9 Types of Massage and All About Massage That You Should Know

Massage and All About Massage

Massage is a handling of the soft tissues of the body. The process has a psychological, physical, spirit, mind, and body effects. The term massage originated from the French which means kneading or friction. In Arabic, the word has some meaning too. The Arabic name “massa” which means handle, feel or to touch.

In Latin, the word “massa” means “mass, dough” During the process of massage the tendons, ligaments, lymphatic vessels, soft tissue, muscles, and other body organs get manipulated in different ways. Some of the common ways include vibration, motion, and pressure.  The massage can be done using elbows, feet, fingers, forearms, hands, thumbs and soft fists.

The 9 Types of Massages & Advantages

Due to the above ways of doing massage, there are different types of massages in the world. Below are different types of massage that you should know.

1. Shiatsu Massage

Shiatsu massage has its origin in Japan, and it is mostly used to achieve peace and harmony of chi in the body. It is used in the whole human body for spiritual and physical healing.  It is a finger pressure that which uses acupressure methods that involve the elbows, hand, knees, and thumbs. When it is done some holding, pressure, stretching, and rubbing can be used to give a deep and firm massage. When it is done, you are you should lie on a floor mat thus giving you a relaxing experience that will stimulate the healing systems of your body.

Advantages of shiatsu massage

  • It is right in relieving stress-related headaches and muscle tension symptoms
  • The massage is suitable for enhancing spiritual and mental awareness
  • The power of shiatsu massage helps in healing the whole body
  • It is suitable for improving the physical and the spiritual nature
  • The shiatsu massage profoundly relaxes the entire body
  • It is ideal for relieving headaches and muscle tension

2. Neuromuscular Massage

It is a therapy that aims at reducing and relieving muscle pain.  It is suitable for reducing pain and stimulating the nervous system and enhancing the blood circulation to all parts of the body. The theory and the fact behind this massage revolve around the muscle spasms.  Neuromuscular massage is not done on the whole muscle, but a section of the tissue called trigger point.  When the pressure is excreted on the trigger point, it circulates the blood to the entire body thus reducing pain.

Advantages of neuromuscular massage

  • It is suitable in reducing lactic acid build-up in the body
  • It relaxes the body muscles thus increasing the blood flow to all
  • With this massage, the lactic acid and clot blood reverberate to other areas of the body hence healing
  • It is suitable for stimulating the nervous system and reduces pain

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3. Pregnancy Massage

This type of massage is the same as the Swedish massage. It has many adjustment positions that are used to reduce the discomforts that are related to pregnancy. The massage is mostly done with the mother while she is lying on a unique pillow. While the massage is going on, her body should have the greatest comfort ever. It is called pre-natal massage due to its suitable work of helping new mothers.

Advantages of pregnancy massage

  • It is suitable in relieving swelling in the leg muscles, and it reduces stress
  • It enhances flexibility and blood circulation to all parts of the body
  • This massage enhances lymphatic systems thus improving the immune system of the mother
  • It keeps the body healthy thus allowing blood flow to the baby and the mother
  • In short, it is the best in reducing back strain and correcting posture

4. Aromatherapy Massage

Aromatherapy massage involves plant oils that are highly concentrated.  The oils are called essential oils that you can add to the massage lotion and oils. It combines properties of natural therapeutic that come with essential oils.  Due to the essential oils, massage therapy gets its healing power. The oil diffuses into the thus causing the relaxation effect.

Advantages of Aromatherapy Massage

  • It is the best in healing and relaxing the spirit, body or mind
  • It gives a rejuvenating and relaxing experience
  • It provides a fragrance that stimulates the nasal senses

5. Swedish massage

Swedish massage is very popular than most Western massage types. It involves gentle but the firm pressure that leads to relaxation thus lowering pressure on specific tensions on muscle. It is done on bare body skin using body lotions or some particular oils. This therapy is done using elbows, forearms, and hands, to massage the superficial part of the body muscles. When well done, it may lead to a short healing time of muscle strains. The healing process is enhanced by flushing uric acid, lactic acid, and metabolic wastes substances thus increasing the amount of oxygen in the blood.

