

A decent quality winter cover product for your swimming pool from Buffalo Blizzard, this cover protects the pool during the colder months. Right from rain to leaves falling from nearby trees, this winter cover provides comprehensive protection to your pool. It can reduce the expense and hassles associated with your pool next season. The corresponding brand presents a broad array of sizes, shapes, colors and budget-friendly options to keep you covered. In its construction, there is an excess overlap material used to balance for lower water levels. Furthermore, you will find the use of an air pillow and the swimming pool top rails.

Now your swimming pool will always stay protected against rain, snow and a heavy gust of winds. To use this winter cover, it is recommended that all additional water gets removed from the top part of the cover throughout the off-season. Doing this will prolong the longevity of the material and could be performed using a cover pump or siphon.In Short:

  • Effectively protects your swimming pool against rain, a high gust of wind and snow
  • There is an excess overlap material included to recompense for lower water levels
  • Provides protection against different weather conditions, trees, and leaves

#9. Sun2Solar Blue 14-Foot Round Solar Cover

Sun2Solar Blue 14-Foot Round Solar Cover

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By: Sun2Solar

One among the best above ground swimming pool covers from Sun2Solar, this solar cover is presented in an appealing blue design. This solar blanket is manufactured from a film of thousands of small bubbles. These bubbles work collectively to amass and hold on the heat during the night and winter seasons. Throughout its operation, it will minimize water evaporation. This is because it prevents up to 95% of pool water evaporation. Now you can conveniently jump into warmth with your friends and family inside a swimming pool without the standard toe dip. The process of putting on and taking off is straightforward, so it allows more time for showing off. During its use, there will be outstanding heat retention, so make sure to place this solar cover back over the water.In Short:

  • It makes sure the pool temperature does not drop excessively by protecting it during the night through a solar blanket
  • Its use will reduce the water evaporation
  • Prepared from a film of thousands of tiny bubbles working collectively to collect and amass heat
  • Can work excellently during hot weather or chilly days

#8. Buffalo Blizzard Deluxe Winter Cover For 16-Foot-By-24-Foot Or 16-Foot-By-25-Foot Oval

Buffalo Blizzard Deluxe Winter Cover for 16-Foot-by-24-Foot or 16-Foot-by-25-Foot Oval

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By: Buffalo Blizzard

The deluxe winter cover from Buffalo Blizzard will fully cover your pool. It comes with 3 feet. of overlap, making it a 19′ x 28′ oval cover. This kind of structure facilitates a safe installation. This extra material is utilized to compensate for lower water levels, an air pillow and the use of swimming pool top rails. The users will be able to secure this cover on their swimming pool with grommets positioned every 3′.

Now it will be not a complicated process to drain the rain because this cover is specially designed to protect your swimming pool against snow, rain, and wind. The overall designing is done to protect your swimming pool with the double-stitched and triple-thick hems using UV resistant nylon threads. These threads are highly useful to withstand the excess temperature from the sun. It is found that its installation will need a little assistance from friends, family, or a neighbor.In Short:

  • Comes with the UV resistant nylon threads to withstand the sun rays
  • This lightweight cover possesses 8×8 scrim per square inch
  • No hassles during installation
  • The cover comes with a vinyl-coated cable and winch

#7. Robelle 3524-4 Super Winter Pool Cover

Robelle 3524-4 Super Winter Pool Cover

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By: Robelle

Robelle is a well-known name in the market to offer the most complete line of pool covers. Every Robelle winter pool cover is made using the sturdy polyethylene material. The top part of solid covers is treated to restrict the damaging UV rays, whereas the base is black to prevent algae growth. The 3524-4 cover shown above is one of the best above ground swimming pool covers from Robelle. It comprises of an all-weather cable and a heavy-duty winch. This winch needs to be utilized with the grommets positioned every four feet on the cover.

Furthermore, you will find a superior quality 8 x 8 scrim included in the pack. Along with this cover, you will find a cable and winch to perfectly secure the cover via the reinforced grommets. When this Robelle cover is placed on your pool, you can stay stress-free about the severe impacts of the external weather conditions on your pool.In Short:

  • The top part is specially prepared to avoid the damaging UV rays from entering inside
  • Incorporates winch and cable
  • Comes with a ten-year warranty
  • Durability is ensured with the use of the strongest polyethylene material

#6. Swimline 18 Foot Round Above Ground Swimming Pool

Swimline 18 Foot Round Above Ground Swimming Pool

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By: Arctic

There are various reasons for making this cover one of the best pool covers. Firstly, it is designed for 18-foot circular pools and prepared from the exceptionally tough, intricate material. It will simplify and quicken the process of debris and leaf exclusion. Its overall size can be conveniently stretched over your winter pool cover. Furthermore, it can work excellently with solar covers. Now you can effectively defend your above ground swimming pool against falling leaves during autumn. In its structure, you will observe a surplus 3-foot lengthy partly cover, a wire, and ratchet. The latter is used to hold this cover steadily in spot right across your prominent frost pool cover.

