Best 7-Inch Circular Saw Blades: A Detailed Review

Best 7-Inch Circular Saw Blades

I use circular woodworking saws with a 7-inch saw blade most often. It is a multifunctional tool that can cut longitudinally, crosswise, and at an angle. Plywood, chipboard, and other sheet materials used in construction and gardening are also cut with the circular saw. After many years of working with wood, I realized that all 7-inch circular saw blades for wood differ. I have made detailed reviews of the best saw blades for this diameter to find the best model for yourself without having to pay too much money.

The Best 7-Inch Saw Blades

I find the 7 circular saw blades the most convenient to work with wood and other materials. From time to time, I install circular saw blades of size 7 1\2 inch or 7 1\4 inch on my circular saw. This depends on the required cutting depth and angle with which I will cut wood or other material.

1. Circular Saw Blade by Luckyway – Great Option of the Best 7 Circulars Saw Blades

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One of the best 7-inch circular saw blades from Luckyway is designed for cutting wood, aluminum, chipboard, plywood, and other sheet materials. You do not need to buy several circular saw blades for different materials, which will save you money. The circular saw blade has 36 sharp 65Mn steel teeth in this size. They are well-sharpened and do not need to be prepared for work in advance. The hardened steel resists bending even during overheating and intensive work. This circular saw blade uses Perma-Shield technology to protect the metal surface from overheating. The blade retains its density and shape, regardless of the intensity of use.

Moreover, Luckyway has taken care of the users’ safety. The drive is sold in its packaging and a protective plastic cover that can always be worn after use. This prevents injury and protects the blades from premature wear.


  • Plastic protective cover on the blade;
  • Non-stick coating;
  • Universal use for different materials;
  • High strength steel.


  • Not found.

2. Freud Diablo – Among the Best 7 1/4 Circular Saw Blades for Plywood and More

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Sometimes I need a slightly larger diameter circular disc. In this case, I choose one of the best 7 1/4 circulars saw blades for plywood, wood, aluminum, and other materials. This disc by Diablo has 48 teeth made of titanium carbide. This is a more durable material than simple steel. So I can saw boards and other materials with this blade for a long time without worrying about overheating or damage.

The circular saw blade is engraved, which makes it more stable during operation. Thanks to the engraving, it is easier to saw wood, plywood, aluminum, and other materials evenly. The circular blade has a mounting hole for ⅝ inch, which allows it to be used on all popular saw models. I love this circular disc, but it’s quite expensive.


  • The blade is made of carbide;
  • Universal size fixing;
  • Suitable for all materials;
  • There is protection against overheating.


  • The cost is higher than analogs.

3. MARATHON Carbide Corded – Cheap and Reliable Circular 7 1/4-Inch Saw Blade

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In this 7 1/4 circular saw blade reviews, an important component is its low cost. Irwin Tools has developed an inexpensive series of circular discs with excellent performance. This model has 24 wide and sharp teeth, which can easily cut aluminum and softwood. The blades are silicone coated to repel the wood’s resin during cutting and soften the sawing stroke. Hardened steel is very strong. The blade does not warp or lose its strength over several months of operation. It is a very economical offer, as the cost of the blade does not exceed $10-15.

Please note that this circular saw blade is designed for soft materials. For cutting laminate, dense plywood, or hardwood, you will need a disc with lots of teeth.


  • Low cost;
  • Hardened steel;
  • Sharp blades with a silicone coating;
  • Wide teeth.


  • Suitable only for softwood and aluminum.

4. DEWALT – Light and Sharp 7-1/4-Inch Circular Saw Blade

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This DEWALT Circular Saw Blade is highly durable as it is made of tungsten carbide. 60 fine teeth make it easy to cut soft and dense materials, including laminate, plywood, oak, pine, aluminum, and more. I trust DEWALT products because it was the first company to develop a circular saw and a blade to it. These are very technological blades that do not overheat and have three holes for cooling. This circular blade has special protrusions to protect against nails and other hard objects.

When cutting wood, the circular blade does not overheat, so there is no sticking of wood and resin on the teeth. I like that this model is suitable for both wireless and wired circular saws from different brands.


  • Affordable value;
  • It is made of tungsten carbide;
  • Protection against overheating;
  • Protection against nails;
  • Suitable for wire and wireless circular saws.


  • Not suitable for cutting stone and very dense materials.

5. Freud Diablo Ultra Finish – 7-1/4-Inch Saw Blade Toothed

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Saw Blade 7-1/4-Inch by Freud Diablo is perfect for working with hard materials. It has 60 sharp teeth with small thicknesses. This makes it possible to saw plywood, metal, plastic, and dense wood without vibration or overheating.

Note the four holes in the shape of the fisherman’s hooks at the base of the circular blade. They are necessary to distribute the temperature and prevent vibration throughout the tool. With the Laser Cut blade body, a fine and precise cut is achieved. The steel body is non-stick coated, so the circular blade does not overheat during operation. This product also uses high-density carbide, which is a unique Freud technology.


  • Made of strong hardened steel and carbide;
  • Non-stick coating;
  • The circulation sheet does not vibrate;
  • Fits most circulating saws.


  • It’s uncomfortable to work with soft material.

