5 Hairstyles Auburn Hair Color and Tricks to Care of Color Hair


Are you looking for trendy hairstyles? Auburn hair color is your choice.A red mane always brings more attention to itself than practically any other color out there. And it is a sure way to keep all eyes fixated on you.

Especially if we’re talking about an auburn shade – then you’re set to bring all the attention to yourself.

It is easily the most exciting option as it combines several touches of brown with copper and other shades.

This makes it ideal for complimenting all kinds of garments, accessories, and environments – whether earthy, greenish, grassy or even metallic shades like rose-gold or bronze. So it offers both the eye-catching color and the versatility to look outstanding everywhere you go.

Keeping auburn working, however, will not be easy. And finding exciting ways to style it may take more time & effort than expected.

Luckily for you – we’re here to help you out. If you want to come with new and exciting ideas to keep your auburn hair looking better than ever, then continue reading! We’ll show you everything we know!

5 Best Hairstyles for Auburn Hair

Let’s start with the best hairstyles out there. Also you can see pixie haircuts and other hairstyles at this source. While auburn itself is beautiful, you can always add up a touch of style with the right work. Want to know what we recommend? Here are a few fantastic hairstyles that you should consider:

1. Spiral Inferno

Do you have endless curls that make it super hard to straighten your hair? Well, don’t worry. You can always highlight them and wear them even better than any straight hair.

Boasting your curls will give you tons of confidence to enjoy your real hair to the max. And sure enough, you can take them anywhere and they will look amazing.

The best of all is that you won’t have to use almost any product to get the most out of your curls – just use a mild hairdryer and wait for a few minutes. Let your curls be, and they will impress you.

2. Wavy Mane

If you have some curls but not so much – then you can always boast your waves around.

But if you don’t have naturally wavy hair, this can be a little difficult. What we recommend is keeping heat products away from your strands.

The whole process is to tie up your hair while it’s still wet, then hair-dry over it. Use the mildest level and make sure to cover every strand while tied up.

After 3 to 5 minutes of drying it – you will be ready to let it loose, and you’ll have a fabulous wavy mane to boast around.

3. Short ‘Boyish’ Cut

Auburn hair usually looks terrific on long manes – but it can also look fantastic cut short.

That’s why we always advise taking your hair down as much as possible to make it look as boyish as you can.

If you don’t have curls or waves – then this will look even better. It will highlight your face, accentuate the reddish color, and make you look amazing.

Just make sure to cut it short, but well. And if you add a darkish tone to the auburn – then you’ll bring a unique hairstyle to the party.

4. Straight & Dramatic

For those who have an intense auburn shade and a straight mane – then wearing a more dramatic style will easily stand out.

Nothing brings more attention than a dark auburn color that also looks serious. And that’s exactly what a straight hair can do.

If it is long enough to go below shoulders, then that’s even better. Just try to wear it straight to accentuate the darkness of its shade, and it will look amazing on every occasion.

It will love on every head movement and boast a unique softness that captivates the eye. Wear a dramatic straight hair, and everyone will desire your hair.

5. Shining Gold

If your hair is not the shortest but also not the longest – then you can always make it shine for the best appearance.

A glistening goldish auburn mane will always stand out – especially if you’re wearing out in the open on daylight.

Highlight your hair with a few golden touches, or wear it around without much work. Just make sure it boasts the golden touch that will shine under the sun. That will make it a unique hairstyle for your auburn hair.

10 Care Tricks for your Auburn Hair

While taking a good look into different auburn hairstyles will give you an excellent idea on how to wear it around – that won’t be enough to make it look at its best.

Here are a few care tricks to make that happen:

1. Don’t Use Shampoo for a While

After you’ve dyed your hair (whether to accentuate the red or make it auburn) – you must take at least 48 hours before using shampoo.

This allows the hair to absorb all the dye particles and ensure the right shade afterward. Otherwise, the hair won’t seal and your hair may not capture all the reddish hue you expect.

2. Use Safe Shampoos Only

Using shampoos with sulfate and other harsh chemicals will eventually harm the color. From parabens to colorants, they all have a different adverse effect on auburn hair that will probably damage your hair in the long term.

3. Don’t Use too Much Shampoo

While we recommend shampooing from time to time and using safe options, we also recommend not washing your hair with shampoo too much.

It is essential keeping your hair clean and looking neat – but it is also an easy way to get all the color out and make it duller over time.

Instead, we recommend switching to your conditioner for a few days then come back to shampoo after 2 or 3 days every week. This will prevent any damage the shampoo could cause.

4. Hair Masks Help

Moisturizing is helpful for the skin as well as for the mane. When you moisturize consistently, the hair captures the richness and colorful shades that make it look fantastic.

Especially if your hair tends to get damaged easily or you notice a slightly drier set of strands than usual – then apply a hair mask consistently. Two times a week is enough to keep it boasting an exquisite red with no drawbacks.

5. Don’t Re-Apply Dyes

If you recently colored your hair, but you don’t like the reddish tone – then wear it down until you get natural hair color again. Then, you can reapply the dye.

This happens because covering your strands (especially close to the roots) with several dyes may eventually cause permanent damage. And you don’t want any of that.

So, before re-applying any dye – make sure your hair has come back to a natural shade. Otherwise, wear it down first.

6. Balance the Color

Sometimes, auburn tends to veer into a bronzer and coppery color instead of the darkish, more intense one. When this happens, it seems impossible to fix without adding more dye.

Luckily, there’s always a way to make it up to your hair without causing any damage with dye. Using a brass-busting system or color-balancing shampoo can fix it.

These products will add some shades of green, blue, or brunette to the hair to prevent the coppery or bronzy touch from changing your hair. But be careful – you may end up with a totally different color as well.

7. Get Away from the Sun

Want to prevent your auburn hair from fading out? Then keep it away from UV rays from the sun as much as you can.

Whether you’re going outside on a beach trip, camping adventure, or just commuting around the city with no protection – then think twice before doing so.

Wear some protection like hats – or just try to keep yourself on the shade as much as possible. Otherwise, your hair will fade out slowly, but effectively.

8. Stay Away from Pools

Not many people know this, but chlorine is one of the major enemies of dyed hair. And even if you have a natural red color, chlorine can be pretty damaging.

We recommend conditioning your hair before taking a dip on the pool. And if you can wear a cap – then that would be even better. For the best experience, keep your hair out of the chlorine-rich water. That will do the job.

9. Don’t Heat it Up

Using thermal tools such as hairdryers, curling irons, and flat iron may seem inoffensive at first. But over time, it kills your strands and damages your mane exponentially.

That’s why we always recommend letting your hair dry naturally. And if you’re using a machine because you’re rushed – then only use a hairdryer on the mildest setting. That will cause the least damage while boosting the drying process.

10. Retouch Regularly

One of the easiest ways to let your hair turn greasy, faded, and dry is to forget about it. That’s why you should always retouch it – make sure it looks incredible every time no matter whether you’re going out or not.

For that, we recommend setting a new appointment with your stylist every month. Or at least take all the actionable tricks in this list, and develop a monthly plan to follow.

This will help you maintain your hair consistently good-looking, and amazing. Especially if you’re looking to boast one of the 5 hairstyles we mentioned before – then you should take even more care of it.


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