American Standard Champion 4 Review: How Good is This Model?

American Standard Champion 4 Review

American Standard is a well-known brand of sanitary ware in the United States, founded in 1875. The company produces faucets, bathtubs, toilets, sinks, shower trays, and bathroom furniture. In this article, I would like to pay attention to their most common toilet model. American Standard Champion 4 review will allow you to study the toilet specifications and compare them with other items.

ManufacturerAmerican Standard
Part number3177.016.020
Item weight74 pounds
Product dimensions16.5 x 14 x 30.38 inches
Comfort height16-1/2″
Flush type4″ piston action Accelerator™
Flush capacity1,6 gallon
Item model number3177016.020
MaterialVitreous China
Installation methodFloor-mounted
WarrantyLimited 10-year warranty
Item package quantity1

Detailed American Standard Champion 4 Review

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American Standard has been developing comfortable toilet models for many years, taking into account consumer needs. Champion 4 is an updated model that received a new design, better performance, ergonomics, and economy.


American Standard Champion 4 has an ergonomic design that will fit any style of the interior of your bathroom. The elongated shape of the toilet was explicitly made by international standards ADA (the U.S. Disability Protection Act). The American Standard Champion 4 color of white is the most popular among customers. The manufacturer provides an opportunity to pick other colors to choose from, among which is black (other colors are not available in some states of America).

The siphon in Champion 4 is completely hidden. The lower part of the toilet has an extended base, which makes it more stable.


American Standard Champion 4 is made of Chinese porcelain. It is a durable material that resists shocks and is not damaged in normal use. Porcelain is fired at high temperatures before reaching the required strength. Only then the surface is covered with a white ceramic glaze.

The peculiarity of sanitary ware is a special antibacterial coating EverClean. Due to this technology, no bacteria are formed on the surface, and the toilet remains hygienically clean for a long time.

The unique paint is resistant to sunlight, so the white color does not lose its shade even after 5-10 years of use of sanitary ware. Please note that the special shape and choice of the material have made this toilet bowl very light, weighing only 74 pounds.

Shape and dimensions

American Standard 2004314020 4

You can’t call the American Standard Champion 4 shape smooth and even. The cup-shaped construction on the top narrows, making the toilet seat more comfortable. Behind, you can see the outlines of the trap and the drain hole. This is done to save space, as Champion 4 takes up very little space in the bathroom after installation. The dimensions of the toilet are 16.5 x 14 x 30.38 inches.

Add to the height parameter about one more inch, which takes up the seat. As indicated by the manufacturer, the toilet body size, drum volume, and drain hole diameter meet ASME A112192M specifications.

However, the seat is not available as standard. You can buy a separate mechanical seat with or without a soft lowering function.

Flushing technology

All washing characteristics are by the Los Angeles Department of Water and Energy requirements as well as national regulations. Due to the ergonomic shape of the drain cistern, this toilet consumes only 1.6 gallons of water per flush. For more efficient flushing action, the American Standard Champion 4 features a four-inch flush valve.

The siphon mechanism is standard in shape. Its diameter eliminates hole clogging, even in the presence of paper and toiletries. The Champion 4 flushing system has been increased by using Speed Connect 100% technology in the connection between the tank and the drain hole.

Due to the robust construction and noise-canceling rubber gaskets, the noise during water drainage is kept to a minimum.

Extra features

To complement all the noteworthy characteristics stated above, American Standard Champion 4 one piece elongated toilet has several additional features:

  • Easy installation with the two bolts that come with the kit;
  • Water-saving drainage system with low water consumption;
  • Powerful piston flush system;
  • Hygienically clean surface with EverClean technology;
  • Lightweight for easy transportation and installation.

Price range and warranty

The model of American Standard Champion 4 toilet bowls belongs to the average price range. For the price specified by the manufacturer, you get many advantages, as well as a 10-year warranty on the movements, coating, and strength of the case.

American Standard 2004314020 Champion4

Please note that the manufacturer’s range includes several similar toilet models at different prices. In comparison, the American Standard Champion 4 vs Champion 4 Max is cheaper than the standard model presented in my review. But this item will be less expensive than Champion Pro.

The manufacturer guarantees that there will be no breakage of the toilet for 120 months from the date of purchase. Otherwise, you can return the product and exchange it for a new model.


American Standard Champion 4 installation is performed using two bolts that are screwed directly into the bathroom floor. The bolts have white caps, due to which they are completely invisible against the snow-white body of the toilet.

It is not necessary to call a professional plumber for fixing, as for installation, there is everything you need in the kit. The instructions contain a scheme of installation using the bolts that come with the set. It is also necessary to connect the drain to the sewer and connect the hose from the water supply.

Overall pros and cons table

You can install the toilet on its own without calling a professional plumber at home.Economical flushing and small drain capacity.Silent flushing.Elongated housing, making the toilet seat more comfortable.There is no toilet seat in the kit.The height of the toilet is 16.5 inches without a seat, which may not be comfortable for people with small stature.


There are several variations of the American Standard Champion 4 toilet bowl:

  • Champion 4 Max (model with the increased height and weight of 114 pounds);
  • Champion 4 Pro (model with the increased height and economical water consumption of 1.28 gallons).
  • Champion 4 Standard with seat;
  • Champion 4 standard without the seat.

Want to see more models from American Standard? Check my reviews of Optum Vormax and Cadet 3.

American Standard Champion 4: High-quality and Reasonable Price

In this American Standard Champion 4 review, you have learned one of the most popular models of toilets from the famous brand of plumbing. American Standard Champion 4 toilet problems are seldom since the manufacturer provides a 10-year warranty of quality. I can recommend this toilet model for everyday use.

You can compare the characteristics of the American Standard Champion Pro vs Champion 4. However, I would have chosen the standard model 4 because of its affordable price, economy, and other advantages that I have already described in this review.

Which toilet model you would choose for your home and why? Write about it in your comments.


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