Advantages of Swedish massage

  • Helps in the fast elimination of wastes from body cells
  • It is suitable in getting rid of uric and lactic acid from the body
  • It is ideal in removing metabolic wastes from the body by increasing oxygen supply to the body tissues
  • It is perfect for shortening the recovery time taken by the body

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5. Deep Tissue Massage

Like the name suggests Deep Tissue Massage focuses on the deeper layers of muscles. It is mostly used in treating a specific problem that is situated deep in the tissues. Deep tissue massage helps in healing the deeper tissues rather than the surface ones. When it is done, it involves slow but long strokes that flow in a specific way thus easing the pain in the muscle.

Benefits of deep tissue massage

  • It is suitable at leaving you feeling blissful and relaxed
  • It relieves pain thus restoring muscular issues to normal
  • Enhances oxygen supply around the body
  • Assists in refreshing and relaxing of muscles
  • It is suitable for tackling particular physical problems

6. Sports Massage

Sports massage is mostly meant for athletes and most sports people but is suitable for anyone with an injury, motion problems, and chronic pain. It majors in healing and preventing of several injuries that may occur in the tendons and muscles. This type is different from a different kind of massage in that it is known for its deeper soft tissue massage.  It uses specific methods that help in treating physically active people. Sports massage can be done during the training, after the practice or during the training.  During its working, it comes with different advantages, and anybody can use it.

Benefits of sports massage

  • Enhances optimal metabolic processing
  • Can acts the part of the rehabilitative method that is suitable for alleviating injury pains
  • It is ideal in reducing the soreness muscle
  • It is perfect for enhancing recovery after training and works intensely
  • Helps in bringing the body tissues to their normal states
  • It stimulates the movement and circulation of lymph fluids and blood to all parts of the body

7. Indian Head Massage

This type of massage is prevalent in Asian countries.  It has been used there for many years, and it has shown suitable signs of reducing stress, headaches, insomnia, tension, and migraine.  Despite its name, it can involve massaging of the shoulders, neck, scalp face and even ears. It includes different simple treatments like compression movements and deep kneading. In most cases, it is done while one is sitting upright in a chair.

Advantages of Indian head massage

  • It helps in improving the mobility of joints
  • It promotes concentration and alertness levels of mind by revitalizing it
  • It enhances the flexibility of the shoulders and neck
  • It is suitable for treating neck pain and fatigue

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8. Reflexology Massage

As called the zone therapy, reflexology massage is based on the reflex action.  It is applied to the limbs that correspond with other body organs.  When this type of massage is well done, it can help in healing specific glands and body parts. In most cases, when the pressure is applied to some particular parts of the body, it leads to healing of specific body organs.  When done, plain fingers, hands, and thumbs are used without applying any oil or lotion

Benefits of reflexology massage

  • It stimulates most of the internal organs
  • It boosts the body circulation thus restoring body function to normal
  • It can promote healing by just stimulating foot which enhances the flow of energy to the body
  • This type of massage helps in releasing of endorphins which is natural painkiller of our body

9. Hot Stone Massage

Hot stone massage can be said to the full body healing which can be done using smooth flat heated stones. It is suitable to state that the stones are water heated then placed along two sides of the spine code.  When that is done, the affected muscles relax and relieve tension in a swift way. The goal is to help the body muscles relax and reduce stress very rapidly. Various stones of different weights are applied to varying degrees of pressure. It also combines with Swedish massage that uses deep heat combined with strength, soothing and oils stones to help in relaxing the muscles. The whole process allows deeper and intense healing.

Advantages of hot stone massage

  • It improves whole body blood circulation
  • It is suitable for curing sore muscles, back pain, and stress
  • It is also ideal for providing the body with a natural balance
  • It is also ideal in relaxation of deep muscle
  • It is perfect in giving warmth and comfort


As you have seen, there are several types of massage.  Each type of massage comes with its benefits that help in reducing and relieving stress. Some help in reducing body pain and even enhance the general well-being of the body. All these types of massage can be said to be ancient arts that most people used to depend on. Up to now, all these types of massage are adored in their country of origin.

The spreading of these healing techniques to other countries has made it easy for people gain a lot from them. The amazing thing with any massage that you may use is that it does not have a side effect. It is useful, and the healing power of massage is permanent.


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