10 Worst Skincare Mistakes You Are Committing

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Are you hurting your dermis with 10 worst skincare mistakes you are committing?We all love our skin and want to keep it fresh and young till forever. There is no wrong no doing so because a juvenile skin adds more to the cute faces and charisma to the persona, regardless of genders and age. A fresh skin also let people feel more confident at work, with friends, and during meetings.

According to facts, adopting a good skincare routine and following skincare hacks in daily routine is a great way to boost your confidence and make an effort to love the skin you are in.  Skincare tips are all sunshine and daisies if done rightly.

Most of the time, as a novice, we try to follow every single tip we come to hear or see while talking to friends or surging internet. Sorry, but this is the worst thing you do with your skin. If you were doing the same, here are 10 skincare mistakes you were committing and should evade straight away.

10 Worst Skincare Mistakes You Are Committing:

All these ten lists are the signs of hurting dermis. Let’s check your routine if you are hurting you skin and change your behaviors once you know which of the following are the signs.

10. The Wrong Kind of Massaging:

Everyone knows how important massage is for your face. However, little do they know that there are right and wrong ways of massaging your face! When you come to apply your moisturizer and you start rubbing it in, remember these massage methods for the betterment of your skin:

  • Cheeks: Run your fingers in an outward motion to the edge of your face towards your ears.
  • Chin and Upper Lip: Group your both hands’ fingers in fours and rub in a circular motion
  • Forehead: Upwards towards your hairline
  • Nose: Intertwine your fingers together so that your palms are joined together. Place your nose in between your palms and gentle massage outwards.

9. Don’t Forget About Your Neck:

The greatest mistake that many women do when applying face masks, moisturizers and healthy products to their face…is ignore their neck. That creates a very noticeable contrast and difference between your face’s tone and color and your neck.

Remember, when applying a face mask, do pay attention to your neck as well. And when massaging serums, creams or moisturizers on your face; use the remainder left on your hands and rub it into your neck.

Make it a rule to include your neck in every face care routine you are indulging in. Regard it as a part of your face to help make you remember!

8. Scalding Hot Water in the Shower:

Everyone knows how much women love showering with the hottest of waters. There have been many jokes and funny comments poked at that. However, as much as it may seem enjoyable too hot water is awful for your skin.

The high temperature of the water leads to your skin’s moisture being zapped off and in turn your skin will flake and get really dry. Moreover, breakouts and acne is highly possible for those who shower with very high heated water.

Remember that lukewarm and cold is the way to go. The lower the temperature of your water, the lower the risk of skin damage you may cause yourself.

7. Keeping with wrong water intake:

The amount of times that we have heard the statement of “Drink your water” from women with absolutely flawless skin! Some people got sick of the repetition of it and commented on how that’s not the key to getting clear skin.


As much as that may be true, drinking water plays a big role in helping you attain clear skin. Of course, for people suffering from skin diseases, it won’t be of much help. But for the majority of the population, drinking water is as useful as applying moisturizer and doing face masks.

6. Scrubbing Daily:

Many women who are particular about their skincare products, chose to use a facial scrub every day. They think that, that is the key to getting better, clearer and glowy skin.

That is horribly wrong. If that comes a shock to you, here’s why. Scrubbing is a way of exfoliating your skin. Basically, it removes the buildup of dead skin cells on your face to provide a breathable gateway for the new, fresh skin that is emerging.

Now, if you do some research you will find that your facial skin completely regenerates itself every 27 days. That number undoubtedly varies depending on the person you are referring to. But it is roughly around 20 days for the majority of people.

Exfoliating should be done maximum twice a week and as minimally as twice every month. Rubbing at your skin too frequently in hopes of clearing it up will only inflame, irritate, causes breakouts, break the skin’s protective barrier and cause damage that will take thrice the time to repair.

You will notice that frequent exfoliation causes your pores to widen, your skin will start looking dull and lifeless. Moreover, your skin is more prone to aging quicker and getting wrinkles sooner when you keep scrubbing at it too frequently.

5. Ignoring Your Under Eye:

As much as some people ignore their necks, there are some who ignore the condition and wellness of theirs under eyes. Neglecting yours under eyes leads to you getting “crow’s feet” at a younger age and developing wrinkles around your eyes as well.

Invest in some eye creams (they are pricey and for good measure) and make sure to pamper them with eye masks as well. You will be shocked by the difference bright under eyes make in the complete outlook of your face.

4. Not Knowing Your Skin Type:

Many people commit this mistake a lot! Before understanding and identifying what their skin type is, they go ahead and start making changes to it and buying a variety of products that they don’t even know if they are good for them.

Identifying whether your skin is sensitive, dry, oily, combination…etc before embarking on a skincare journey is vital! Knowing which category your skin lies in, will help you understand which products you have to purchase.

  • For sensitive skin: Use more dermatologically tested and prescribed ointments, creams and serums. Don’t touch your face too often, don’t use normal soaps and creams on it.
  • For oily skin: Don’t use drying agents. Stripping your skin off its oils will only trigger a reverse reaction where it will produce even more oil. Don’t be afraid to use moisturizers and consult a dermatologist before making any major changes in your skincare.
  • For dry skin: Nourish it! Use highly moisturizing items like Shea butter, olive oil and Moroccan argan oil. Intake butters in your food as well. When making face masks, add moisturizing ingredients like oils and honey.

3. Don’t Overdo Your Facial Therapies:

Facials are very important for your skin’s health and wellness. So much so that they are advised by ever dermatologist in existence. Facials are great…in moderation.

Just like exfoliation, if you get way too many facial sessions in one month you will ruin your skin for a good couple of years to come. The point of facials is to rejuvenate and renew your skin for the next cycle that it will be going through.

And that should be done every month or so when your face’s skin renews itself, as we’ve mentioned before. Any earlier or more frequently than that will interrupt your skin’s personal balance and knock everything sideways.

Another very important factor to keep in mind is how sometimes salon facials can be harmful for you rather than helpful. With their harsh chemicals and poky instruments, every spa’s facials don’t match every person’s skin type.

However, utilizing the comfort of your home to perform safe in-home spa facials is always recommended for you. Products like a skin scrubber are the best and safest items to use for the betterment of your skin.

Read up on how to use it properly so you can avoid skin damage and explore the magic of the comfort and ease of DIY facials.

2. Improper Makeup Removal:

For avid makeup fans who like to wear their makeup everyday…but forget to remove it before bed; we’ve got news for you. You are potentially damaging your skin for life.

Makeup has a way of settling into your pores. Now, some people are more conscious about its removal than others. And some, not very much.

A very widespread issue that many are committing is using their skin cleanser…as a makeup remover. Horrible mistake! Makeup has its own way of being removed and that is with special wipes and miscellar water.

Other soaps and cleansers which are not made for makeup removal, will do nothing to properly extract the gunk out of your pores. They will, in fact, cause you more breakouts and do nothing to aid your skin.

Remember to have makeup wipes on you everywhere you go and to remove all your makeup on nightly basis…before you do your skin care routine.

1. Not Keeping from Bedding Dust:

Many busybodies tend to forget this extremely important and vital point. Your pillowcases are the quickest things to pack up on germs and save them. Whenever you hit the sack, remember to ensure a bare and clean face.

In that way your pillowcase will remain cleaner for a longer amount of time. But that is not enough as your skin does secrete sebum and oils all the time. Most of the time it is at night when you are sleeping.

So, make a habit of changing your pillowcases twice a week. The more frequently you change them, the better it will be for your skin.

Also, an added tip for healthier skin is to use silk pillowcases instead of cotton or polyester ones. They cause less friction and will not irritate your skin as much.


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