Top 7 Best 3 Way led Light Bulbs – Reviews

Best 3 Way led Light Bulbs

Bulbs are essential for our daily illuminating activities. They usually provide light for decoration, reading, and security among other uses. 3-way LED bulbs are designed with enhanced features and consume less power thus you will pay lower bills. Depending on the amount of light you need, these bulbs will either utilize low medium or high wattage filament completing your lighting requirements. We have come up with Top 7 Best 3 Way Led Light Bulb reviews and Buyer’s Guide that will provide you with fantastic brands to consider Purchasing.

Factors to Consider Before Purchasing Light Bulbs 


The bulb’s brightness is essential. In order to get a brighter bulb you need to look at the one that has higher lumens, some bulbs have as low as 3000 lumens but others have more than 8,000 lumens. Look for the one that has high -medium-low conventional setting and illuminate high brightness that you need. The three different lighting levels will assist you to control the amount of lighting in your home


All the 3 way led light bulbs have a different lifespan and this is a vital factor to consider before making your purchase. Some last for around 30,000 hours while others can last more than 50,000 hours. It’s advisable to look for the one that has a high lifespan.

Energy Saving

There are some 3 way led light bulbs that are made with great technology such that it will save some certain percentage of energy. This all depends on the luminous efficiency of the LED bulb. The 3 way led light bulbs listed below are energy savers and consume less energy saving you with a lot of energy bills. Ensure that you look at the ENERGY STAR rated that will offer you peace of mind when it comes to energy bills.


Prices usually range significantly from one product to the other. This all depends on the company that manufactured the LED bulb, durability and lumens that the bulb provides. There are some 3 way led light bulbs that come with the low price but offers the best quality of light without affecting your eyes.

Best 3 Way led Light Bulbs


7. Satco S9372 A21 LED three-Way Frosted 4000K Light Bulb

By: Satco

Satco S9372 A21 LED three-Way Frosted 4000K Light Bulb

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If you are searching for an LED bulb that will give you daytime brightness, then Satco S9372 is perfect for you. There is no start time providing you full brightness rapidly producing 350/1200/1600 Lumens. Similarly, the bulb is UL approved for full enclosed Fixtures and needs only 120 Volts to work perfectly thus consuming less energy compared to other bulbs. This saves you a lot of electricity bills. Ideally, this bulb can produce light that goes up to 300 feet from the location of the bulb.

Most customers love this light bulb as it is beautiful and last for a long time without any defects. With its brightness, your eyes will be protected because it has a low non-visible flickering percentage. The lifespan of this bulb is more than 25000 hours thus will serve you for a long time before replacing it.


  • UL approved for totally enclosed Fixtures
  • A-shaped replacement lamp
  • Medium double contact base
  • 350/1200/1600 Lumens

6. Euri Lighting LED A21 EA21-1050et 3-Way Bulb

By: Euri Lighting

Euri Lighting LED A21 EA21-1050et 3-Way Bulb

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The Euri Lighting EA21-1050et 3-Way Bulb delivers you with 3 different levels of beautiful incandescent-like and warm lighting at your home. They usually light instantly allowing all-around and Omni-directional lighting thus you will enjoy all the services of this 3-Way Bulb during the night and in areas that are dark during the day. In other words, you can use this bulb in desk, floor, bedside and other lighting fixture.

This 3-way bulb provides safe operation all the time because it does not have any mercury, UV or infrared rays. Together with that, the bulb will last for more than 3 Year if you utilize it for 6 hours per day and comes with a lifetime warranty. Another great advantage of this bulb is that its energy star certified saving you more than 85 percent of your electricity bills.


  • Energy star certified
  • 3-Way lamp (tri-light)
  • Mercury-free & shatter resistant
  • 3 Year Lifetime

5. Feit Electric A50/150/850/LEDG2 3-Way LED Light Bulb

By: Feit Electric

Feit Electric A50:150:850:LEDG2 3-Way LED Light Bulb

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The Feit Electric 3-Way LED Lighting Bulb is made with powerful light-emitting diodes meaning that they offer N/A lumens brightness that uses only 3.5 watts electricity thus will save you more power bills. As a matter of fact, its LED will emit full light output without having any start-up time. This 3-Way LED Light Bulb comes with 3 different light outputs and this makes it ideal for lamps, reading lights and also other lighting fixtures in your home.

They are power saver bulbs letting you save much of electricity bills not forgetting that it will illuminate a bright LED light in all lighting fixtures. Nevertheless, this bulb comes with a White finish making it look beautiful all the time.


