5 Beauty Trends Of 2023 – You Don’t Want To Miss


Are you looking for the next year trendy beauty? Every year, new beauty trends are discovered by the trendsetters and then passed along to the masses. But this is the year you become the trendsetter — because we’re going to help you stay ahead of the wave in 2023 with all the helpful information and beauty tips you need. There are five beauty trends that are slowly popping up among models, fashion experts, beauty magazines, and beauty bloggers that are likely going to be everywhere next year. Those trends include Detail Oriented Nails, Next Level Cat Eyes, Pantone Color Hair, Effortless (Perfect) Skin, and Foil and Glitter.

We’ve identified these trends as the most popular and common because of our research into publications, articles, fashion shows, interviews, and more.

Bottom line, you do not want to miss these trends in 2023. The good news? Rather than you being late to the party like that last year (and the year before that), this year you have access to our exclusive guide below; it will tell you everything you need to know about these beauty trends (before everyone else finds out about them!).

5 Beauty Trends Of 2023

Detail Oriented Nails

Why limit your beautiful nails to just one shade or color? There’s way more out in the world when it comes to nails – just take a look at detail oriented nails. What’s so special about this type of intricate design is that it mixes artwork with beauty. Just think of your nails with every single nail being able to tell its own story.

Examples of detail oriented nails are pristine layering mixed with any of the following additions:

  • Glitter in the form of tiny stars
  • A thin silver layer running from left to right at the top of a nail
  • All nails on one hand having the same design but all in different colors
  • A different design for each nail
  • Tiny words on each nail, in a poetic capacity

The truth of the matter is, when it comes to detail oriented nails, there are no limitations. Think of this approach to nail polish as a way to express your inner beauty in a creative way that is unique to you and your personality.

Not only that, but just imagine the impact it could have when you shake a person’s hand for the first time: on a first date, on a job interview, at a conference, etc. Giving your nails a reflection of your personality allows you the chance to make an impression in any scenario you find yourself.

Next Level Cat Eyes

Made popular by Beyoncé and Bella Hadid, beautiful cat eyes are completely going next level. Think of cat eyes as a way to show off your exotic side while also maintaining a classic look.

Here are a few of the categories of “next level” cat eyes that the beauty and fashion magazine Allure has recently assessed:

  • Sleek: thin cat eyes that extend fairly close to your temples
  • Classic: cat eyes that only appear as cat eyes from a close enough distance
  • Graphic: cat eyes that cover your entire eye in a circular setting

What’s interesting about cat eyes is that they can really accentuate your look and yet simultaneously keep you arguably perfect for “going to work” attire or “going to the club” attire. According to Allure, some women are even using quick hacks like playing up outer lashes to create a cat-eye effect.

They’re also perfect for anyone who’s using microblading supplies, in that they’re designed to provide sophisticated women with the resources they need to keep up with their sleek look.

The beautiful aspect about it all is that the next level cat eyes’ look is empowering women to embrace the idea of being fierce no matter the circumstance. Women deserve to get what they want – putting on those cat eyes will help you stay focused and determined to get results.

Pantone Color Hair

As more and more women are becoming the creators they were always born to be, their hair colors are beginning to reflect their inner creative genius. Perfect example: Pantone hair colors.

Think of Pantone colors as neon bright palettes. The same way that you can choose a customized color for text on a computer is the same way you can use a Pantone style color for your hair. It’s personal. It’s custom. It’s uniquely you!

Yes, we were born with hair colors with respect to our genes. But like a name, a hair color can change. Using healthy hair coloring products that bring out the colors that best represent how we feel and how we see the world is imperative to our identity. Everyone can understand that.

Luckily there are Pantone hair coloring charts that identify the best shades of orange, purple, green, as well as other colors. The entire spectrum and range is incredibly wide, so you should be able to find any option for how you feel about yourself.

According to Redken, there are multiple hair color transformations that Pantone shades are made for creating:

  • Island Paradise Hair color, for embodying your inner mermaid.
  • Greenery-Inspired Hair color, for embracing your love for nature.
  • Flame Red Hair color, for tapping into your fearless side.
  • Pink Yarrow Hair color, for showing love to yourself and others.
  • Niagra Blue Hair color, for taking on the world with positive energy.

While the concept of hair coloring has always been around, new Pantone colors have sprung up recently that are also healthy – giving us the chance to excel at having beautiful and healthy hair.

In addition, they give us the opportunity to change our hair color depending on our mood as well as the season. Some Pantone shades are ideal for the winter while others are better for the spring. All in all, we have options, and that’s what’s so exciting about Pantone hair color transformations for 2023.

Effortless (Perfect) Skin

Here’s an interesting fact: skin is imperfect. That’s right. No skin is perfect. We keep chasing this idea that an individual can have perfect skin and yet, it couldn’t be further from the truth.

That’s why one of the five beauty trends of 2023 you don’t want to miss is having effortless (perfect) skin. The “perfect” is in parentheses because it’s only the representation of perfection; it’s the understanding that perfection isn’t attainable.

But what’s relieving is that you can use makeup to present your skin in a way that appears at least being close to perfect.

Here are a few ways that people are effortlessly making their skin perfect in 2023:

  • Airbrushing
  • Using a concealer with foundation
  • Diffusing discoloration
  • Layering their skin with moisturizer
  • Using less product around laugh lines

And that’s the best element – you can embrace imperfection and enjoy the fact that you can use makeup to your advantage to use whatever’s right for your skin. Relax. Take a deep breath. Makeup is here to help you in 2023.

Two Words – Foil and Glitter

Foil and glitter is making a comeback in 2023; you heard it here first. By “foil and glitter” we mean metallist liquid foil and glitter, ideal for a beautiful eye shadow mix.

These textures come together in excellent fashion because they provide a great spotlight on your eyes, especially as neatly aligned shadows. As a pair, these textures are offered by many leading brands including, but not limited to, Sephora, Stila, Laura Merger, Surratt Beauty, Marc Jacobs, and Bobbi Brand.

Nonetheless, the best part about this beauty trend is that it keeps your eyes looking exotic, hypnotic, and multidimensional. On top of that, you can add the texture as an added layer on top of any other makeup you’re currently wearing, helping to add a layer of an edgy look.

And all that’s required is just one swipe, which means you’ll be able to keep your package of foil and glitter for a fair amount of time.


Look, how you view yourself is so essential to how you feel about yourself – that’s why makeup is such a useful tool. But that’s all it is: a tool. So use it wisely in 2023. Make it represent you and who you are.

If you look at the five beauty trends outlined above, what’s imperative to keep in mind is that you don’t have to utilize each and every trend. Stick to the ones that speak to you and keep you looking healthy, beautiful, and unique.

If you want to keep your nails simple rather than detail oriented, that’s totally fine.

If you want to stick with microblading your eyebrows or layering foil and glitter for your eyebrows, it’s completely up to you.

2020 is going to be about how you carry yourself and present yourself to the world. Gone are the days that you have to follow what each and every celebrity is doing. 2023 is about you picking and choosing who inspires you and what interests you.

It’s about subscribing to the influencers that you look up to, not just the ones that come up on your newsfeed.

Do you in 2023. Be yourself. Love yourself. And stay looking beautiful and healthy because it’s paramount to feeling good.


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