The best part of using this pool cover is the leaf mesh grasps even the tiniest leaves before they enter your winter cover. Additionally, the rapid installation advantage is one of the most appealing aspects of this cover.
In Short:

  • Long-lasting use is suggested because its manufacturing is done from tough, wicker material
  • Found compatible with solar covers
  • Will not waste your time during installation and can be installed in a few minutes
  • Includes an extra 3-foot overlap, consists of a cable and ratchet

#5. Pool Mate 3724-4-PM Forest Green Winter Pool Cover

Pool Mate 3724-4-PM Forest Green Winter Pool Cover

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By: Pool Mate

In the making of this winter pool cover, the professional-quality polyethylene material is being used. This cover is dedicated to preventing the growth of algae. It comes with a 4-foot overlap for easy installation. In this cover, all seams are heat sealed for delivering excellent performance. This cover from the Pool Mate forest defends your pool during severe winter conditions. Also, there will be blocking of debris and dirt all through the winter. Those pool owners who use this cover and seal their pool with the appropriate winterizing chemicals would get a clean pool during the spring. Consequently, their pool will be easy to open.

The included grommets are positioned every 4′ and must be used with the incorporated cable & winch. The long-lasting use is guaranteed by the Pool Mate. Besides, it is easy to use and install in your pool.In Short:

  • Incorporates a 4-foot overlap to simplify the process of installation
  • It comes with a 12-year warranty
  • In spite of being lightweight, this cover possesses heat-sealed seams to enhance durability

#4. In The Swim 24 Ft Round Pool Winter Cover

In The Swim 24 ft Round Pool Winter Cover

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By: In The Swim

The swimming 24 foot round above ground winter swimming pool cover is known to be the best above ground swimming pool covers from the brand. This is because it will keep your pool in decent condition irrespective of the weather. The manufacturing is done using the laminated polyethylene sheeting woven with dense polyethylene stitching. It ultimately guarantees excellent tensile strength and high durability. You will be astonished to know that this winter cover offers supreme resistance to harmful UV rays. You can consider using this cover to enhance the life of your pool. The size of the cover is 27 feet diameter and the color is blue. In the pack, the steel cable and winch are included.In Short:

  • This cover comes along with steel cable and winch
  • Its manufacturing is done using UV inhibited, triple-laminated polyethylene
  • Makes sure your pool stays in the decent condition during the summer and winter months
  • Exceptional strength and durability are guaranteed by the high-density polyethylene stitching

#3. Intex 15-Foot Round Easy Set Pool Cover

Intex 15-Foot Round Easy Set Pool Cover

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By: Intex

Designed in an elegant round shape, this pool cover is quite easy to use. When used, it will create a snug fit over the edge of the pool. Generally, it will perfectly fit 15′ diameter pools. There are drain holes included to avoid water accumulation. This Intex cover is made using the polyethylene fabric and it conveys high durability. During its use, it will present all-purpose protection for your above ground pool. This will be valid throughout your swimming season. The manufacturing of this resilient cover is done using the durable 7 Gauge vinyl. Moreover, the pack contains rope ties.In Short:

  • Includes drain holes to avoid water accumulation
  • Prepared from the durable 7 Gauge vinyl & includes rope ties
  • Found extremely simple to use
  • Made in an elegant circular design

#2. Blue Wave Gold 15-Year 33-Ft Round Above Ground Pool Winter Cover

Blue Wave Gold 15-Year 33-ft Round Above Ground Pool Winter Cover

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By: Blue Wave

Blue Wave devised this best above ground swimming pool cover from the use of premium quality materials. Basically, it is a Defender top-grade cover which is uniquely constructed from the sturdiest and most tear-resistant material. The structure of this product shows woven polyethylene material which is rugged and UV stabilized. This material provides exceptional protection against sun, wind, snow, and ice. The overall designing exhibits a black underside to prevent algae growth. Furthermore, there are heat-sealed seams included to guarantee a clear appearance of your pool.In Short:

  • Includes a 4-foot overlap to make sure there is no stretching or ripping issue
  • Backed by a 15-year warranty
  • Its structure possesses rugged UV stabilized woven polyethylene to provide protection against sun, wind, and snow
  • Designed in elegant colors

#1. Blue Wave NS110 8-Mil Solar Blanket For Round Above-Ground Pools

Blue Wave NS110 8-mil Solar Blanket for Round Above-Ground Pools

  Get it now on Amazon.com

By: Blue Wave

Holding the place of the best above ground swimming pool cover, this solar blanket will reduce chemical and water evaporation in your pool. With a view to optimizing the heat retention, this solar blanket is designed in an opaque, blue color. Therefore, it allows the maximum amount of sunlight to penetrate the water. This advanced technology boosts your pool’s temperature up to 15 degrees Fahrenheit.In Short:

  • Its working operation avoids up to 95% of pool water and chemical evaporation
  • Presence of the UV-protected polymer resists the damage caused by chemicals and UV radiation
  • The built-in insulating thermal cells entrap heat on cool cloudy days
  • Comes with a 3-year warranty

