5 Tips to Shave Your Bikini Area the Right Way


Are you worried about your bikini area? Do you think you’re shaving your bikini area the right way?We know that shaving can be a daunting experience. When you have to do it fast because a new event or beach trip is around the corner – stress & nerves start growing on your body. You’ll want to look as smooth as possible, but now you are facing fear and a possible ugly-looking cut when trying to be quick.

To get rid of all that fear and nervousness to just get on with it you must know precisely how to do it the right way. This will prevent mistakes and keep you off harming your skin by not shaving correctly.

Luckily for you, we know exactly what you should do if you want to improve your shaving skills – here we have five of the best tips to follow to get rid of your swimsuit area hair the right way. Come and learn to shave like a pro!

5 Tips for Shaving your Bikini Body

Shaving could end up in cuts & wounds. If you are not cautious, you may even leave scars for life. To prevent all that, these tips will come useful:

1.     Use the Right Razor or Shaver

When you have the right shaver or trimmer for bikini area, you can get rid of all the hair in your bikini line without making much of an effort. A razor can always be an excellent choice despite being a little problematic. In the end, it all comes to picking the right shaving product.

The first thing to look for is the number of blades. Razors and trimmers with multiple blades always give the best cutting capacity without harming your skin. Those with fewer edges eventually make it hard to cut effectively and demand more force to do so, which could end up in worse wounds.

This will eventually prevent any irritation and cut on your skin. When you put your two-piece on, nothing weird will show, and your skin will look as smooth as you need it to.

But for this, you’ll have to get rid of any disposable razor or trimmer. And what’s even more important, you’ll have to keep your shaver clean at all times, especially after using.

Rub alcohol on the blades, clean with hot water, and maintain in a dry place to prevent the growth of germs and bacteria. This will also avoid any potential infection and weird-looking red bumps.

Just make sure you have a clean, effective, and safe razor, shaver or trimmer ready for the job, and that’s it. Shaving will eventually become a piece of cake.

2.     Prepare your Skin before Shaving

Your skin is not synthetic. This means it needs to be prepared for shaving in case it is dry, stiff, or dirty. That’s why we recommend always spending at least 10 minutes in warm water, cleaning the area of the shave and softening up your skin. Then dry up, and you’re ready.

This will make your skin easier to handle, which means the shave will be straightforward, painless and completely effective. You won’t have to pass the razor or shaver several times in the same area. Instead, all the hairs will be cut more efficiently and faster than without preparation.

Some experts even suggest exfoliating the skin before shaving. This gets rid of all dead cells and raises hair strands. The blades will cut smoothly through the skin, prevents unwanted skin residues in the shaver, and eventually makes ingrown hairs get out for a better result.

Forcing the trimmer on your skin will be a thing of the past once you start preparing your skin for shaving. You won’t trust the usefulness of this process until you try it, especially for the problematic bikini area. 

3.     Use Shaving Creams

Most girls think that creams are only for keeping the skin clean and healthy. And while this is not entirely incorrect, it leaves a lot behind. Shaving creams are much more than just skin protectors.

When you use shaving cream, you start taking care of your skin the right way. This helps not only to improve & make your skin better-looking while preventing damage; it also adds effectiveness to the shave.

A nice shaving cream will promote a smoother pass of the blade with an irritation-free experience. You will feel no pain while shaving. And afterward, you’ll have a softer and much cleaner shaved area. Especially if you are someone who needs to get rid of hair in a broad zone – a shave cream makes it easy and faster. 

Not only you’ll achieve a perfect shave, but you’ll also soothe and make your skin look amazing which is something not many other products offer. Afterward, you won’t feel the rash and bumps that shaving without a cream leave. As soon as you start spreading one of these on your skin before shaving, you won’t ever stop.

4.     Use the Right Shaving Technique

Being prone to getting red bumps and pimples from shaving is pretty frustrating. But you can always minimize this as long as you shave the right way. Yes, it mostly comes down to using the proper movements to prevent harming your skin unnecessarily, and you’ll eventually forget of bumps & cuts.

When you pass the razor or shaver in multiple directions all across your skin, the hair will not be cut evenly. This makes some hair grow inside your skin and prevent proper grow in others. As a plus, pimples, and bums start to appear.

We recommend gliding the razor as softly as possible along the desired area to prevent this. Always make sure the blade points downward and that you don’t add much pressure. Each pass of the razor or shaver should be subtle and gentle; this way you prevent any harm to your skin that could make it look bad.

Preventing cuts and making small bumps almost impossible to happen, if you do it the right way, there will be nothing to complain about after shaving. The longer you glide the blade across the skin, the gentler and more consistent the cut will be – so don’t hesitate to do it this way.

And if you feel the need to re-shave a specific area, try to soothe and clean before passing the shaver again. Just remember that the softest and the most even the cuts are, the better it will be for your skin. Keeping the shaving area clean in the process can also help you enormously.

5.     Treat Your Skin after Every Shave

Now that you’re almost ready and the bikini area is hair-free, it is time to clean the surface and get rid of unwanted residue. Apart from that, it is time to treat your skin, so any possible damage is cured.

Sometimes you may start feeling some irritation even after shaving perfectly well. This is normal, and luckily it has a solution. Just use a cold compress or hold it on the irritated area for a few minutes and that’s it. This should prevent any further inflammation and reduce the pain or rash completely.

Wash off the entire area as good as you can. Use additional oils, an antiseptic, and an anti-inflammatory medication if you need to. And to make the whole process even better, you can add a moisturizer or a skin-treatment ointment.

When you apply moisturizer after shaving completely, you get back all the necessary minerals & color on the skin. But it also helps to soothe and prevent any rash from escalating. Just make sure you dry off the area with moisturizer, and that’s it.

Moisturizers & ointments also come with all kinds of formulas. When you pick something with aloe vera, shea butter, olive oil, jojoba oil, coconut oil, or vitamin E – you get an even better result for your skin with hugely beneficial effects after shaving.

Don’t forget about wearing soft & loose clothes. Something breathable, gentle on your skin, and easy to put on would be your best choice. This will keep them from damaging your skin while promoting the effect of the moisturizer or any after-shaving cream.

The best choice is always cotton, especially for underwear. Unless you are going directly to the beach or event after shaving, then you’ll do good wearing the right clothes.

Done Shaving? Then Show Off Your Bikini Line!

It’s time to show off. If you took the previous tips to the letter, you are now entirely shaved with the ideal results. Whether it is going to the beach, to the pool, a lake visit, a summer party along with many friends, or just whatever, you’ll want to look your best. The previous tips will not disappoint you.

After a few tries, these tips will become part of your shaving routine. You won’t have to shave without following them to the letter. So don’t even hesitate and let results talk for themselves.

You will get perfect results for all your bikini trips. Don’t let even the smallest bump keep you from showing your smooth and beautiful skin now.


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