6 Things You Need To Have Inside Of Your Car To Make It Looks Great & Lively


I always keep the inside my car clean and fresh as well as luxurious as it should be. And if you are a car lover like me, I bet you have done the same. Believe me or not, I don’t really spend a tone of money on doing that. I always minimize my expense by spending only on the right items. And to be honest, it is really confusing when you browse the internet and see so many accessories that you can buy to put inside your car. It is really hard to decide which ones are a must-have and which ones are not. If you really have a hard time deciding, here, in this article, I have listed down 6 things that I believe are compulsory for any car owners to have inside their car. Let’s go through the list below.

1. Android Car Stereo


To start us off, I firstly fill the list with a useful electronic device for your car – Android car stereo. This is simply a car stereo with Android, one of the most popular operating system on mobile phones and other devices, as its operating system. Much more than entertainment, the device actually provides information, safety, and convenience to the car owner.

One of the most useful features of this product is the feature that related to map and direction. The feature allows a driver to find the road to their direction easily without the need to check their mobile phone which is very disturbing and unsafe. Additionally, most of the Android car stereo these days try to make sure that you can connect your phone to the car. The function provides a user with an ability to make or receive calls easier and safer than it used to. These are just a few basic features, and it would be a surprise to know how functional and helpful Android car stereo can be.

2. Car Air Purifier


When you go for a long journey or drive back and forth between your workplace and home, what will happen? Of course, you’ll smell, and your car does too. This is just one example! There actually are countless reasons for a car to have poor air quality.

When you smell, you can smoothly go for a shower. However, when your car smell, it does not need a shower; it needs purified air. This is why car air purifier comes to place. Car air purifier works by purifying bad-quality air, usually with HEPA technology (depends on the purifier model or product), gets rid of bad particles and replace the entire inside-car environment with newly fresh air.

At first glance, car air purifier seems to be all about the bad and good smell, when in reality it is more about your healthy lifestyle by breathing with fresh air.

3. Car Air Freshener


If you want to eliminate bad odor in your car but refuse to own a car air purifier, then you might like this alternative item – car air freshener.

There are two main differences between the two. First, car air freshener does not usually use electricity. It usually comes in the form of a bag or sticker-like. All you need to do is put them inside your car and it all done. Second, car air freshener does not purify the air. All it does is to spread the stronger smell into the air to get rid of the smell of sweat, spilled foods and drinks, or even cigarette smoke.

Some people use both purifier and freshener, some us either one of them. If you think your car is okay and you do not want to spend much amount, then it is time for you to grab some fresheners as they are usually far cheaper than car air purifier.

4. Car Vacuum Cleaner

Best Car Vacuums

It is perfectly okay to drag your household vacuum cleaner out and vacuum the interior of your car. I also did that in the past. Although it is perfectly legal and okay, it is not convenience and definitely not an ideal way to clean or vacuum your lovely expensive car. You certainly need a car vacuum cleaner.

There are two main differences between household and car vacuum cleaner. Firstly, almost every home vacuum is connected to AC current and use high electric power. On the other hand, car vacuum cleaner can be easily attached to your car cigarette power outlet. This brings a new level of convenience since you can vacuum it anytime anywhere you want without a need of AC current. Secondly, car vacuum cleaner usually comes with the right nozzles to vacuum different and challenging parts of the car. For sure, a household vacuum is much more powerful, however, without the right nozzles, it is not anywhere useful compared to the car vacuum.

Maybe it is time to stop using household vacuum to clean your car and start using the right item instead. And if you look at standard price of the car vacuum cleaner, it is very affordable to just buy and have one kept inside your car.

5. Car Seat Cover


For starter, having a car seat cover is a great way to refresh and change the way the car looks from the inside. I know that some of us might get bored and start to dislike the color or the design of the seats. When you cover them with a seat cover, it can transform the look entirely with different colors and patterns. And the good news is, if you start to get bored again, it is easier for you to just go for another cover with different design rather than changing your original seat.

On top of making differences on the look, it also helps to protect your original seat from dirt by acting as protection barrier for your seat from the outside world. Most of them are easy to install and is DIY without a need of professional help. With seat cover, there is no need for the owner to clean the seat as it gets protection all the time. You only need to clean or change the cover and boom… everything is all new!

6. Car Air Bed


If your car is usually used to travel far from here and there with your family or group of friends, there is a must in having car air bed. The accessory is just an air bed that is specially manufactured for car use. Without any doubt, this can give you and family far better relaxation than just sleeping directly on your car seat.

Having one or two car air bed in your car is always a good idea as most of the model can be inflated and deflated to save up spaces. However, you need to find the right air bed that can fit your car or otherwise, it is a waste of time and money.

Note: Check your local laws to make sure your use of car air bed is legal.

Final Word

There you go, the 6 must-have accessories in your car. With these items, I am sure you can transform and make your car a better vehicle for both short and long-distance driving. Since we own a different car, it is advisable for the individual user to check the compatibility of any item before deciding to buy them. With the right accessories, I bet you will see a huge difference in your vehicle!

How about you? What items do you think we forget to include? What do you think are necessary to have in a car? Drop your comment here!


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