Top 10 Best 12 Sided Fidget Cubes in 2022

Best 12 Sided Fidget Cubes

What is a fidget cube

A fidget cube is also known as a stimulator toy is a small handheld device. It was designed by brothers Mark and Matthew McLachlan. They were also the co-founders of Antsy Labs which is a Colorado-based design studio. A fidget cube has sensory tools on all sides and also has gears, rolling metallic balls, a switch, joystick and buttons. A fidget cube very easily fits the user’s hands and also captures other senses. It is beneficial for children who have a tendency to fidget.

Description of cube sides

In order to stimulate various senses, a fidget cube generally has one or two features which is specifically intended for those senses. The features have a wide variety including buttons, discs, balls and cogs, switches,  joysticks, and dents. The features are named based on their use. Here is the list of features with their description:

  • Click

This has 5 buttons which are like a standard the face of a die. It has one button on each corner and one in the middle. Among these five buttons, two are silent, two have loud and audible clicks, while the button in the middle has a softer click.

  • Spin

This is a rotatable disc which has a small indentation which enables the dial to spin. The dial makes a clicking sound every time it spins.

  • Roll

This has three ridged cogs with a captive metal ball which can be rotated. The ball, when pressed down, makes a clicking sound.

  • Flip

This is a colored circuit switch. When the fidget cube is moved quickly it makes a sound while moving it slowly does not make any sound.

  • Glide

This is a joystick similar to those found in a gaming console.

  • Breathe

This is 2-3 mm deep oval indentation which can be used just like a worry stone.

List of Best 12 Sided Fidget Cubes

10. Minilopa Fidget Dodecagon.

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People who have lots of tension regarding their work, family life etc should try this product as it is quite helpful in reducing stress and anxiety. It also helps to maintain the concentration level. Depression is a major concern in today’s world. It is reported that 300 million people are affected by depression. The product serves as an anti-depression cube for both children as well as an adult. 12 sided fidget cube keeps our mind and fingers busy. To add on, it is made up of superior quality  ABS plastic and its surface is smooth that gives the user a smooth click roll, flickers, rollers, spinners and also great for clickers. The other plus points of this product are it is durable, lightweight, discrete and easy to carry. It might also help people who are addicted to bad habits. Patients of the autism spectrum are also advised to use this product.

9. ATIC fidget Twiddle.

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Amazing products are created every minute and one such stunning product is ARIC fidget Twiddle. It is a Rubik’s cube which helps to get rid of stress. It is a hand toy decompression especially made for people who are suffering from ADD, ADHD and autism. Adults, as well as kids suffering from the listed disorders,  can take great advantage of the product. As it is available in various colours, customers would find it pleasing. It helps the user to gain proper focus and also help them to relax. It is made with premium quality of materials like the superior quality of polycarbonate and it is eco-friendly in nature. Since the product is portable people can carry it anytime and anywhere. The other plus point of this product is that it does not require a battery to function. Since the product does not produce a loud sound it can be used anywhere.

8. theFube fidget cube

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PILPOC company has come up with one of the best product to relieve stress. TheFube fidget cube is exclusively available with a case so it can be the best gift. The product is made from the finest quality of materials. The plastic is sturdy but has quite a smooth surface. It has soft buttons which are made up of silicon. It is useful for the patients of ADD and ADHD. It has excellent joystick rotation with wider and deeper worry stone. The product isn’t loud. It produces crisp clicking sound which is soothing for almost all the people. Its size is perfect and is portable hence one can take it at his work, in school or even at home and use it without creating a disturbance.  It helps our mind to improve concentration. The box provided along with the product keeps the cube intact and also makes an awesome gift.

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7. Yiiyaa fidget cube

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This gadget is an awesome innovation by the company Yiiyaa. It helps to kill time and keeps the boredom at bay. It is a good discovery that helps to relieve stress and keeps away anxiety. The product is quite captivating. It is effective in maintaining focus. OCD, ADD and ADHD patients find this product to be beneficial. People who have constantly have a habit of fidgeting with their fingers should definitely try this product as it keeps fingers busy. It helps to relieve stress as we can roll it, spin it as well as flip it. So after your day ends it is advisable to use this product rather than that it would be better if you keep it with you the whole day because it is portable you can surely do that. The features of the product are that it is portable, lightweight and easy to carry.

6. Cubier Advanced 12 sided dice toy

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Want to reduce stress and anxiety? Try this wonderful product by Cubier LLC. The product is useful for relieving stress and anxiety. It keeps your mind and body healthy. It is quite valuable for patients of ADHD. It helps people to be more creative and productive. If you have the habit of fidgeting with your fingers or clicking the pen constantly you can try this product. It is durable and portable hence people can carry it at their offices, schools or at their home. It helps to keep your fingers busy. There is no need to worry about the material as it is made up of the finest quality of polycarbonate. The product is eco-friendly therefore no harm to the environment is made. It is guaranteed by the company that it would provide the user with a gratifying experience. It has a joystick which revolves 360o.