  • The powerful light-emitting diodes
  • Illuminate full light output
  • 3 different light outputs
  • Perfect choice for reading lights
  • Only consume 3.5 watts of electricity

4. AmeriLuck 3-Way Omni-Directional LED Light Bulb

By: AmeriLuck

AmeriLuck 3-Way Omni-Directional LED Light Bulb

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If you want to minimize your energy costs, look for the AmeriLuck 3-Way LED Light Bulb. This bulb usually only consumes 20Watts and it will illuminate a 2200lumens of LED light making it the best energy efficient bulb you can find in the market. Talking about direct replacement, these bulbs are an ideal direct replacement for CFL or incandescent three-way light bulbs. In other words, this bulbs are Omni-directional and has the capability to standard E26 medium screw bases.

It not only UL certified but also comes with three years warranty thus guarantying you that this bulb will last for a long time serving you. In this case, this bulb will offer superior light quality and you will be able to see the colors the way they are without any eye fatigue giving you a stress-free comfortable atmosphere. It’s equally important to note that this bulb can be used in floor lamps and table lamps with three-way socket and switch.


  • 3 levels of light – low-medium-high
  • 3-year warranty
  • UL certified
  • Superior light quality
  • 87% significant power saving

3. TORCHSTAR-Way 40/60/100W ENERGY STAR LED A21 Light Bulb


TORCHSTAR-Way 40:60:100W ENERGY STAR LED A21 Light Bulb

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This large, big and powerful 3-way LED light bulb from TORCHSTAR offers 40/60/100W equivalent daylight. The bulb is made of an attractive white finish and ideal for everyday usage. This bulb is a perfect replacement for the incandescent bulb and has a brilliant performance having 85 percent less energy consumption thus saving you much money with electricity bills.

With its 800lm high brightness lights, they are going to light up even in high-end corners and they are going to achieve three-way dimming function. Due to the fact that the bulb is UL-listed for top quality, it will operate safely without any infrared, UV or any other deleterious radiation. The bulb has a 270° wide beam angle that will bring well-balanced lighting without any glare or flickers. This makes it suitable for bedside, floor, desk, and other lighting fixtures. Usually comes with three years warranty.


  • 3 distinct brightness levels
  • Energy star certified
  • UL-listed for top quality
  • 800lm high brightness lights

2. AmeriLuck 3-Way 20 watt LED Light Bulb A21Omni-Directional

By: AmeriLuck

AmeriLuck 3-Way 20 watt LED Light Bulb A21Omni-Directional

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This bright white AmeriLuck 3-Way Led’s bulb provides you super quality light that will brighten the living room and is made with brilliant color rendering capacity. As a matter of fact, the bulb is durable and efficient and made to last for a long time. They are likewise ideal direct replacement for CFL or incandescent bulbs. Besides that, this bulb is safe to use at home as they are non-toxic bulbs with lead and mercury free and does not produce infrared radiation or harmful ultraviolet.

The bulb only consumes only 20watts making it too save 87 percent of power as the same time illuminating 2200+lumens of light. With its distinct three levels of light, you can set high -medium-low conventional setting depending on the light you want. In addition to that, the bulb can last 15 times longer compare to incandescent bulbs making it a great choice.


  • Safe for home use
  • 3-year warranty
  • Superior light quality
  • They are shatter-resistant
  • Distinct 3 levels of light

1. Philips LED 3-Way A21 2700-Kelvin Frosted Light Bulb, 2-Pack

By: Philips LED

Philips LED 3-Way A21 2700-Kelvin Frosted Light Bulb, 2-Pack

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These bright white three-Way LED light bulbs from Philips are perfect for both interior and outdoor usage. Comes with three levels of light that include 1600, 800, 450 lumens and this makes it deliver the amount of light that you need in your home. Together with that, this bulb provides comfortable and warm lighting with high CRI. Ideally, it has undergone all the strict test criteria such as color rendition, strobe, flicker, and glare to make sure that it has met all the eye comfort requirements.

These LED bulbs will last ten times longer compared to incandescent bulbs and it will serve you more than 22 years and this will save you a lot of cash of frequent bulb replacement. Nevertheless, this bulb will also maintain its look and feel and this makes it a classic light bulb all the times. In other words, the bulb fit perfectly in E26D medium screw bases and does not contribute to dangerous hazardous waste as it is mercury-free.


  • Comfortable light
  • Fit in E26D medium screw bases
  • Produces three levels of light
  • Offer warm and comfortable lighting
  • Last 10x longer than incandescent bulbs


Purchasing the best 3 way led light bulbs should be a simple process after reading the above reviews of top 7 best 3 Way Led Light Bulb. The best models usually last for a long time and you will get the best value of your money. The bland identified above are the best and all you are required to do is to identify the one that you will be happy with.


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