Buying Guide For The Best Above Ground Swimming Pool Covers

The above-ground pool covers are a vital tool extensively used by any pool owner. There are certain people who attempt to cover their pools using the traps and some other unsuitable materials. Such kinds of projects usually fail and fill the pool with different types of debris. Intending to fully protect the swimming pool from dirt, leaves, and insects, it is vital to purchase an above ground pool cover which is durable and prepared for suiting your size pool. You may consider such covers as the protective covers to effectively protect your water against the harmful elements and other debris. Besides, some of these covers behave as a shield, assisting you effectively lock down your pool during winter. Furthermore, they keep your children and pet away while you are not present in your home. Go through the below section signifying the buying guide for the above-ground swimming pool covers:

Size & Shape

Perhaps the most crucial consideration to take care of is the size and shape of these pool covers. It is essential to check whether they fit the specific pool you wish to cover. It is useless to purchase a circular cover for a square-shaped pool. Also, it is useless to buy a concise cover or the one that leaves a gap. Therefore, considering size and shape is the most essential thing. You need to make sure your pool cover is sufficiently large to reach each edge of your above ground pool. During this process, there must be sufficient overlap, so you will be able to effectively fasten it down and secure it. Obviously, you can check the box or corresponding website listing for the precise measurements of your pool.

It is crucial to keep in mind that the pool covers are not one-size-fits-all. Probably the most critical thing to consider is the cover’s size. You have to ascertain the pool’s dimensions before you purchase. Also, avoid buying a cover that is extremely huge for your pool.

Strength to Stay on

You need to make sure your chosen pool cover should stay put. This aspect is especially important if you are purchasing a solid or mesh cover. This is because it implies shutting your pool down during winter. Your chosen cover should be sufficiently strong to effectively withstand the severity of storms, winds, and snowfall. There must be no tearing or giving out. One more thing to consider is a ripped cover, which will instantly deposit everything amassed on the top part directly inside your pool.

Time to Put on & Takeoff

If it is difficult to use your pool cover, then it would not be long before it is boxed back up and stuffed over a shelf in the rear portion of your garage. The majority of the above ground pool covers will merely demand a few minutes to put on and take off. Furthermore, they are made sufficiently lightweight to be installed single-handedly.


The type of material utilized in the making of such pool covers ultimately determines the durability. The choice of premium quality materials allows long-lasting use and gives you an estimation of the amount of heat to be absorbed or reflected.


It may be a tradeoff when the matter comes to longevity in a pool cover. The dense covers are usually made with superior quality materials, especially if they are equipped with UV protection. However, they are pricier and could be heavier or challenging to use. In simple terms, you can anticipate the cheaper pool covers to last for a season or so. On the other hand, the more premium covers might last up to several seasons. This also relies on how careful you are while putting it on and taking it off your pool.

Inclusion of the Essential Extras

There is something more to consider than a large sheet of polyethylene or vinyl. It is necessary to make sure you have all the cables, fitting and the winch to secure the chosen cover in a fixed place. It should lock it down; therefore, your pool will stay safe, irrespective of the external weather conditions. Those people in a lookout for a solid winter cover should pay attention to the eyelets. Along with this, make sure these are sufficiently tough to prevent ripping during a storm. Additionally, consider purchasing a pool pillow to assist the cover reset on the surface of the water.


If you need to use the above-ground swimming pool covers throughout the year, then you should buy a cover that will be highly effective year-round. This is particularly applicable if you live in a climate consisting of snow in the winter or some other extreme weather conditions during the year. Also, you need to decide if you are about to stop using your pool over specific months of the year or intended to use it on your pool during all four seasons.


The pricing is actually not a key consideration when pool covers are concerned. There may be several options for different sizes of the pool cover. However, there will not be enough of a difference to impact your decision. There is no doubt that your budget does make some difference in the choice of these pool covers. The more you are willing to expend, the better a pool cover you would get. Additionally, you need to carefully decide whether you require a mesh cover or a solid cover.

It is true that a hidden cover will set you back more too. In case you want a particular cover that supports some weight, then you need to consider the cost carefully. In case you need a pump to pump the water from your cover then cost is the critical thing to consider. The basic models of such covers could be very cheap. However, you also need to consider the savings in heating your pool in case you can find a cover that retains the heat.

Benefits Of Above Ground Pool Covers

  • They promote efficiency: You won’t have to feel your pool with water every time you want to use. Keep the water safe from debris, leaves, and other stuff by simply getting an above ground swimming pool cover.
  • They are easy to use: These covers are easy to secure to your pool because they come with overlaps and tighteners.
  • They are highly durable: Getting a cover, especially one of the reviewed would be a lifetime transaction.


If you are looking for the best above ground swimming pool cover, it’s definite that you want a high-quality for your pool. While it may not be easy to determine the best covers on the market, relying on research and experiences is one of the best ways to guide you to the best models. Therefore, getting one of the reviewed above ground swimming pool covers is the perfect step you can make.


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