5. 12 Sided Fidget Cube – Fidget Dice ii – Fidgeting Toys

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A product that is designed for people who can’t avoid their habit of constantly fidgeting with their fingers is produced by Ombrace. They have designed this product keeping in mind about people who are suffering from disorders like autism, ADD, ADHD and OCD. It is a great stress and anxiety reliever. User can improve his concentration as well. It is made up of high-quality silicon are is quite sturdy but at the same time, its surface is smooth. It is durable and safe hence children above 1 year age can use it. The product has a great feel and would last longer than any other products. It is smaller in size and is portable. People can carry it in their pockets, backpack, handbag as well as briefcases. People irrespective of their age can use this product. Hurry and experience the amazing benefits of the product.

4. WCZC 12 sided fidget cube

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Kids, teens and adults who want to reduce stress and anxiety should try this product. It is the newest gadget that includes buttons, joysticks, switches, gears, stress balls, soothes, silicone balls and disk. The benefits of the gadget are quite amazing. It helps to keep your mind and body healthy by improving concentration level. It also helps a person to make his mood better. The discrete and ergonomic style of the product makes it suitable, perfect and unique gift. The product is loved by the therapist, teachers as well as parents. It is portable and can accompany you in places like a plane, car, office or wherever you wish to go. The fidget toy has 12 sides guaranteed to keep the hands of the user busy. So get rid of your habit of clicking pens and fidgeting with your fingers by bringing this product.

3. fidget dice anti-anxiety

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To get rid of anxiety and to cure the depression disorder it is advisable to buy fidget dice as early as possible. It is available in various colour, therefore, it attracts many children. Still, it is made for both children as well as an adult. It is available in two sizes one is a mini version and the other is the normal one. Some of its features are durability, lightweight, portable and discrete. The product is safe for use as it is made up of the finest quality of silica gel. The product comprises of a stress ball, disk, joystick, switch, gear, buttons and soothes. It is a great product for the people who are suffering from anxiety, ADD, ADHD and autism. People who suffer from insomnia can also experience its benefits. If you are a person who is addicted to bad habits then this product is definitely made for you.

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2. Auertu Fidget Cube12 Sided Fidget Cube dice Occupational and Physical Therapy

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Auertu has designed a product for people who are suffering from disorders like ADD, ADHD, OCD and autism. The product is available in various colours. It helps the users to relive their hand muscle, to relax their brain, relieve mental stress, anxiety and tension. It relieves stress in such a way that you can improve your concentration and can focus on your work properly. The fidget cube comprises of the joystick, gear, button, and stress ball. The fidget spinner cube is compact and due to its size, it can be easily carried in a pocket, handbag, briefcase or a backpack. The product does not produce any kind of noise while in use and is environment-friendly. The product is made from the environme PC and ABS material. It is resilient and can be freely pinched and pulled freely. It also helps in blood circulation and massage.

1. Fidget Dodecagon Cube,Upgrade 12 Sided Dice Toy EDC ADD ADHD Relieves Anxiety and Stress

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To relieve your stress, anxiety, to clear your mind and to add fun in your free time this product is quite helpful. The product is made up of ABS material and silica gel which is safe. If you are a person who bites nails, shakes legs, cracks knuckle and bites your pen you should buy this product and get rid of those shameful habits. It is pocket size hence easy to carry anytime and anywhere. It is a wonderful desk accessory. The product is suitable for kids, teens as well as adults. The sound produced by the product is quite crisp which might bring satisfaction for some people.  It has a 360-degree game based remote sensing which enables its user to have an amazing experience. The product is available with its manual so it becomes easy for the users to understand what kind of product it is, how is it helpful and how to use it.


Some of the advantages of using a fidget cube include:

  • A fidget cube is beneficial for children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.
  • It reduces anxious thoughts thereby minimizing the risks of anxiety attacks.
  • It is helpful for children with Autism. Using fidget spinner as a part of Autism treatment plan has been highly recommended.
  • It has been proved to be beneficial for people with sensory processing disorders.
  • People with the habits of nail-biting, flicking pens and tapping of the fingers can be reduced with the use of fidget cube. Studies have found that the use of a fidget cube breaks these habits in people.
  • The use of fidget cube also manages pain after a prolonged work session or for people with chronic pain.
  • Symptoms of PTSD are also treated with fidget cube. It helps to distract the minds of people thereby reducing nightmares, headaches, and stress.


Apart from all these benefits, there are certain disadvantages to this fidget spinner as well.

  • In school, these fidget cubes prove to be destruction for all the students without ADHD syndrome.
  • The children develop a habit of just spinning their fidget cubes whenever they are in stress or feeling. This habit disables them in developing a long term solution to combat their problems.

Why should you buy a fidget cube

A fidget cube is beneficial for people with anxiety and stress as it keeps the mind distracted and also keeps the fingers distracted thereby reducing fidget tapping. The best thing about this is that it is compact and portable, therefore, it can be taken anywhere and used whenever people feel stressed. This little cube can calm the mind enabling people to focus. It also increases mental agility which keeps the mind distracted from all worries and work pressure. This magical gadget can be great for people who are fidgety and tend to lose concentration pretty soon.


After all the discussion and analysis we come to conclude that fidget cubes are more beneficial for people than doing any harms. It has proved to treat certain conditions and have also been recommended for certain treatments as well.


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