6. TWIN-TOWN – the Best 7-1/4-Inch Saw Blade for Plywood and Wood

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A special feature of this circular saw blade is its 60 teeth, which easily cope with softwood, plywood, and aluminum. I do not recommend working with hard materials with this blade, as the thin tines of 1.8 millimeters can wear out quickly.

The manufacturer has taken care of the ventilation holes, which both dampen the vibration and cool the surface. The teeth are made of grade tungsten carbide. Therefore, the last 3 times longer than analogs. Also, this circular saw blade is suitable for high speeds (over 8300 rpm).

I think it’s the best choice in the medium price range.


  • The teeth are made of tungsten carbide;
  • High speeds are supported;
  • The presence of ventilation holes.


  • No non-stick coating;
  • Not suitable for cutting hard materials.

7. Titanium 7-Inch Saw Blade for Wood – Efficient Tool by JIUNENG

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In this 7-inch circular saw blade review, I couldn’t help but describe this disk model from JIUNENG. Though the brand is not widely known, its products inspire confidence. This circular blade is suitable for cutting soft and hard materials of different densities. The tooth tips of this item are made of carbide, which increases their density several times.

This cutting blade is suitable for laminate, parquet, plywood, OSB, solid wood, and even aluminum. It is a sharp and inexpensive blade for wired and wireless circulation saws that can last for months or more when used actively. As I like the potency of this circular disc, I highly recommend this product.


  • Sharp tips of titanium carbide;
  • Effective against soft and hard materials;
  • Universal mount ⅝ inches.


  • The fabric size does not always correspond to the specified one.

8. Overpeak – Durable Option Among 7 Circulars Saw Blades

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The Overpeak 7-1/4 Inch Circular Saw Blade is a high-tech product of the famous American company. These circular saw blades are made of tungsten carbide. The teeth have a special cut at an angle, which ensures uniform cutting of wood and other materials without overheating. Pay attention to the large holes in the blade. They are needed to avoid vibration and to cool the circulation blade. This tool has a small price, despite its manufacturability. Overall, it’s a good product, but it has some flaws, which I have determined in the “cons” section below.


  • The low noise level during work;
  • Non-stick coating available;
  • Beveled teeth;
  • Use of tungsten carbide in production.


  • Leaves dark spots on the wood;
  • The fixing hole can become deformed.

How to Choose the Best 7-Inch Circular Saw Blade

circular saw blades of different sizes

There are tens of blade types for circular saws. They differ in the number of teeth, diameter, the material of manufacture, and shape. It’s not difficult to determine the right diameter. Each circulation saw model is designed for a specific blade size. Particular attention should be paid to the number of teeth. The fewer teeth you have, the coarser the wood will be cut. However, it is very fast and convenient to work with such blades. Choose a 7- 7 1/2 inch circular saw blade with up to 40 teeth if you need to saw wood quickly. To work with plywood and other denser materials, you will need a disc with 40 to 80 teeth. The more teeth you have, the smoother the cut will be. But the cutting speed is reduced.

Please note that there are notches in the drive. The more there are, the coarser the cut will be. However, the speed increases. Notches in the blade for circulation saws are also needed to reduce vibration and to cool the metal during intensive work.

Some standard wood saw blades can cut soft metal (e.g., aluminum). Pay attention to the number of teeth and their structure. The more teeth you have, the easier it will be to work with coarse and dense materials, including metal.

Do not use blades for circular saws made of simple steel. Many manufacturers have long used higher density titanium or tungsten tips. They increase the blade`s lifespan by several times. Even an accidentally caught nail will not damage a denser metal alloy blade.

Also, note that the non-stick coating is available. It protects the metal surface from overheating at high speeds.


Answering some questions will help you understand how to use the 7-inch circular saw blade correctly.

How to replace a 7-inch circular saw blade?

First, unscrew the locking bolt, remove it, and take out the pressure washer holding the saw blade. Use the wrench supplied with the saw blade. Then move the lower guide arm to raise the guard and remove the saw blade. Before installing the new disc, check that the saw blade is in the correct direction according to the protective cover’s arrow. Then put the circular saw blade on the pulley and screw in the locking bolt.

How to sharpen a circular saw blade?

You can use the manual method to sharpen the saws. Manual grinding of circular saw blades is performed with a file. A flat blade tool is suitable – it passes easily between the teeth. It is important to know that the upper cutting edge of the tooth is the main source of wear. First, the back surface of the tooth is treated. The tooth’s back surface is first treated on the back surface with a file several times by applying a small force. Each tooth is sharpened alternately in even movements.

Can I use cement cutting blades for wood?

The cement cutting blade has small teeth. Therefore, it will be very difficult to cut softwood for a long time. However, the cut will be smooth. But you can cut plywood and dense wood with these blades.

Choose a 7-inch Saw Blade with These Tips on Practice

Makita circular saw in a shop

I hope my 7-inch saw blade reviews helped you to clarify any doubts you could have regarding the items. Use the information in this article to select and buy a reliable tool for working with wood, metal, building materials, and plywood. Remember that there are special saw blades for each type of material.

I always have two kinds of saw blades at home for soft and hard materials. My personal favorites are DEWALT and Luckyway products. I recommend these manufacturers’ circular discs as the most durable and reliable ones. Do you like other brands of circular discs? Tell me about them in the comments section.


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